A book by  Arthur  Willetts.  Published by Dudley Libraries

Transcribed & kindly contributed by Pat Hayward.


ALLEN  Solomon,  arrested at West Bromwich. 9months hard labour.

ATTWOOD, , Thomas,  M.P. for Birmingham

BACHE,  Benjamin, a nailer of Lye,  Wife Diana, Lower Lane,Stourbridge.

BACHE,   Benjamin, employer John Smith. (See also end of list)

BADGER,  Isaac  brother of Thomas.

BADGER,  Thomas,  D.L.   JP  (1782 - 1856)

BADGER,  Chairman of Dudley & West Bromwich Bank which became Midland Bank.

BAKER,  Jacob aged 28 a nailer.

BARR     Mr  A.H.  part owner  of Best & Barr, Haden Hill Colliery, Rowley Regis.

BATES,   Sampson, arrested at West Bromwich, 20months Hard Labour.

BEAMAN,  Police Constable.

BENNET,  of Cradley.

BENNITT,  Joseph, Magistrate,  Coal & Iron Master,  Ashwood House.

BENNITT,  William,  Captain  of Dudley Troops of the Worcs. Yeomanry Cavalry.

BENTON,  Special Constable.

BEST,        Part owner of Best & Barr,  Haden Hill Colliery, Rowley Regis.

BINGHAM,  Elijah, a nailer on trial.

BLANCHFIELD,  a tailor,  arrested.

BOURNE,  Mr.   Conducted prosecution.

BOURNE,  Joseph Green,  prominant solicitor in Dudley.

BOWLING,  Benjamin, arrested in West Bromwich, 12 months Hard Labour.

BRIDGEWATER  Charles  aged 26,  Chainmaker.

BRIGHT,   John,  Rochdale carpet manufacturer.

BURGESS,  Chief Commissioner of Police, Birmingham.

BURNS,   William,  Arrested at Kingswinford.2months Hard Labour.

BYRNE,  Thomas,  Arrested at West Bromwich  6months Hard Labour.

CANDY,   Mr.  of Yorkshire.

CARTWRIGHT,   Cornelius,  Surgeon, a Magistrate and  a Tory.

CARTWRIGHT,   Rev. William Henry.

CHATTERTON,  William, a tailor from Bilston, 1 month Hard Labour.

CASWELL,   William, arrested,   2 months sentence .

CHANCE,  John of Old Swinford, one of the main leaders of The Chartist Movement in the Blackcountry  together with Sam Cooke.

CHAPMAN,  Elijah,  Nailer, prisoner aged 26yrs.

CLISH,           Robert, charged at Bilston, transported for life.

CLIVE,         The Hon Robert,  M.P.

COBDEN,    Richard, cotton manufacturer.

COLLINS,   John,  ex Chartist.

COOKE,     Sam.  of Dudley, one of the main leaders of The Chartist Movement.

COWELL,  George, arrested in West Bromwich, 12months Hard Labour.

COX,           Nail master, Wolverhampton Street.

CRISP,         James,  1 month Hard Labour.

DANKS,      Mr. junior,  Special Constable.

DAVIS,        Richard, disturbance at Parkfield Colliery,  1 month Hard Labour.

DEAKIN,     John, arrested at West Bromwich, 8 months Hard Labour.

DUDLEY,    Benjamin,  arrested at West Bromwich,  8 months Hard Labour.

EDWARDS,  William,  nailer,  committed to trial.

FELLOWS,  Constable.


FISHER,    Mr. a surgeon.

FOSTER,   Joseph,  a nailer, on trial, 29yrs old.

FOWKE,   Charles,  1 month, Hard Labour.

FOWNES,  John, arrested at West Bromwich  12 months Hard Labour.

FUDGE,     F.  Arested at Sedgley   12months Hard Labour.

GILBERT,   Mr. Pit owner at Gold Hill.

GILL.         George, Wounded.

GITTINGS,  William,  arrested at West Bromwich, 12 months Hard Labour.

GRAHAM,   St James.

GREENFIELD,  Edward,  Labourer aged 39 yrs.

GRIFFITHS,    John, arrested at West Bromwich,  6 months Hard Labour.

GROVE,         Samuel, Old Swinford,   owner of Ewe lamb stolen from him.

HENSHAW,  Mr.  Had windows smashed by mob.

HENSHAW,  Caroline, daughter of Mr Henshaw who had window smahed

HILL,         E.  of Lye Waste.

HODGETTS,   John, arrested at West Bromwich,  5 months Hard Labour.

HOLLIS,     John,  arrested at Bilston,  transported for life.

HOLYOAKE,  Arrested at Rowley Regis,  6 months in common jail.

HOWELL,    Mr.  Owner of Powder Warehouse in Halesowen.

HUGHES,  Thomas,  Arrested at West Bromwich  6 months Hard Labour.

HUMPHRIES,  Richard, for trial.

HUNT,       Mr  J.Y.  Magistrate.

JOHNSON,  Ebenezer   ( or Eber)  Nailer aged 21yrs ( a prisoner)

JONES       Eli,  nailer  Rowley Regis.

JONES       John  arrested, given 4 months.

JONES,      Joseph,  Iron Manufacturer ,Reddall Hill.

JONES,     Samuel,  arrested at West Bromwich  15 months Hard Labour.

JONES,     Iron Manufacturer, Rowley Regis.

LEE,          Charles, Arrested at Bilston,  6 months Hard Labour.

LEECH,     William,  Arrested at Sedgley, 12 months Hard Labour.

LEWIS,     Mr.  Iron Manufacturer of Darby Hand.

LEWIS,     Thomas, leader of mob,  2 months prison.

LINNEY,   Joseph, arrested at Kingswinford, 21 months in Common Jail.

LINNEY,   Joseph,  of Bilston, One of the Chartist Leaders.

LYTTLETON,   Lord Lieutenant of the County.

MATURIN,  Superintendent of Police, Birmingham.

MASON,      James,  Charged & Arrested at Bilston, Transported for Life.

MAURICE,     William,  Arrested.

MILLERSHIP,  Thomas, a miner.

MOLINEUX,  Charles Henry,  Magistrate of Wolverhampton.

MORGAN       James,  1 month Hard Labour.

MORGAN      William, 1 month Hard Labour.

MORRIS,       John,  arrested  at West Bromwich, 12 months Hard Labour.

MORRIS        William.  given 2 months sentence.

NOCK,         Mr.  Iron Master of Cradley Heath.

O'NEIL      Chartist Preacher & Lecturer.

O'NEIL,     Arthur George (1819 - 96)  Studied medicine but gave it up to study Religion.

                  Teetotaler  & Pacifist, became national leader of Christian Chartists.

                   In 1840 made Pastor of their Church in Birmingham.

PAGE,      William, Arrested in West Bromwich. 12 month sentence.

PARGETER,  T. Esq. of Lye.

PARRY,   William, Arrested at Rowley Regis, 6 months in Common Jail.

PEEL,     Robert,  (Lancs)

PITT,      Thomas, Arrested at West Bromwich,  6 months Hard Labour.

POWELL,  George,  Arrested at West Bromwich,  12 months Hard Labour.

PRIEST,    Thomas, Arrested at Kingswinford,  6 months Hard Labour.

RALPH,    Mr Baron,  Magistrate.

RAWSON,  Samuel, Arrested.

RICHARDS,  Edward, Arrested, 3 months prison.

ROBINS,  J.  of Lye.

ROOM,  Arrested at Bilston, Transported for Life.

ROSE,    Samuel,  1 month Hard Labour.

SHAW,   Magistrate.

SHEPPEY,  John 45yrs old, Labourer.

SHEPPEY,  a Higgler ( a hukster or trader of small items)

SIMMONDS,  John, Arrested at West Bromwich, 6 months Hard Labour.

SIMPKINS,     Samuel,  Charged at Bilston, 18months Hard Labour.

SKETTS,     George, arrested at West Bromwich, 2 years Hard Labour.

SMITH,       Charles,  1 month Hard Labour.

SMITH,       Job,  Taken into custody, Given 4 months sentence.

SMITH,      John, A  Merchant at Stourbridge.

SMITH,     Richard,  arrested at Sedgley, 6 months Hard Labour.

SMITHEMAN,  Superintendent of  Police.

St PAUL    Sir Horace,  Colliery Owner at Tipton.

TALFORD,  Sergeant, Spoke for the Opposition.

TAYLOR,   Francis,  arrested at Bilston, Transported for Life.

TWAMLEY,  Mr C.  Appeared on behalf of the prisoner.

TYLER      Wat.

UNDERHILL,  Mr.  Managing partner of Parkfield Colliery.

WALBUTT,  Colliery.

WALKER,    Thomas Arrested at West Bromwich, 12 months Hard Labour.

WEBB,        Cornelius,  Church Beagle.

WHITMORE,  Mr.  Addressed the Court.

WHITTINGSLOW,  Benjamin,  Arrested at Kingswinford, 6 months Hard Labour.

WILLIAMS,  Robert, Arrested at West Bromwich,  5 months Hard Labour.

YOUNG      George,  1 month Hard Labour.






Benjamin  BACHE  30, Nailer,  was found guilty on a charge of stealing  at  Careless Green, in the Parish of Old Swinford, on the 29th Jan 1843  a Ewe sheep , the property of

Samuel GROVE .  Having been convicted of felony on a former occasion the prisoner

was sentenced to fifteen years transportation .