Register of St. Lawrence Darlaston , Staffordshire

                    1544 to 1599 Baptisms Marriage and Burials 


                                    Transcribed & kindly contributed by Liz.


Records were kept for the church from 1539 but the early ones till 1544 are badly damaged  and  hard to transcribe .




Baptsims 1544    ( all in Roman numberals for the date)


John s/o Richard HAYS  X th  of May

Elenor d/o Edward JEVEN  xxiijth of June

Griffith s/o Richard BAKER xvth of Sept

James s/o Leonard TOMKES  xxviijth of  Nov

Richarad s/o John LATMOR xviith of March


Weddings 1544

Edward LANGWORTH and Elizabeth LANGRASTELL xxixth of Nov


Burials  1544


Griffith HANSON xxiiijth of April

Jane LANGRASTELL xxvjth  of April

Thomas CAMPYN 4 of May

Alice LONGWORTH xxth of June





Baptisms 1545


Agnes d/o William YATES xxiijth of March

Hugh s/o Hugh BLAKEMORE  vviijth of April

Richard s/o Richard RUNGOLTE  xxiith of May

Richard s/o Edward BAYLEY xxiijth of  July

Margery d/o Edward LANGWORTH  xxvth of July

Henry s/o William TAYLOR xviijth Nov

Edith d/o John FFAVELL ixth Jan


Weddings 1545


John SLATER & Ann DARLASTON xviijth Nov


Burials 1545


Agnes SHUPPULS  xxviijth Nov

Richard RUNOLTE xviijth Oct

Elinor d/o Edward GEYN iijth Feb

Agnes d/o John EDWARDS xxth Feb

Elizabeth FFAVELL  xixth of March




Baptisms 1546


Roger s/o Roger DARLASTON iijth  April

Margarert d/o Edward MOSELEY xvijth April

Jane d/o John SLATER xxvth April

Hugh BLACKMORE and child Edward xth Oct

Jane d/o Henry FFAVELL xxxjth Dec


Weddings 1546


Henry BECKE and Margery MOSELEY xxiijth Jan


Burials  1546


Nicholas GREEN xxixth  March

Roger CAMPE xxi jth April

John HEATIN 2 May

Agnes GREENE xiiijth May

Edith  John FFAVELL xxjth  May ( double checked and register has both names for this date

John WALKER xxvth May

Hugh BLAKEMORE xxvth May

Jane DARLASTON xjth July

John WALKER the elder  xxixth July

Margaret WALKER xxixth July

Roger CARTER 2 Aug

Jane ECCENSALL xxvth Aug

Edmond SHORWORTH xxvth Aug

Henry PRESTHIRD xijth Sep

Alice BAKER  xijth Oct

Jane d/o Henry FFAVELL xxxjth Dec

Elnor CARTER xxth Jan







John s/o John ALLEN  1 April

Richard s/o Edward LANGWORTH  1 Aug

Edward s/o John FFAVELL viijth Sept

John s/o Roger DARLASON vth Nov

Griffith s/o John BAGLEY xxjth Nov

Edward s/o OBAD BOMSTED xxijth Dec

Edith d/o John FFAVELL  viijth Dec

Maud d/o Henry BECKE xixth Jan


Weddings 1547


Richard ADNETT & Katherine RENOLTE  xvjth Oct

Robert STENTON & Em PRESTWOD  xiijth Nov


Burials 1547


Nicholas  ( no other details

William TAYLOR xixth April

Margaret FFAVELL xxth April

Katherine OLAND and Ellen d/o of Katherine Oland  xxth  May

Edward HAYES xiijth June

Elner HOSTILL xiijth Aug

Jone GOUGH xxvjth Jan




Baptisms 1548


Jane d/o Wm YATES  xxvjth March

Jane d/o Thomas ALCHURCH  1st April

Thomas s/o Richard BOMSON  xxxth April

Edward s/o John LATYMOR xxvjth May

John s/o Thomas SHYNE iij june

Margery d/o John SLATER ixth June

Jane d/o Henry FFAVELL vijth July

Jane d/o John BAKER viijth July

Alice d/o Richard ADNET  xvijth Oct

Elizabeth d/o Edward PERSON vth Dec

Richard s/o Wm TAYLOR ixth March

John s/o Thomas SHAWE xvth March


Weddings 1548


John MOLSELL and Jane TAYLOR xxviijth Oct

Richard NIGHTINGALE and Agnes TAYLOR  xxvjth Feb


Burials 1548


Thomas s/o Richard BOMPSON  xxth April

Jane PEARSON xxijth Nov

John s/o Aurthur HOBY xjth Dec

William FFAVELL 2nd March





Baptsims 1549


Henry s/o Henry BEKE xviijth Aug

Agnes d/o John MULSELL xjth Sep

Wm s/o Roger DARLASTON vjth Nov

Katheryn d/o Richard ALLENS xvijth Dec

Thomas s/o Richard HAYE  1st Jan

Margery d/o John FFAVELL  1st Feb

Margaret d/o John SCLATER  viijth Feb

Margery d/o Thomas LOWE xvjth Feb

Ellen d/o Humfrey MATHEW  xxiiijth Feb

Nicholas s/o John PARKES  ixth Mar

Richard s/o Edward PERKSON xxth March


Weddings 1549


James CHESSHIRE & Margery TAYLOR  xviijth Aug

Edward PERESON & Alice TAYLOR  xxijth Oct

Hugh LUNT & Elizabeth PERESON xvijth Nov



Burials 1549


Elizabeth d/o Edward PERESON 1st Dec

William s/o Roger DARLASTON  xxijth Dec

Isabell KING xvth March





Baptisms 1550


Elenor d/o Edward BAGLEY  xxiiijth June

Ales d/o Roger SIMSON ixth July

Elizabeth d/o Hugh BLAKEMORE  xixth July

Dorothy d/o William YATES  xxjth Dec

Elizabeth D/o Richard RASTELL xxiiijth Jan


Weddings 1550


Richard RASTELL & Ann DARLASTON  xth May

John ROSTILL & Ales KERBY  xxijth June

Burials 1550


Henry CARTER xxxth Apr

Margery d/o John FFAVELL xth May

Thomas SHAWE iiijth May

Ellen HAYE xxth June

Elizabeth d/o John ROSTELL 3rd Dec

Elizabeth d/o Hugh BLACKMORE xxth Dec

Thomas MOLSELL  xxvijth Dec

Leonard TOMKES  xxiiijth Jan




Baptisms 1551


Margaret d/o Richard MEYRE xxvjth Mar

Constans d/o Roger DARLASTON xiiijth June

Edward s/o Henry FFAVELL  xvth Sep

Roger s/o James CHESSHIRE  xxvjth Jan

Elizabeth d/o John SLATER vjth Feb


Weddings 1551


Thomas MASON & Katheryn FREMAN  vijth Feb



Burials 1551


Hugh BLAKEMORE xith May

Fraunces BAGLEY and Elenor PEARSON  xjth June

Edward PEARSON xijth June

John FFAVELL xiiijth June

Constans d/o Roger DARLASTON xxth June

John DARLASTON  xxth of June

Agnes KERBY xxxjth Jan





Baptisms 1552


Jone d/o John MULSEL  xxith Mar

John s/o Henry BECKE  1st May

Griffith s/o Thomas GIBBYNS  xvth Sep

Walter s/o Richard RASTELL iiijth Nov

Agnes d/o Roger DARLASTON  xxiiijth Nov

John s/o John PARKER ixth Dec


Weddings 1552


Richard PEARSON & Alles ANIESON  ixth May

John WYRLEY & Jane HAIE  xxxjth July

John CLARKE and Alles PEARSON xxjth Aug

Richard HAYE & Agnes WALESELD  xxiiijth September



Burials 1552


Thomas s/o Richard HAYE xjth June

Thomas ANIESON  xxiiijth Nov

John TAYLOR  xiijth Dec

Edward s/o Wm YATES  xvjth Dec





Baptisms 1553


Elizabeth d/o Wm DETTON  xxvjth March

Jane d/o John SCLAITER  xjth June

Elizabeth d/o Thomas MASON  vjth Aug

Thomas s/o Richard HAY  xxxjth Aug

John s/o Thomas LUNT  xvijth Sept

Richard s/o Roger SARSON 1st Oct

John s/o Wm TAYLOR viijth Oct

Edward s/o Humfrey MATTHEW  xxvijth Oct

Richard s/o John SLATER  iijth March


Weddings 1553



Richard TAYLOR & Joyce TAYLOR  iijth September

Edward FFAVELL & Margery PERSON 1st Oct

George WATTON & Jane LAMPE  vjth Nov


Burials 1553


Maud d/o Henry BECKE 1st Apr

Elizabeth d/o Thomas MASON xvjth Nov






Baptisms 1554


Fraunces d/o Richard TAYLOR xvijth Aug

Edward s/o Richard PEIRSON xxxth Oct

Elizabeth d/o John MUSILL  viijth Jan

Elizabeth d/o Richard HAYE  vjth Mar

Ellen d/o Rogr BASSET xijth Mar

Edyth d/o Henry BECKE xxth Mar


Weddings 1554


Thomas FFOSTER & Joyce LANGWUTH  xxiijth  Oct


Burials 1554


William TAYLOR vjth Feb






Baptsims 1555


Fraunces d/o Richard BULSON xxiijth September

Felis d/o John CLARKE  xxjth Dec

Griffith s/o Thomas TAUNTER xxvth Dec

Richard s/o Edward FFAVELL vijth Jan

Agnes & Isabell dauters of John SCLATER vth Feb

Fraunces d/o Thomas MASON  ixth Mar



Weddings 1555


Richard BOLSTON & Margery TOONE xjth May

William BYRCHE & Elizabeth BAGLEY xixth Oct


Burials 1555


Edward LANGWORTH xxjth Sep

Richard BAKER xxiiijth Oct   ( my family line )





Baptisms 1556


Richard s/o John PARKER ixth Apr

Agnes d/o John GRYSSE  xxixth Aug


Weddings 1556


Henry WILKES & Jane PERESON vjth September

William ASHFORD & Jone BURMAN  xixth  September



Burials 1556


Maud EATIN xjth September

John BURMAN xijth Feb





Baptisms 1557


Joyce d/o Richard ROSTELL iijth Apr

Sybbell d/o Wm ASHFORD  xxth Apr

Edward s/o Edward FFAVELL xvijth Aug

Elizabeth d/o Thomas HAYE xxxth Oct

Edward s/o Richard HAYE xxxth Oct

Agnes d/o Richard TAYLOR xxiiijth Dec

Fraunces d/o John BURMAN xxvth Dec


Weddings 1557



Burials 1557


Ales DOBSON vijth Apr

Jane DOXSY vijth Apr

Ales PARSON xiijth Apr

Margery PEMBURTON xiiijth September

Edward BAGLEY xxvijth Oct

Jone MULSELL ixth Oct

Ydeth BAGLEY vijth Dec

A ..? HALEY  xjth Dec

John MUSELL xvth Dec




Baptisms 1558


Thomas s/o Henry BISTOW xxviijth Oct

Richard s/o Richard BULSTON xvjth Nov

George s/o Roger BAYLEYE xviijth Nov

Joyse d/o George WEVER ? ixth Dec


Weddings 1558



Burials 1558





Baptisms 1559


Agnes d/o John PARKER xviijth September

Anne d/o Edward FFAVELL xiiijth Jan

Jone d/o William ASHFORDE xixth Feb

Isabell d/o John NASHE xiiijth Mar


Weddings 1559


Gilbert SLATER & Gilian BATES xjth Feb


Burials 1559


Richard BULSTON xvijth September

Thomas CARTER xvjth September





Baptisms 1560


Thomas s/o Richard PYE xxxjth Mar

Fraunces child of Willam YEATE xvjth Apr

Anne d/o Thomas HAYE  xxjth Apr

Richard s/o Thomas MASON xvjth June

Fraunces child of John CARTER vijth July

Anne d/o Thoms Foster viijth Sep

Agnes d/o John BURMAN xxvjth Jan

Edward s/o Henry BRISTOW xxijth Feb

Edward s/o Richard TAYLOR xxvth Feb


Weddings 1560




Burials 1560


Fraunces Child of William YEATE xixth July

William CLARKE xjth Aug

Agnes FFAVELL xxxth Sep

Elnor d/o Richard PYE xviijth Sep





Baptisms 1561


Henry s/o John GRYSSE xviijth May

George s/o Roger BAYLIE xxvijth May

Elnor d/o Richard HAYE xxjth Dec

Fraunces & Isabell d/os of George WEVER xviijth Jan

Jone d/o Edward FFAVELL xxvth Feb


Weddings 1561


William FOSBROOK & Agnes GRANEMORE xvth Nov

William STARSKY & Jone FFAVELL xvijth Nov


Burials 1561






Baptisms 1562


Margaareye d/o Thomas TRAUNTER xixth July

James s/o William FOSBROKE xth Aug

Ales d/o John ECKLESALL xiijth Sep

Agnes d/o Thomas MASON viijth Nov

John s/o Thomas FOSTER xxth Dec

Agnes d/o William ASHWOOD vijth Jan

Joyse d/o John CARTER xvijth Jan


Weddings 1562

John ENUSALL & Agnes ALCHURCHE xiiijth June

Richard YEATE & Agnes BATEMANS  xxth June



Burials 1562


Agnes d/o William ASHFORD xth Jan

Fraunces d/o George WEVER  xijth Mar

Fraunces d/o John BURMAN  xxjth Mar





Baptisms 1563


Ales d/o John BURMAN  xijth Apr

Thomas s/o Richard YEATES  xixth Apr

Thomas s/o Richard TAYLOR  xxxth May

Isabell d/o Thomas HAYE  xxxth May

Ales d/o William YEATE xxth June

Jone d/o Richard HAMONS  xxth June

Ales d/o John CROMPE xxjth Dec

Thomas s/o John NASHE iiijth Mar


Weddings 1563


Richard HAMMONS & Agnes SAIRSON  xth May


Burials 1563


Fraunces d/o John CARTER xxjth May

James s/o William FOSBROKE xxijth July

Jone PERSON xixth Feb





Baptisms 1564


Fraunces d/o Richard HAYE ixth Apr

Fraunces d/o George WEVER xxiijth Apr

Thomas s/o William FOSBROKE xviijth Jun


Weddings 1564


William ASHFORDE widower & Ales FAVELL  xxiijth Nov



Burials 1564


Jone ASHFORDE & Fraunces her son  xxjth Aug

Agnes d/o Thomas MASON xxiijth Mar





Baptisms 1565


Richard s/o Thomas FOSTER  iijth Apr

Richard s/o Richard YEATE xxixth Apr

Thomas s/o John ENULSALL vjth May

Thomas s/o John CARTER xiijth May

Phillipe s/o Edward HOLE  iijth July

Betridge d/o Thomas MASON iijth July

John s/o Richard TAYLOR xxiijth September

Anne d/o William ASHFORDE xviijth Nov

Thomas s/o Edward FFAVELL xxiiijth Feb


Weddings 1565



Burials 1565





Baptisms 1566


Margery d/o John BURMAN xxvjth Mar

Joyse d/o Thomas HAYE xijth May

Anne d/o Richard HAMONS  xijth May

Margaret d/o John CROMPE xxvjth May

Richard s/o Richard STIRDACER  xxixth Sep

Richard s/o Richard HAYE xxiijth Oct

Agnes d/o John ALCHURCHE  xxvijth Oct

John s/o William FOSBROKE  xxth Oct

Margery d/o George WEVER xxvth Nov


Weddings 1566



Burials 1566


Edward HALE  xviijth Apr

Edith STIRDACAR iiijth Feb





Baptisms 1567


Margery d/o George WEVER 1st Apr

Agnes d/o Thomas TAYLOR iijth Apr

Richard s/o John MASON xxvjth Apr

Richard s/o John Carter xvjth Nov

Thomas s/o Thomas FOSTER xxxth Nov

Anne d/o John CHAMLETT xxxth Nov

Ales d/o Richard YEATE  xxjth Dec

Ales d/o Edward FFAVELL xxiiijth Mar


Weddings 1567



Burials 1567


Richard s/o Thomas TRAUNTER xixth Apr

Thomas s/o Thomas TAYLOR iiith Jun

Phillip s/o Isabell HALE vijth Nov




Baptisms 1568


Anne d/o Richard TAYLOR xjth Apr

Margary d/o John ECKELSALL xiijth June

Ales d/o George WEVER xxvjth Aug

Anne d/o Thomas BAYLEY xixth Sep

Constance d/o Thomas TAYLOR iijth Oct

John s/o Richard HAMMONS xth Oct

Richard s/o William FOSBROKE xiijth Mar

Thomas s/o Thomas MASON xviijth Mar

Jone d/o Thomas HAYE xixth Mar


Weddings 1568



Burials 1568


Agnes CLARKE vjth July

John LATYMOR xijth Aug

John SAYRESON xxixth Sep

John s/o Richard HAMANS  xth Oct

Agnes MOLSELL xvjth Jan

Ellen RIPTON xxijth Feb

John PARKER xxiijth Feb





Baptisms 1569


Joyse d/o Hugh GRIFFITH xviijth Oct 

Richard s/o Richard TAYLOR xxijth Nov


Weddings 1569


William HOPE & Dorothy CLARKE xijth May

Richard ABELL & Agnes SKOFFELD xiijth May

Henry GENKES & Isabell FFAVELL xiijth June

Hugh GRIFFITH & Jone PARKER xviijth OCT

Robert WALKER & Jane TAYLOR xviijth Sep


Burials 1569


Gilbert SCLATER vjth May

Richard s/o William FOSBROKE xixth May

Elizabeth HAYE xxjth Nov





Baptisms 1570


Edmunde s/o John NASHE xxviijth Mar

Ales d/o Thomas FOSTER ixth May

Richard s/o Henry GENKES xxijth Sep

John s/o Thomas TAYLOR vjth Oct

John s/o John CARTER xxviijth Nov

Elizabeth d/o John CHAMLET xxvth Feb

John s/o Richard YEATE xvth Mar


Weddings 1570


Thomas DOE & Jane SCLATER xxvjth Nov

Griffith Baker & Isabell xxth of Jan

Thomas MERE & Elizabeth TOMKES xith Feb


Burials 1570


Jone d/o Thomas HAYE xiijth Oct

Elizabeth HOLE xiijth Nov





Baptisms 1571


Richard s/o William FOSBROKE xxviijth Mar

John s/o Richard LATYMER vjth Apr

John s/o Richard SMYTH xxviijth Apr

Elner d/o John ECKELSALL xiijth May

William s/o Thomas BAYLIE  1st June

Joyce d/o Thomas CUTTLER 2nd Sep

Margeret d/o Thomas MASON vijth Oct

Margeret d/o Humfrey BAYLE xxvth Feb



Weddings 1571


Edward SHALE & Agnes SARESON xxiijth Nov


Burials 1571


Joyse d/o Thomas CUTLER ixth Nov





Baptisms 1572


Griffith s/o Thomas TRAUNTER xjth May

Fraunces child of Edwarde BLACKMER viijth June

John s/o John SHAWE xiijth June

Thomas s/o Hugh GRIFFITH xixth Oct

Isabell d/o Edward FAVELL 1st Dec

Jone d/o Thomas HAYE xixth Dec

Isabell d/o Richard LATYMER xxiiijth Dec

Joyse d/o Thomas FOSTER xvjth Feb

John s/o Richard HAYE xxviijth Feb



Weddings 1572



Burials 1572


John s/o John SHAWE xiiijth June

Richard GOUGH xxvjth July

Owen FOSTER vth Oct

Ales d/o John BURMAN viijth Nov

Richard s/o Henry GENKES xxjth Nov

Margery SARESON vth Jan

Jone BLAKEMORE xijth Jan

Jone CLARKE xviijth Feb




Baptisms 1573


George s/o Thomas BAYLIE vth Apr

Edmund s/o John SHAWE xvijth  May

William s/o Richard SMYTH xxvth May

Thomas s/o Thomas TRAUNTER xvjth June

Richard s/o John ECULSALL 2nd July

George s/o Richard TAYLOR xvjth Dec

Elizabeth d/o Henry GENKES iijth Jan

Jone d/o Thomas CUTLER vjth Jan

Thomas s/o Edmunde BLACKMOR xvth Jan


Weddings 1573


Raynolde TAYLOR & Elner CLARKE xviijth May

Richard HINLEY & Agnes BECKE xxijth May



Burials 1573


Margery FOSTER xith Apr

Elner SHAWE xvijth June




Baptisms 1574


Richard s/o Reighnold TAYLOR vijth Apr

Thomas s/o John CHAMLET xxixth Aug

Elizabeth d/o Thomas BAYLY vijth Nov

John s/o John SHAWE xvijth Jan

Jone d/o John CARTER xvjth Feb

Anne d/o John HINTON xixth Mar


Weddings 1574


Humfrey PARKES & Kathryn FOSTER  xth Oct


Burials 1574


Elizabeth d/o John CHAMLET xith Nov

Elizabeth d/o Thomas BAYLIE  xxxth Dec




Baptisms 1557


Edmunde s/o Richard SMYTH xxviijth July

Joyce d/o William GREENE xvijth Sep

Margery d/o Thomas FOSTER viijth Feb

Thomas s/o Thomas BAYLYE xth Mar


Weddings 1557



Burials 1557


Johan GOUGH 2nd May

Anne d/o John BRYNTON iijth May

Roger BAYLY ixth May

Ales CHARELTON xvijth Sep

Anne d/o James ( no surname  nor date

George s/o   ( no first name) TAYLOR ( no day only month ) Oct

Agnes d/o Richard TAYLOR xiijth Nov

Joyes d/o Richard TAYLOR xxth Nov

Thomas s/o Richard TAYLOR xxth Nov

Jone d/o Thomas CUTTLER xxiiijth Dec

Richard YEATE viijth Jan

Richard s/o John GOODAKER xth Mar

Thomas s/o Thomas BAYLIE (  says was bapt ) xth March




Baptsims 1576


Elizabeth d/o John SHAWE vth Apr

Elizabeth d/o William FOSBROKE xxijth Apr

Griffith s/o Richard HAYE xvijth May

Jone d/o Thomas THORNE 1st ( no month )

Agnes d/o John CARTER vjth ( no Month )

Jone d/o Richard TAYLOR xxixth Sep

Anne d/o Nicholas BAYLYE xxijth Dec

Richard & Jone children of Thomas BAYLTT viijth Mar


Weddings 1576


William WALE & Elizabeth FOSTER iijth Nov

Edward LATYMER & Margery JORDEN  xxxjth Jan


Burials 1576


Jone THORNE 2nd Dec

Agnes d/o John CARTER xjth Feb





Baptisms 1577


Anne d/o John BURMAN xxviijth Apr

Elizabeth d/o Edmunde BAILYE xxviijth Apr

Elizabeth d/o Humfreye HYNDLEY viijth June

Elizabeth d/o Richard LATYMR xvjth June

Edward s/o Richard SMYTH vjth Aug

Jone d/o Reignolde TAYLOR xxixth Sep

Thomas s/o John HARTE xxixth Sep

Elizabeth d/o John CHAMLET 2nd Feb


Weddings 1577


Richard NICHOLS & Margaret PARKER iiijth Aug

Thomas THORNE & Elizabeth REYE vjth Aug


Burials 1577


Henry FAVELL vijth Mar




Baptisms 1578


Margaret d/o Edward FAVELL vijth May

Isabell d/o John SHAWE xvth July

Cassandra d/o Thomas FOSTER xiijth Aug

Richard s/o Nicholas HAMPSON vth Aug


Weddings 1578


Roger LEBOURNE & Margaret SCLATER xxvijth July

John FOSTER & Elizabeth ROSTELL  iijth Aug


Burials 1578


William HAYE iiijth Apr

John s/o Edward BAYLYE xxxth Dec

Cassandra d/o Thomas FOSTER 1st Jan

Richard s/o Nicholas HAMPSON vjth Feb





Baptisms 1579


Elner d/o Edward BLACKMOR vjth Apr  ( Elner overwritten with the name Edward )

Richard s/o Walter ROSTELL ixth Apr

Jone d/o John ECKELSALL iiijth May

Fraunces  child of Edward SHERRIN ixth Jan

Child of Thomas BAYLIE xvth Jan

Agnes d/o Edmunde BAYLIE  xxth Jan

Elner d/o Thomas THORNE  xiiijth Feb

Anne d/o Thomas THORNE vth Mar


Weddings 1579




Burials 1579


Jone ADDAMS xvijth June

Henry JANCKES ixth Sep

Margaret TRAUNTER vith Jan

Ann TOMKES xxth Jan

Jone ROSTELL  xxixth Jan

Joyse TOMKES 2nd Feb

John s/o Roger SWAPSON xth Mar




Baptisms 1580


Walter & Elner children of William FOSBROKE xxviijth Mar

Richard & Jone children of Richard GREENE xxxth May

George s/o Richard SMYTH xxxth June

Anne d/o John HARTE viijth Sep

Child of Nicholas WINSPERE xxijth Oct

Elner d/o John SHAWE xxijth Nov

Jone d/o Nicholas HAMPSON xxxth Dec

Dorothy d/o Edward OSBORNE 2nd Jan

Thomas s/o Edward BLACKMORE xxiiijth Feb

Edward s/o John OSBORNE xvjth Mar


Weddings 1580


Richard HARDMAN & Agnes BAKER xxiijth Apr

John TAYLOR & Jone REDE xxiiijth Apr

John CHAPMAN & Ann YEATE xxiijth July

William REDE & Isabell JENCKES  xviijth Sep



Burials 1580


Walter s/o William FOSBROKE xiijth Apr

Jone d/o Nichalos WINSPERE xxijth Oct

Edward s/o Edward FFAVELL xxiiijth Oct

Joyse d/o Thomas FOSTER xxviijth Dec

Elner d/o William FOSBROKE iijth Jan

Annes SLATER xxiiijth Jan





Baptisms 1581


Agnes d/o William REDE  xxth July

Isabell d/o John CARTER xxvth Aug

Elizabeth d/o Nicholas BAYLY xiiijth Oct

Edmunde s/o Nicholas WINSPERE xxjth Oct

Edward s/o Edward SHORWOOD 1st Nov

Thomas s/o Roger SWAPSON xxxth Nov

Ellyn d/o Johan BAKER  not dates

Ellyn d/o Richard LATYMER xxviijth Dec

Mary d/o John TABOTT xvth Mar


Weddings 1581


Edward GRIFFITH & Isabell NASHE xijth Sep

Richard BYRD & Ann FOSTER xvth Oct


Burials 1581


Richard TAYLOR 2nd June

John RIPTON xth Aug

George s/o Richard SMYTH vth Sep

Agnes ECKELSALL 1st Dec

Margarey PYE xixth Dec

Johan BAKER  iiijth Mar

Agnes FFAVELL xxiijth Mar




Baptisms 1582


Thomas s/o Edmunde BAYLIE xxvijth May

Isabell d/o Edward GRIFFITH  xxiiijth June

Thomas s/o Richard SMYTH 1st July

Anne d/o Thomas HAYE Jr  vijth Oct

Jone d/o Nicholas PARKER xiijth Oct

Fraunces child of WILLIAM REDE xiiijth Nov

John s/o John SHAWE xxth Jan


Weddings 1582



Burials 1582


Isabell BAKER iijth  Feb

Agnes CLARKE iijth Mar

Jone PERRY xixth Mar




Baptisms 1583


Mary d/o John OSBORNE xxvjth Mar

Joyse d/o William REDE 1st May

William s/o William GREENE xxth Jun

Ellener d/o William FFAVELL iijth Sep

John s/o John  HOWCROFT  2nd Oct

John Fraunces s/o John HARTE xth Nov

Thomas s/o Nicholas BAYLIE xxjth Jan

Thomas s/o Edward GRIFFITH  xxjth Feb

Margery d/o Edward FFAVELL xxjth Mar


Weddings 1583


Thomas FLECHER & Elizabeth HAYE xxxth September


Burials 1583


George HAUGHTON 1st July

Griffith HAYE xvth Dec




Baptisms 1584


Edwarde s/o Edmonde BAYLY xvjth Apr

William s/o Richard LATYMER xiijth June

Anne d/o Thomas MORE xxjth June

Anne d/o Edaward CLARKE xijth Jul

William s/o Edward SERWOOD xijth July

Susanna d/o Griffith BAKER xixth July   ( my family line )

William s/o John TAYLOR xxixth Nov

Joyse d/o Nicholas PARKEr xiijth Dec

Hugh s/o Thomas HAY  xth Jan

Jone d/o Edward TAYLOR  last day of Feb

Edward s/o John SHAWE 1st Mar


Weddings 1584



Burials 1584


Edward s/o Edmunde BAYLY  xxxth Nov




Baptisms 1585


Humfrey s/o Humfrey LONGMORE xiiijth Jul

William s/o William REDE xxviijth Jul

Mary d/o Fraunces BYRKYN xxiiijth Aug

John s/o Thomas MORE xxth Dec

Richard s/o Thomas HAYE Jr  xxvijth Jan

Jone d/o Edmunde BAYLYE  xijth Feb

Ursula d/o Roger SWAPSON  xiiijth Feb


Weddings 1585


Andrewe LEE no brides name  xviijth Oct

John ECCINGSALL & Jone SMYTH xxjth Feb



Burials 1585


Jone ECCINGSALL xviijth Oct




Baptsims 1586


Edward s/o Griffith BAKER xxvjth Mar

Edward s/o James WILSON xxth Jun

Fraunces child of Thomas TAYLOR xijth Aug

John s/o John ECKESALL xth Sep

Joyce d/o Nicholas BAYLYE xvjth Sep

Thomas s/o John FOSTER xxvjth Sep

Jone Illigitamate d/o Thomas PARTRIGE vjth Nov

Anne d/o Edward SARWOOD 27 Mar

Edward s/o John HAYE xxiiijth Mar


Weddings 1586


John TRAUNTER & Agnes LONGMORE ixth Oct


Burials 1586


Thomas s/o John FOSTER xxixth Nov




Baptisms 1587


Anne d/o John TRAUNTER xxvijth Aug

Thomas s/o Nicholas PARKER xxijth Oct

Thomas s/o John FOSTER vjth Dec

Raffe s/o Richard LATYMER xiiijth Jan

Alyce d/o Fraunceys BYRKYN 2nd Feb

George s/o Thomas MORE vijth Feb

Edmunde s/o Edward TAYLOR viijth Mar

Mary d/o Thomas HILL xxiiijth Mar


Weddings 1587



Burials 1587


Edward s/o John HARTE xxvjth Mar

Jone wife of John HARTE xxvjth Mar

Thomas s/o Edmund Balie xvth Aug

Richard s/o Reynold TAYLOR iiijth Nov

David servant of Thomas Haies Geners iiijth Jan

Richard Latymer xxiijth Jan

John Chapman xxvjth Jan





Batisms 1588


Margaret d/o John HARTE xxixth Mar

Elizabeth d/o Edward FFAVELL xvjth June

Elizabeth d/o William REDE viijth Sep

Elner d/o Fraunces TAYLOR vjth Nov

William s/o John ECKELSALL xviijth Dec

Richard s/o Griffith BAKER xijth Jan    ( my family line )

Jone d/o  John HARTE ixth Feb

Thomas s/o Nicholas PARKER xxiiith Feb


Weddings 1588


Fraunces TAYLOR & Jone ALLEN xxiiijth June

Edward BAGLEY & Agnes HAIES vjth Oct

Richard PYE & Jone HAMMANS ii Jan


Burials 1588


Jone wife of Nicholas BAYLEY xxviijth Mar

Thomas s/o Nicholas PARKER vjth Apr

Ralphe s/o Richard LATYMER xvijth Apr

Johan wife of John BAGLEY 1st Mar

Robert WALKER xxvth May

Jone w/o of Robert WALKER last day of May

Jone w/o Thomas HILL xiiijth Sep

Edward OSBORNE xxvth Oct

Abortina d/o John TAYLOR last day Sep

Edmunde s/o Edward TAYLER xvth Nov

Edward FFAVELL xixth Feb

Jane w/o Thomas GIBBINS xxiijth Feb





Baptsims 1589


John s/o Edward SHERWOD 1st May

Edward s/o Richarde MEEKE xxijth

Thomas s/o Henry ROCKE xxixth Jun

John s/o Richard NASHE vjth Jul

Edward s/o Roger SWAPSON iith Aug

Jone d/o Edward BAGLEY  last day Aug

Elizabeth d/o Edward TAYLER xixth Nov

Edmunde s/o Edmunde BAYLIE ixth Nov

Elizabeth d/o ( no first name ) WEB xvijth Nov

Margaret d/o John TRAUNTER xvijth Nov

Thomas s/o Richard PYE xjth Jan

William s/o Richard BRYNTON viijth Feb

William s/o Edward CLARKE iiijth Mar


Weddings 1589


Richard NASHE & Jone HIGGINS vjth Apr

Richard BRYNTON & Constance NORTHWOD vijth Apr

George BAYLE & Xpian CROSSE 3rd Aug

John BYRDE & Frances HAIES xvijth Aug

Edmunde NASHE & Elizabeth NEVOLS xvijth Aug


Burials 1589


Jone HORTON widow last day Apr

Dorothy w/o George BAYLIE vth May

John s/o Edward SHERWOD xxijth Jul

William s/o Edward SHERWOD xxijth July

Edward s/o Richard MEEKE 1st Dec

William YEATE xxiijth Mar




Baptisms 1590


Thomas s/o Edward NASHE vijth Jun

Elizabeth d/o George BAYLIE xviijth Sep

William s/o Thomas MORE xxvjth Sep

Humfrey s/o John FOSTER viijth Nov

Jane d/o Richard YEAT xvijth Nov

Jone d/o Edward SHERWOD xiiijth Jan

Jone d/o William REDE xxth Feb

Jone d/o Nicholas WINSPERE xxth Mar


Weddings 1590


Edward WHITEHOUSE & Alice FOSTER vth July

Thomas FAVELL & Elizabeth TOMKES vjth Sep

Thomas ECKELSALL & Elener PADLEY viijth Oct

Richard SYMONS & Ales LATYMEr xxixth Nov

John DOBSHERE & Anne COLLIER xixth Jan


Burials 1590


Thomas s/o Richard PYE vijth Apr

Jone d/o Thomas HAYES viijth Jul

Edmunde s/o Edmunde BAYLY xvth Sep

Jone w/o  & Elizabeth d/o John TAYLOR xiijth Dec

Griffinus Rector of Parish 20 March




Baptisms 1591


Anne d/o John TOMKES xth Apr

Thomas s/o William WEBB 3rd Oct

Thomas s/o Richard PYE last day Oct

Anne d/o John ECCELSALL last day Oct

John s/o Roger SWAPSON viijth Feb

John s/o John LAPWICH xxvth Feb



Weddings 1591


William SMYTH & Isabell HAIES vth Sep

Henry BAYLEY & Joyce TAYLOR vijth Nov


Burials 1591


William HOPE vijth Sep

Thomas s/o Thomas WEBB 1st Feb




Baptisms 1592


Francis s/o Edmunde BAYLIE vijth Apr

Anne d/o Richard MEEKE xxijth Apr

John s/o Nicholas BAYLIE xxijth Apr

Anne d/o Nicholas PARKER xxxth Apr

Francis s/o Richard MOSLYE xijth Jun

Sarah d/o George BAYLIE vjth Aug

Richard s/o John WILKES xxvijth Aug

Roger s/o Henry BAYLIE xxixth Sept

Edward s/o Thomas FAVELL viijth Oct

John s/o John TRAUNTER xixth Oct

Thomas s/o Thomas MORE ixth Nov

Anne d/o James PARKES xvth Nov

Anne d/o Fraunces BIRKIN ixth Dec


Weddings 1592


John TAYLOR & Margaret BAYLIE xxith Oct

Thomas BAYLIE & Ann Haies xxjth Nov  by Lic

John NASHE & Alice ROCKE xxvth Fev  (repeated on May 31 1593)


Burials 1592


Thomas TAYLOR xvjth Apr

Jone PARKER widow vjth May

Isabell GOODAKER vijth May

Agnes w/o John HART ixth May

John BAYLIE xxiijth May

Anne w/o John BRYNTON xxiijth May

Anne d/o Nicholas PARKER 1st Jun

John BRYNTON 3rd Jun

Anne w/o John TRAUNTER 2nd July

Joyce w/o Thomas BALIE xxiiijth Aug

Ellen w/o John NASHE xviijth Oct

Richard MEEKE xxixth Oct

Jone d/o Griffith BAKER xxth Nov  ( My family line )

Humfrey s/o John FOSTER xxth Nov

Roger s/o Henry BAYLY xxvijth Nov

Thomas s/o Thomas MORE xxjth Dec

John BURMAN ixth Mar



Baptisms 1593


Agnes d/o Richard BRYNTON xvth Apr

Robert s/o Richard WEB vth May

James s/o John FOSTER 1st Jun

Walter s/o John TAYLOR xjth Jul

Richard s/o Richard YEAT vjth Oct ?

John s/o Nicholas PARKER xth Oct


Weddings 1593


Thomas TRAUNTER & Jane JAMES xvth Apr

John NASHE & Alice ROCKE last day May

Thomas FOSBROKE & Margery SMYTH 3rd Jul


Burials 1593





1594 Baptisms


Anne d/o John NASHE iiijth Feb

Margery d/o Henry BAYLIE xijth Feb

Anne d/o George BAYLYE xxviijth Feb

Katheryn d/o Richard FOSTER 29 Feb

Henry s/o Henry ROOKE iiijth Mar

John s/o Humfrey REVES xxth Mar


Weddings 1594


John HARTE & Margery BRISTOE xxvth Jan

William BRYNTON & Jone OSBORNE xxviijth Jan


Burials 1594





Baptisims 1595


Katheryn d/o Richard FOSTER 2nd Apr

Richard s/o Thomas WATSON xvth May

John s/o Griffith BAKER vth June  ( my family Line )

John s/o Edward SHERWODD xvth Jun

Isabell d/o Nicholas BAYLIE xixth Aug

Richard s/o Xpofer COTTERELL vth sep

Margery d/o Richard PYE viijth Sep

Peter s/o Richard LONGMORE xiiijth Oct

Isabell d/o Richard NASHE xth Nov

Richard s/o Richard Thomas  FOSTBROKE viijth Dec

Robert s/o James PARKES iijth Feb


Weddings 1595


Richard PARKER & Ann HAMONS viijth Sep

Henry RYVES & Joyce HAYE last day Sep

John LATIMER & Margery MILLENTON xixth Jan

Richard WESTWICK & Ann BANKES xxijth Jan


Burials 1595


Anne d/o John NASHE ( no day ) Apr

Elnor ALCHURCH last day Apr

Richard s/o Thomas FOSTBROKE xxvijth Dec




Baptsims 1596


Henry s/o John TRAUNTER xvjth Apr

John s/o Richard FOSTER vth May

Thomas s/o John WILKES xjth May

Richard & Walter s/o Nicholas WINSPERE xxith May

John s/o John FOSTER xth Aug

Elizabeth d/o Edward SHERWOD vijth Sep

Jone d/o Henry RIVES xxvjth Oct

Margery d/o Thomas FFAVELL 1st Nov

John s/o John HARTE xxijth Nov

Margery d/o Edward BAYLEY xvth Dec

Alice d/o George BAYLIE xxijth Jan


Weddings 1596


Thomas FOSTER & Isabell SELNEGER xxvth May


Burials 1596

Margery FAVELL vth May

John s/o Richard FOSTER xxiijth May

Anne d/o Raffe THOMAS xvth Feb



Baptsims 1597


Em d/o Thomas FOSTER xjth Apr

William s/o Richard YEATE 2nd May

Thomas s/o Richard WEBB vth May

Jone d/o Richard BRYNTON xxth Oct

Cassander d/o Edward TAYLOR xixth Dec

Jone d/o John LATYMER vjth Feb

Margery d/o Griffith BAKER xiijth Mar  ( my family Line )



Weddings 1597


John FOSBROKE & Jone LANGREVE xjth Jun


Burials 1597


John BAYLEY viijth May

George BENNET xxvth May

Richard RASTELL vjth Jan

Jone d/o John LATIMER ixth Feb

Thomas WILKES  xth Mar




Baptisms 1598


Richard s/o Richard FOSTER xxvjth Mar

Elizabeth d/o John FOSBROKE xxviijth Apr

Dorothey d/o William BAGLEY xth Jul

Margery d/o Edward HINDE 2nd Oct

Elizabeth d/o Richard PARKER 1st Jan

Anne d/o Thomas BYRD xixth Jan

Edmunde s/o John TRAUNTER xxth Jan

Jone d/o John WILKES xxvijth Feb

Robert s/o Henry RYVES 1st Mar

Thomas s/o George BAYLY xxth Mar


Weddings 1598


William WEBB & Agnes MAVIS xiiijth Feb


Burials 1598


Margery d/o Griffith BAKER xjth May ( my family line )

Thomas s/o Roger LEBOURNE ixth Jun

Dorothey d/o William BAGLEY xxth Jul

Elner w/o Edward HIND xxviijth Oct

John s/o John HARTE xxth Nov

William FFOSBROKE xxth Dec

Thomas HAYE viijth Jan

Richard SYMONS xxvjth Jan

Anne w/o Richard PARKER xxviijth Jan

Feales w/o Nicholas PARKER 1st Mar


Poss 1599

This year the book states 1598 for these entries but it is unclear if they should have been for 1598 or 1599 ?   . I am keeping them under 1598 as it is stated .  You should consult the microfiche to verify this area.


Baptisms for 1598 ?


Edmunde s/o Nicholas BAYLIE xxvijth Mar

John s/o John FAVELL xxixth Mar

Raffe s/o John FOSTER 1st Apr

Thomas s/o Thomas FOSTER viijth July

Thomas s/o George BAYLIE  ( no details )

Mary d/o Thomas FAVELL iijth Oct

John s/o Edward BAGLEY xviijth Oct

Elizabeth d/o Edward MILLINTON xxjth Oct

Joyce d/o Griffith BAKER xxvijth Dec ( my family line )

Alice d/o Richard WEBB xth Feb

Alice d/o Richard NASHE iijth Mar

Richard s/o Walter YEATE xth Mar

Anne d/o John HORTON xth Mar

Thomas s/o George BAYLIE xxiijth Mar


Weddings 1598


Raffe TOMKES & Kathryn PARKES xvth May

Richard FOSBROKE & Elner FELLOWS xviijth Jun

John HORTON & Jane BLACKMORE xxxjth Jun

John ATTON & Elizabeth BAYLY viijth Aug

Nicholas WINSPERE & Agnes LEA xxjth Sep

Richard WOOD ales Deiger & Isabell LATIMER ixth Jan


Burial 1598


Edmund s/o Nicholas BAYLY xth Apr

Ellen BURMAN xxvjth Apr

Jone d/o Edward BAGLEY xiiijth May

Jane WINSPERE xixth Jun

Elizabeth d/o William BAGLEY xxth Nov

Anne w/o Edward HAND xiiijth Dec

Anne BAYLIE widow 1st Jan

John TRAUNTER xvjth Jan

Joyce d/o Griffith BAKER 2nd Feb ( my family line )




Baptisms 1599


Joyce d/o Richard LANGMORE viijth Apr

Anne d/o Richard FOSBROKE viijth Jul

Margaret d/o Richard FOSTER xixth Aug

Thomas s/o Thomas xvth Oct

Edward s/o Francis BLACKMORE xxvth Sep

Reonard s/o Francis SIMONS 2nd Dec

Richard s/o Nicholas BAYLEY 1st Jan

John s/o George BAYLEY viijth Feb

Elizabeth d/o Richard BRINTON ixth Feb

Isabell d/o John WYLKES xvijth Feb


Weddings 1599


George BAYLIE & Jone HAIES viijth Jul

Richard FORNE & Elener PAKINGTON xxijth Jul

Frauncis BLACKMORE & Joyce GREENE 2nd Sep

Francis SIMONS & Joan TAYLOR xxijth Sep

John DUTTON & Alice BENNET xxxth Sep


Burials 1599


Alice d/o Richard WEBB xxvth Mar

Thomas FOSTER 2nd Oct

Margery WYLKES xvijth Oct

Reonard SIMONS s/o Francis SIMONS ( no day ) Dec

Isabell SMITH w/o Nicholas SMITH xxvjth Dec

Mary w/o Edward TAYLOR xvijth Feb

Christian w/o George BAYLEY iiijth Mar

Alice LATTIMEr viijth Mar