Register of St. Lawrence , Darlaston , Staffordshire

                    1600  to  1635  Baptisms , Marriage  and  Burials 


                                    Transcribed & kindly contributed by Liz.

Baptisms 1600

Alice d/o John HART vijth Apr
Margery d/o John HORTON vth Jun
Agnes d/o John HAYES xth Jul
Margery d/o John DUTTON xijth Jul
John s/o John ATTON viijth Aug
Anne d/o Griffith BAKER 14 day ( no month ) my family line
Em d/o John FOSTBROKE 2nd Sep
Edward s/o Richard WEBBE 3rd Sep
Francis s/o Francis SIMONS 1st Sep
Richard s/o Thomas FOSTBROKE 26th Feb
Thomas s/o George BALEIS 26th Feb
Allice d/o Thomas PARKES 21st Mar
Elizabeth d/o Thomas FFAVELL 22nd Mar
Katherine d/o John FOSTER 23rd Mar

Weddings 1600

John HOMES & Margery CROSSE xxth day May
Nicholas SMYTH & Ann LATTNER 28th Sep
Thomas PARKES & Elizabeth FOSTBROCK vth Oct
William BAYLEYS & Elizabeth GREENE 4th Feb
George BAYLEYS & Joanes CARTER 5th Feb

Burials 1600

Joane w/o George WEAVER xxviijth May
Francis s/o Francis SIMONS 20th Dec


Baptisms 1601

John s/o Thomas FOSTER xth Apr
John s/o Thomas BURD 18th Apr
Dorothe d/o Richard YEAT 12th May
John s/o Willliam BAGGLEY 4th Jun
Child of Richard BRINTON 22 Nov
Child of Francis SIMONS 24 Nov
Anne d/o Nicholas SMITH 4th Jan

Weddings 1601

Burials 1601

Raffe s/o John FOSTER 27th Apr
Edward s/o Richard WEBBE 17th Jun
Margery w/o Richard WEBBE 20th Jun
Eliner w/o Reonard TAYLOR 15th Sep
Ann d/o Francis PERKIN 22nd Oct
Female d/o George BAYLEYS 28th Oct
William s/o Thomas MEARE 8th Jan
Edward NECHELES 10th Jan
Elizabeth w/o John ATTON 9th Feb


Baptisms 1602

John s/o Thomas PARCKES 18th Mar
Richard s/o Richard HAYE 7th Apr
Anne d/o Francis BLACKMORE 30th May
John s/o John WILKS xviijth Sep
Elizabeth d/o John HORTON xxijth Sep
Anne d/o Edward BLACKMORE iijth Feb
Richard s/o Richard  FOSTBROCKE  vth Mar
Elizabeth d/o Richard BRINTON vjth Mar
Richard s/o John HAYES xxth Mar

Weddings 1602

Edward BLACKMORE & Joane PARKES xxxth Aug
John ATTON & Anne CLARK xxxth Jan

Burials 1602

John s/o Richard BRINTON 7th Apr
Elizabeth d/o Richard BRINTON 8th Apr
John s/o William BAGGLEY 11th Apr
Jane d/o Richard BRINTON 22nd Apr
John RICHARDS 15th May
Child of John WATTES 23rd May
Harry THOMAS 26th May
Em BAGGLEY 8th Aug
Anne w/o Griffith BAKER 5th Sep  ( my family line )
Dorrothe w/o Walter RASTELL ixth Jan
Ales RASTELL xxth Feb
John FOSTER xiijth Mar


Baptisms 1603

Richard HEAYS s/o John HEAYS 20th Mar
Elizabeth d/o John FFAVELL xijth Oct
George s/o Thomas WATSON 24th Dec
Walter s/o Thomas FFAVELL 16th Jan
Elner d/o Thomas FOSTBROCK 25th Jan
William s/o Joyce of John ATTON xviijth Feb
William s/o John HART xixth ( no month )
Andrewe LEIGH 1st Dec  ( this one was actually included under the
burials and a note beside it stating error)

Weddings 1603

John CARTER & Ann BAYLEYS xxviijth Mar
William GREENE & Elizabeth HAND 1st Oct
William SMITH & Ann TRAUNTER xxjth Nov

Burials 1603

Child of Edward BAYLEYS 3rd May
Child of Thomas MOSELS 22 may
Ann w/o Edward TAYLOR xxvth Jun
Elner w/o Edward FFAVELL ( no date)
Francis s/o John FOSTBROCK 10th Oct
Elyzabeth d/o Edward SHERWOD 20th Dec


Baptisms 1604

Katheryn d/o Thomas FOSTER 2nd Jun
William s/o Francis SIMONS 22 Jun
William s/o William GREENE ( no day ) Oct
Johanne d/o John FOSTBROCK 10th Oct
William s/o Nicholas BAYLYS 15th Oct
Willaim & Richard s/o George BAYLYS 25th Jan
Richard s/o John CARTER 19th Feb
Joan d/o Edward BLACKMORE 23rd Mar

Weddings 1604

Walter ASLY & Jane CARTER 20th Sep
Edward WINSPERE & Isabell GRIFFIIN 28th Oct

Burials 1604

Will s/o John HART 8th Jun
Joys d/o John DUTTON 1st Jul
Richard RASTEIL and child 9th Oct
Elner w/o Richard FORNE 26th Jan


Baptsims 1605

Thomas s/o John HORTON 10th Apr
Em d/o William ASLY 25th Apr
Francis d/o John HAYES 19th Apr
Elyzed d/o Edmund WINSPERE 5th May
Elyzabeth d/o Thoams PARKES 1st Jun
Margaret d/o Francis BLACKMORE 22nd July
Margaret d/o Richard FOSTBROCK 15 Sep
Thomas (Base) s/o Alice MEEKE 16th Sep
Mary d/o Francis PRISSON 20th Sep
Edward s/o John WILKES 29th Sep
Mary d/o John FFAVELL 9th Dec
Richard s/o Thomas FOSTER 25th Dec

1604 sic  (1605 ? )

Alice d/o Richard RASTELL 4th Mar
William s/o John DUTTON 16th Mar
Pheles d/o Thomas FOSTBROCK 17th Mar
Constance d/o John HART 23 Mar

Weddings 1605

Burials 1605

Anne HAMONS 24th Dec
Elyzabeth w/o Richard RASTELL xiijth Mar

Baptisms 1606

Margaret d/o Robert BAKER 28th Mar
Em d/o Thomas FFAVELL 26th Sep
Anne d/o Edward TAYLOR 26th Nov
Essabell d/o Richard BRINTON 28th Nov
2 children of Richard YEAT 14th Dec
Isabell d/o Edmond WINSPERE 21st Dec
Steven s/o Richard FORNE 27th Dec
Ann d/o John ATTON 5th Jan
Richard s/o William GREENE 1st Feb

Weddings 1606

Griffith BAKER & Ann BIRKAL ? 20 May  ( my family line )
John HARDEN & Dorrathey OSBORNE last day Sep
Richard PATTINGHAM & Ann BRINTON 10th Nov
Thomas HORTON & Margery ECCELSOLE 30th Nov
John CRASSE & Joan CLARCK 25th Feb

Burials 1606

Joane w/o John FOSTBROCK 26th Mar
Elyzabeth d/o Richard YEAT 29th Dec


Baptisms 1607

Thomas s/o Francis LONGMORE ( no day ) Apr
Joan d/o John HORTON 20th Apr
Richard CRASSE 3rd Jul
Betteridge d/o William BAGGLY 15th Jul
Thomas s/o John HEYS 15th Aug
Francis s/o Edward BLACKMORE 20th Sep
Joys d/o Richard RASTELL 21st Sep
Alice d/o Thomas HARDEN 18th Dec
Richard s/o Thomas PARKES 31st Dec
Margaret d/o Thomas MILES 3rd Jan
Walter s/o John WILKES 3rd Feb
Issabell d/o John FFAVELL 4th Mar

Weddings 1607

Edward SHARWOOD & Sisley HODSON 7th Jun
George WINSPERE & Elner GREENE 24th Jun
Humphry LONGMORE & Joan GRANGER 28th Jun

Burials 1607

Harry TOMKES 20th May
Anne MEECK  ( no date )
Richard NICHOLAS xijth Nov
Ann w/o Francis SIMCOX 13th Dec


Baptisms 1608

Ann d/o George WINSPERE 27th Mar
Thomas s/o Francis BLACKMORE 28th Mar
Thomas s/o Edward SHARWOOD 12th Apr
Richard s/o William SMITH 21st May
Walter s/o Thomas HORTON 29th May
Raffe s/o John DUTTON 12th Aug
John s/o Humphry LONGMORE 22nd Aug
Ann d/o Richard RASTELL 10th Nov
Elyzabeth d/o Walter ASLEY 8th Nov
William s/o Robert BAKER 12th Nov
Elyzabeth ( Base ) d/o Richard CHESSHIRE 12th Dec
Joyce d/o Thomas FOSTER 8th Jan

Weddings 1608

Francis SIMCOX & Elizabeth REDING 26th Apr
Walter RASTELL & Ann SHELDON 14th May
Thomas GRIFFIN & Margery FFAVELL 3rd July
John BAGAT & Susannah BAKER 28th July  ( My family line )
Anne SHARWOOD & William KIDD 11th Sep

Burials 1608

Elyzabeth d/o Edmund WINSPERE 5th May
Anne w/o Richard PATTINGHAM 5th May
Issabell d/o John FFAVELL 19 May
Joan d/o Edward BLACKMOR 9th Dec
Thomas s/o William KIDD 2 Sep
Elyzabeth d/o Thomas GRIFFIN 6 Mar
Child of John TOMLINGSON 21st Mar


Baptisms 1609

Elyzaebth d/o Richard ECCLESOL 28th Mar
Joys d/o John FFAVELL 30 Mar
Thomas s/o Jon CARTER 10th May

Weddings 1609

Burials 1609

Joane w/o John TOMLINSON 26th Mar
Joys d/o John FFAVELL 24th May

Baptisms 1610

William s/o Thomas GRIFFIN 15th Apr
Thomas s/o Richard GROVES 20th Apr
Nicholas s/o Thomas BAYLY 28th Apr
Catherine & Mary d/o Francis CARELES 9th May
Joane d/o Richard ECCLESOULE 25th May
Thomas s/o Thomas HORTON 30th May
Elyzabeth d/o Francis LONGMORE 5th Jun
Edward s/o Francis SHARWOOD 14th Jun
Ales d/o Edward WINSPERE 22nd June
Thomas s/o William SMITH 2 July
William s/o John FFAVELL 8th July
Francis s/o Francis BLACKMORE 6th Nov
Nicholas s/o John WILKES 16th Nov
Essabell d/o John WILKES 20th Nov
Edward s/o John HORTON 25th Dec
Ann d/o Edward SHARWORD 25th Dec
Jane d/o Henry WINSPERE 25th Dec
John Baget s/o John BAGET 26th Jan  ( my family line )
Elyzabeth d/o John CRASSE ( no day ) Jan
Dorrathey d/o Richard RASTELL 10th Feb
Richard s/o Willia KID (no date )
Anne d/o Richard HARBOROW 5th Mar

Weddings 1610

Thomas BAILIES & Ann EATON 1st Aug
Thomas NASHE & Alice FFOSTER 27th Oct
John MEARE & Margery HAYES 28th Nov

Burials 1610

Elyzabeth w/o Thomas NASHE 15th ( no month )
Joyes d/o Francis REEDING 30th Oct
Richard s/o Francis SIMCOX 6th Nov
Catherin d/o Francis CARELES ijth Jun
John HAYES 25th Jul
Ann w/o Nicholas WINSPERE 27th Sep
Thomas FOSTBROCK 10th Nov
Jane d/o George WINSPERE 8th Dec

Year 1611 some of the entries appear to be a repeat of those for 1610
( I have continued to transcribe just as the  original has been done )


Baptisms 1611

Thomas s/o Richard GROVES 26th Apr
Nicholas s/o Thomas Baylys 28th Apr
Catheren & Mary d/o Francis CARLESS
Thomas s/o Thomas HORTON 30th May
Edward s/o Thomas PARKES 1st Jun
Alice d/o Edmund WINSPERE 22nd Jun
Nicholas s/o John WILKES 16th Nov
Edward s/o John HORTON 25th Dec
Elyzabeth d/o William GILES 1st Jan
Elyzabeth d/o John CRASSE 27th Jan
Dorrathey d/o Richard RASTLE 19th Feb
Richard s/o William KIDD 28th Feb

John s/o John BAGET 26th Jan ( my family line )
Ann d/o Richard HARBEr 5th Mar
Thomas s/o William SMITH  ( Naylor ) 2nd Jul

Weddings 1611

Thomas NASHE & Alice FOSTER 27th Oct
John MEARE & Margery HAYS 28th Nov

Burials 1611

William s/o Thomas GRIFFIN 9th May
Catheren d/o Francis CARLES ijth Jun
John HAYS 25th Jul
Anne w/o Nicholas WINSPERE 27th Sep
Thomas FOSTBROCKE 20th Nov
Joan d/o George WINSPERE 8th Dec
Margaret w/o Humphry LONGMORE 17th Mar


Baptisms 1612

Allice d/o Francis SIMONS 26th Apr
Nicholas s/o Thomas BAYLYS 19th Jul
Edward s/o Edward BLACKMORE 6th Sep
Edmund s/o George WINSPERE 22nd Oct
Thomas s/o John DUTTON  20th Nov
Anne d/o Walter ASLEY 15th Dec
Richard s/o Francis CLARELES 18th Jan
Walter s/o Francis SHARWOOD 19th Oct

Weddings 1612

This wedding is again repeated on 28th Oct 1613 wedding list

Burials 1612

Margery d/o Henry BAYLYS 13th May
Joyce w/o George BAYLYS 13th Oct
Child of John SMITH last day Dec
Francis w/o John SMITH 12th Jan
Ann w/o Walter RASTLE 17th Feb
Thomas s/o John DUTTON 18th Jan


Baptisms 1613

Alice d/o Francis SIMONS 26th Apr
Edward s/o Edward BLACKMORE 6th Sep
Nicholas s/o Thomas BAYLIS 19th Jul
Walter s/o Francis SHERWOD 19th Oct
Thomas s/o John DUTTON 20th Nov
Ann d/o Walter ASLEY 15th Dec
Richard s/o Francis CARELES 28th Mar
Alice d/o Fancis LONGMORE 7th May
Child of Thomas BLACKMORE 27th Sep
Elizabeth d/o John HORTON 1st Dec

These entires below are not clear so they are entered as the years 1613
/ 1614

Johan d/o John CRASSE ( no date)
Elner d/o Francis BLACKMORE 24th Jan
Richard s/o Thomas SMITH 31st Mar
Margaret d/o Humphrey HARVEY  14th ( no month )
Francis d/o John SMITH 11th Sep
Joan d/o Edward BLACKMORE 3rd Sep
Elyzabeth d/o John BAGET ( no details ) My family line
Elyzabeth d/o William CLARCK 18th Dec
Mary d/o William GILES 10th Jan
Margaret d/o William GREEN 11th Jan
John s/o Francis SHARWOOD 17th Jan
Sarah d/o Thomas DUFIELD 2th Feb
Elyzabeth d/o Francis CARELES 6th Mar
Thomas s/o Thomas BYYLYS 3rd Apr

Weddings 1613 / 1614

John ECCLESOLE & Joan SHARWOOD 27th June
William CLARCKE & Ann CLETON 29th Jun
John BAYLY & Alice TURNER 11th Sep
William SMYTH & Elner BIRCH 26th Feb

Burials 1613-1614

Margery d/o Henry BAYLYS 13th May
Joan w/o George BAYLEYS 13th Oct
Child of John SMITH last day Dec
Johon SIMONS 16th May
Ann d/o Thomas DUFFIELD 23rd May

There is a mark after these entires that could mean these below are for
1614 ?

Francis d/o John ECCLESOLE 25th Mar
Ann w/o Walter RASTLE 27th Mar
Thomas DUTTON 27th Mar
William GREEN 20th Jul
Joan BRINTON 23rd Aug
Richard ECCLESOLE 28th Sep
Joyce MILES 19th Mar
Francis d/o John ECCLESOLE ( no date)
Margery w/o John ( No last name ) 28th Jul
Elner d/o John ATTON 29th Aug
An DOBSHERE 21st Sep
Edmond TAYLOR 12th Nov
Margary BAYLEYS 22nd Nov
Ann w/o Willa CLARCK 16th Dec
Griffith BAKER 15th March ( my family line )


Baptisms 1615

Weddings 1615

Burials 1615

Thomas BAILIES Sr 1st Aug


Baptisms 1616

Edward s/o John ECKENSOULE xxth Oct
William s/o Edmond TONKES 1st Nov
Margery d/o John SMITH 2nd Dec
Fraunces chod of Fraunces SIMMONS Quinto Die Dec ( I believe 22nd Dec )
Owen s/o John BAGGETT xxiiijth Jan  ( My family line )
Margaret d/o Walter TAYLOR 16thJan
Thomas s/o Edmond WINSPERE 22nd Feb
Thomas s/o William GILES xxiijth Fev
Thomas s/o Rich (FURNE ? )  March 24th
Jona child of Thomas BLAKMON March 24th

Weddings 1616

Thomas SMITH & Ann BURD xxth Oct
Fraunces Owen CLARKE & Isabell CARELES widow  13th Feb
Thomas MOSELEY & Elizabeth FLETCHER 16th Feb
Richard HIPKIS & Elnor SMITH widow iijth Mar

Burials 1616

Joan w/o Richard PYE xxixth Oct
Anne w/o Thomas MOSELEY iijth Nov
Joan w/o John ECKENSOULE xxjth Nov
Cycely w/o Edward SHARRETT xxijth Dec
Edward SNARRETT sr xxth Jan
Francis SIMONS xxjth Jan
Edmond BAYLIES 21st Mar
Allice PATTINGHAM widow 22nd Mar


Baptisms 1617

Margrett d/o Francis SHARRATT xixth May
William s/o Francis BLAKEMORE xxjth May
Francis s/o Francis SIMONS 15th Jun
Ellen d/o Richard RASTELL xxvjth Jul
Margrett d/o John TRAUNTER 30th Jul
Anne d/o Thomas SMITH 30th Jul
Elizabeth d/o Robert BAGGETT  5th Oct  ( my family line )
Thomas s/o Thomas BROOKE 5th Oct
Susanna d/o Francis OWEN 25th Oct
William s/o Richard EAGLES 16th Nov
Isabell d/o John BAYLYE  1st Dec
Thomas s/o Edward SHARRATT 22nd Jan
Thomas s/o Richard HARBER 22nd Jan
George s/o George WYNSPEARE xixth Jan
Alice d/o Thomas ARROWSMITH 7th Feb
Katherine d/o William KIDD 5th Mar
Katherine d/o William GREENE 11th Mar

Weddings 1617

Robert DANIEL & Margrett BUTLER 1st Jun
Robert WEBB & Margrett TAYLOR 14th Jul
Edward SHARRATT & Jane his wife 31st Aug ( Surname KIRKBY was added for
Jane )

Burials 1617

Emma d/o Thomas FOSTER vjth Apr
Richard CARTER of Tipton xiijth Apr
Joane CLARKE 20th Apr
Anne w/o Nicholas WINSPEARE xxjth Apr
Walter s/o George WINSPEARE xxviijth Apr ( this entry is reapeated in
the register)
Margrett d/o Francis SHARRATT 17th Jun
Anne (says d/o and w/o ) Thomas WATSON 19th Jun
Walter ASLEY 21st Jun
Enor w/o Richard FOSTER 23rd June

( the next 2 below were crossed out )
Richard CARTER 13th Apr
Em FOSTER 6th Apr

John CARTER 6th Sep
Edward s/o John ECKENSOLE 12th Sep
Francis s/o Francis SIMONS 6th Day Nov
Joan ECKENSOLE widow 19th Nov
Alice d/o Thomas ARROWSMITH 23rd Feb
Thomas s/o Edmond WINSPERE 28th Feb
Francis s/o Francis SIMONS 22 Mar


Baptisms 1618

Isabell d/o Thomas BAYLIES last day Jun
John s/o Walter TAYLOR xxth Oct
Anne d/o George DAVIES 2nd Nov
Anne d/o Thomas BLAKEMORE xxiijth Dec
William s/o William CLARKE vijth Jan
Richard s/o Gilbert HAND xxxth Jan
Elisabeth d/o Thomas MOSELEY 2nd Feb
Richard s/o John SMITH xvijth Feb

Weddings 1618

Gilbert HAND & Joan WYNSPERE 1st Jun
John ECKENSOLE & Ann DUDLEY xxvth Jul
Edward FFAVELL & Ann HAUKES xxvth Oct
Ralph HARPER & Joyce LONGMORE iiijth Feb

Burials 1618

Thomas s/o Edward SHARRATT 5th Apr
Infant  of Francis SHARRATT 1st Jun
Beatrice d/o William BAGLEY iiijth Jun
Thomas FOSTER xiiijth Aug
Richard FOSTBROOKE xiiijth Oct
Infant of Thomas DUFFIELD xth Nov
Elnor w/o Richard FOSBROKE xxxth Jan
Elizabeth d/o Thomas MOSELEY iiijth Fev
James BURTON parson of Darlaston 13th Oct


Baptisms 1619

Anne d/o Thomas ARROWSMITH xxvth Mar
Cicelye d/o Edward SHARRATT xxxth Mar
Thomas s/o Thomas GRIFFITH 17th Nov
William s/o Ralph HARPER 21st Nov
Richard s/o Edward FAVELL Eod ( Eod = looked up and found it means same day as above)

Weddings 1619 - None
Baptisms 1619  - None

Anna d/o Richard & Marg WILKS 11th Jun
Joyce d/o Fan & Joice BLACKMORE 2nd Jul
Maria d/o Richard & Jane HARBOROUGH 10th Jul
Thomas s/o Georgii & Joyce DAVIES 11th Jul
Elizabetha d/o Thoma & Ann SMITH 8th Oct
Gualterus s/o Thomas BRAKE 15th Oct
Marareta d/o Tho DUFFIELD 20th Oct
Isabella d/o Guleilmus KID 21st Oct
Joanna d/o Richard & Ann ROSTELL 26th Oct
Elizabetha d/o Edward SHARRATT 29th Jan
Thomas s/o John BAGGETT 2nd Feb  ( my family line )
Edward s/o William GREEN 27th Feb

Weddings 1620

Richardus  CHAMBERLIN & Margereta BAYLY 25th Jun
Johannans PARKER & Elenor ( no last name ) 29th Jun

Burials 1620

Elizabeth CARTER 3rd Mar
Anna BAYLY  ( vid = widow ) 7th Mar
Elizabeth GREENE ( vidua = widow ) 1st Nov
Sarah BUTLER 10th Nov
Franc SIMCOX 17th Nov


Baptisms 1621

Joanna d/o John ECKENSALL 4th Apr
Guleilmus s/o Robert BAGGET 3rd May ( my family line )
Johes s/o Johis PARKER 20th May
Gueilmus s/o Edward FAVELL 21st May
Tho s/o Georgii MAYN 23rd Sep
Alicia d/o Gilberti HAND Eodem ( same day as above )
Richus s/o Per ( poss Peter ? ) OSBORNE 1st Dec
Joshua s/o Humf FOSTER 15th Dec
Jana child of  Edw WINSPERE 15th Mar

Weddings 1621

Gueilmus BAYLY & Ann FOSBROOKE 29th Apr
Thomas MOSSLE & Joanna SIMONS 10th Sep
Richardus FOSTER & Joanna WILKES 4th Nov
Johannes SMITH & Joannam GREENE 13th Jan

Burials 1621

Margaret SMITH ( vid  Widow ) 29th Apr
Johes SMITH 12th Aug
Elizabeth  ( uxor = w/o ) Francis BIRKILL 23rd Mar

Baptisms 1622

Elizabeth d/o John TRAUNTER 5th May
William s/o Thomas MOSELEY 19th May
John s/o Willam HAMS 22nd May
Thomas s/o William ECKENSALL 6th Jun
Jane d/o Franc SHARRATT 6th Jun
Walter s/o Richard ROSTELL 14th Jul
Jane d/o Willam CLARKE 29th Sep
Jane d/o Edmund SMITH 3rd Oct
Thomas s/o John SMITH 4th Oct
John s/o Rich BAYLY 20th Dec
Thomas s/o Humfry BAYLY 9th Feb
Elizabeth d/o Thomas BROOKES 26th same month
Jane d/o Tho PARKES  same day
Anne d/o Tho DAVIES 22nd Feb
Thomas s/o Edward SHARRATT 23rd of Same month
Richard s/o Richard FOSTER 23rd Feb

Weddings 1622

William MOSELY & Margaret TRANTER  No dates

Burials 1622

Francis BIRKILL 4th Apr
Francis SHARRATT 20th Jun
Margaret w/o Richard CHAMBERLIN 15th Jul
John CROSSE 20th of the same
Richard WEBB 22nd Dec
Richard EAGLE 27th Feb
Anne w/o (  ? ) SMITH no dates
Thomas s/o Edward SHERWOOD 11th Mar



Elianor d/o William GILES 30th Mar
Joan d/o William BAYLY 10th Apr
Mary HINSON alias DUNN 8th Jun
Robert s/o George WINSPERE 9th Jun
Francis ( Fil ) Thomas RABY 11th Aug
Elizabeth d/o George MEIRE 29th Aug
Thomas s/o Richard WILKSS 12th Oct
Richard s/o John BAGGET 2nd Nov ( my family line )
Agnes d/o William WOOD ( Eodem )same day as above
Thomas s/o John BAILIES 3rd Nov
Elizabeth d/o Gilbert HAND 23rd Nov
Thomas s/o Robert BAGGETT 8th Feb ( my Family line )
William s/o Edward SHERWOOD 29th Feb
Anne d/o William ECKENSALL 5th Mar

Weddings 1623

John FORSTER & Ann BLAKEMORE both of Parish 27th Apr
Stephen COTON of Penckridge & Margaret  FORSTER of this parish 18th Aug
Thomas DUFFIELD & Agnes EAGLE both of parish 16th Oct
John BIRD & Katherine FORSTER both of Parish 23rd Nov

Burials 1623

Henry TRAUNTER 28th Mar
Edward s/o William BAGLEY 21st Apr
Mary d/o Thomas FAVELL 9th May
Margery d/o Robert BAKER 20th May
Joan d/o Edward TAILER 30th May
Ann d/o Thomas MEIR 10th Jun
Humphry BAILIES 13th Jun
Robert s/o George WINSPERE 16th Jun
Ann w/o Thomas DUFFIELD  12th Jul
Elizabeth w/o Thomas PARKS 17th Jul
Thomas STROUD 19th Jul
Jane w/o Edward BLAKEMORE 23rd Jul
Robert WEBB 27th Jul
Joyce w/o George DAVIES 7th Aug
Frances ( fil ) Thomas RAYBY 11th Aug
Thomas s/o George DAVIES 7th Aug
Fances HAY 10th Sep
Charles s/o Anne ALLEIN 19th Nov
Agnes d/o William WOOD 24th Nov
Joyce w/o Henry BAILY 8th Dec
Thomas NASH 25th Dec
William s/o Richard EAGLE 3rd Jan
Anne d/o John TRANTER Eodem (same day as above)
Catherine w/o Robert HURLE 9th Jan
Elizabeth d/o Thomas BROOKE 11th Jan
Thomas s/o John SMITH 20th Jan
Francis s/o Francis SHERWOOD 21st Jan
Richard & Margery children of John SMITH 27th Jan
Richard s/o Richard FORSTER 4th Mar
William CLARK 5th Mar


Baptisms 1624

Ann d/o Thomas GRIFFIN 11th Apr
Elizabeth d/o Edward FAVELL 17th Apr
Isabell d/o William HAMPSON 13th Sep
Elizabeth d/o Thomas RABY 26th Sep
Richard s/o John FORSTER 17th Oct
William s/o Richard HARBROUGH 3rd Nov
Walter s/o Walter TAILER 10th Nov
Thomas BLAKEMORE ( populi Felius ) 19th Dec
Thomas s/o Thomas BLAKEMORE 2nd Jan
Samuel s/o Richard FORSTER 6th Feb
William s/o John SMITH 13th Feb
Thomas s/o Thomas SMITH 18th Feb
Joan d/o Gilbert HAND 11th Mar
Ales d/o John ECKENSOLL 16th Mar

Weddings 1624  None

Burials 1624

Elizabeth d/o Gilbert HAND 30th Mar
Edward BLAKEMORE 9th Apr
William COLLINS 13th Apr
John ATTON 23rd Apr
Elizabeth ECKENSOLL 23rd Apr
Anne d/o Thomas GRIFFIN 16th May
Henry BAILIES 25th Jul
Agnes w/o William COWPER 28th Aug
Elizabeth SHEREWOOD widow 30th Oct
Walter s/o Nicholas WINSPERE 25th Nov
Son of John BIRD 5th Dec
Margaret WEBB widow 19th Dec
Anne w/o Nicholas SMITH 15th Jan
Isabell GRIFFIN widow 13th Feb
Ales d/o John BAILIES 3rd Mar


Baptisms 1625

Elizabeth d/o William KID 10th Apr
John s/o George MEIR 17th Apr
George s/o William GREEN 18th Apr
Jone d/o Edmund SMITH 5th Jun
Edmund s/o George WINSPERE 3rd Jul
Priscilla d/o Humphrey FORSTER 24th Jul
Katherind d/o John BIRD 29th Aug
John s/o John FORSTER 4th Dec
Joice d/o Edward SHERWOOD 1st Jan
Edward s/o Ralph HARPER 5th Jan
Jane d/o John BARBER 19th Feb
Edward s/o John PAGE 26th Feb
Susan BAGGETT d/o John BAGGET ( Eod die ) same day as above ( my family

Weddings 1625

John BARBER & Margery NASH both of Parish 3rd Sep
William WHILE & Ales NASH both of Parish 12th Oct

Burials 1625

Xristian d/o John BAILIES 7th Apr
Gilbert HAND 8th Apr
Richard PYE 3rd May
Dorothe w/o Thomas SMITH 15th Jun
Elizabeth d/o Robert BAGGETT 17th Jun ( my family line)
Katherine d/o John BIRD 21st Aug
Joan d/o Gilbert HAND 3rd Oct
Anne d/o William ECKENSOLL 19th Oct
Isabell ATHERSUCH widow 6th Dec
Anne w/o William KID 9th Dec
Priscilla d/o Humphrey FORSTER 15th Dec
Child of William HAIS eod die ( same day as above)
Richard HARBROUGH 23rd Jan
Edmund s/o George WINSPERE 18th Feb
Child of William BAILIES 19th Feb
Margery w/o John BARBER 22nd Feb
Richard s/o Richard HARBROUGH 23rd Mar


Baptisms 1626

Elianor d/o Francis LONGMORE 26th Mar
Katerine d/o William GILES 8th Apr
Feles d/o John BAILIES 17th Apr
Sarah d/o Willliam WHILE 29th May
Ales d/o Thomas BROOKE 30th May
John s/o Thomas GRIFFIN 25th Jun
Richard s/o Richard WILKES 27th Aug
Elizabeth d/o Edward HAMPSON 8th Oct
Alice d/o Ro DYCOTT 14th Dec
Joan d/o William ECKENSOLL 18th Feb
Anne d/o Richard DAVIS 4th Mar
Anne d/o Richard FORSTER 11th Mar
Agnes d/o George MEIRE 18th Mar
Daniel s/o Humphrey FORSTER 22nd Mar

Weddings 1626

William KID & Joan PARKER both of Parish 7th May
Thomas PARKS of the Parish & Elizabeth Edwards of Parish of Whitaker 8th May 
John PARKS & Sarah Edwards both of Parish 17th Jul

Burials 1626

Child of Francis LONGMORE 27th Mar
Elianor LONGMORE 12th Apr
Susan d/o John BAGGET 14th Apr  ( my family line )
Isabell TURNER widow 24th Apr
Elizabeth d/o William KID 13th Jun
George BAILIES 13th Jul
John s/o Thomas GRIFFIN 1st Aug
Elizabeth SHERWOOD widow 20th Aug
John EDWARDS 6th Dec
Child of Robert BAGGET 27th Dec ( my family line )


Baptisms 1627

Abraham s/o William HAMPSON 1st Apr
Margery d/o John SMITH 15th Apr
Elianor d/o William BAILIES 22nd Apr
Elizabeth d/o William BRUETON 29th Apr
Thomas s/o John BIRD 20th May
Alice d/o Walter TAILER 1st Jul
Anne d/o John ECKENSOLL 8th Sep
Joan d/o William HAIS 3rd Oct
Richard s/o John PARKS 8th Nov
Jane d/o John FORSTER 25th Nov
Thomas s/o Francis FERNISE 2nd Dec
Robert s/o Robert BAGGET 23rd Dec ( my family line)
Alice d/o Thomas PARKS eod die ( same day as above)
Daniell s/o Richard YATE jr 6th Jan
Rebecca d/o John PAGE 13th Jan
Elizabeth d/o William GREEN 2nd Feb
Jone d/o Edward HAMSON 3rd Feb
John s/o Thomas BLAKEMORE 10th Feb
Anne d/o Thomas BAILIE eod die ( same day as above)
Thomas s/o Ralph HARPER 14th Feb
Walter s/o Thomas PERRY 17th Feb
Anne d/o John BAILIES 18th Feb
Jone d/o Edward SHEREWOOD 26th Feb

Weddings 1627

Richard Yate jr & Ann BLAKEMORE both of Parish 9th Apr
Thomas PERRY & Joan HAND widow both of Parish 20th May
Thomas WILD & Jane CLARKE widow both of Parish 2nd July

Burials 1627

Edward FAVELL 9th Jun
Robert GRANGER 10th Jun
George GEERY 14th Jul
Edward COTTEN 19th Jul
Thomas WEB 5th Aug
Dorothe RIPPON widow 25th Oct
Child of John PARKER 10th Jan
George BAILIES jr 19th Jan
Alice d/o Thomas PARKES 27th Jan
Elizabeth d/o William GREEN 4th Feb


Baptisms 1628

John s/o Thomas WILD 31st Mar
Joan d/o Edward MARTEN 12th Apr
Brigit d/o Henry WILSON 19th Jun
Feles d/o John TRANTER 22nd Jun
Robert s/o Ro DYOTT 16th Oct
Samuall s/o William BRUETON 23rd Nov
Edward s/o Richard WILKES 1st Jan
Elianor d/o William WHILE 8th Mar
Margaret d/o William GILES eod die ( same day as above)
Margery d/o Thomas BROOKE eod die ( same day as above)
No Name d/o John FAVELL 22nd Mar

Weddings 1628

Philip BIRD of Bar in the Parish Aldridge & Joan BAILIES of this Parish 13th May 
Edward BLAKEMORE Jr & Elizabeth FAVELL both of the Parish 9th Jun 
John FAVELL & Elizabeth HORTON both of the Parish 22nd Jun 
Thomas SMITH & Margaret MOSELEY widow both of Parish 26th Jan

Burials 1628

Richard PATRICKE 28th Mar
John PARKER 17th Apr
Agnes d/o George MEIRE 24th Aug
Thomas KING 9th Oct
Edward NASH 18th Oct
Feles d/o John TRANTER 9th Jan
William BELLISON 26th Jan


Baptisms 1629

Thomas s/o Richard DAVIES 19th Jul
Ruth d/o Richard YEATE 2nd Aug
William s/o William HAMPSON 9th Aug
Richard s/o John SMITH 23rd Aug
Walter s/o Edward BLAKEMORE 13th Sep
John s/o John PARKS 4th Oct
Jone d/o William HORTON 7th Oct
John s/o John PARKER 28th Oct
Joice d/o Edward JOHNSON 1st Nov
Thomas s/o William ECKENSOLL 8th Nov
Thomas s/o Thomas PARKS 20th Dec
Mary d/o John PAGE eod die ( same day as above)
Steven s/o John TRANTER 26th Dec
John s/o Edward HAMPSON 3rd Jan
Jane d/o Edward SHEREWOOD 2nd Jan
John s/o John BIRD 28th Jan
Anne d/o Robert BAGGET 14th Feb ( my family line)
Abraham( base child )of  Isabell WINSPERE 27th Jun
Daniell s/o George MEIRE 28th Feb

Weddings 1629

John TURTON of West Brom & Ann ROBINS married by Lic 26th May
Edward Johnson & Elizabeth PARKS 26th Jul
Richard HAYS & Ales WILKES 4th Oct
Thomas TAILER & Ann BAILIES 17th Jan

Burials 1629

Elizabeth NASH widow 22nd Aug
Elizabeth d/o William BAILIES 23rd Sep
John DUTTON 11th Nov
Margery d/o Thomas BROOKES 22nd Nov
John FROSBROOK 3rd Jan
Thomas s/o Thomas PARKS 7th Jan
Jane w/o Edward SHEREWOOD 2nd Jan
Child of John BAGGET 22nd Feb ( my family line)
Beatrice w/o Richard LONGMORE 2nd Mar

Baptisms 1630

Ruth d/o Humphrey FORSTER 28th Mar
Isabell d/o John ECKINSOLL 17th Apr
Cathrine d/o Thoms WILD 19th Apr
Thomas ( base ) of Emma FROSBROOK 22nd Apr
Francis s/o William GILES 29th Aug
Daniell s/o John FORSTER 12th Sep
Richard s/o William BAILIES 10th Oct
John s/o John FAVELL jr 7th Nov
Thomas s/o Thomas CARELESSE 30th Nov
Henry & Edward s/o of Thomas BROOKE 10th Dec
Richard s/o Richard HAYS 6th Jan
John s/o William ATTON eod die ( same day as above )
Edward s/o Edward WILKES 13th Feb
Margaret d/o Ro DYOT 20th Feb
Hanna d/o Richard YATE eod die ( same day as above)
Sarah d/o William BRUETON 13th Mar

Weddings 1630

Walter WILKES & Joice FORSTER 8th Apr
William MARTEN & Isabell WINSPER 25th Apr
John FORSTER & Elizabeth ALKIN 2nd May
Edward WILKES & Emma FAVELL 24th Jun
Thomas BLAKEMORE jr & Jone FROSBROOKE 14th Nov

Burials 1630

Xristian w/o Richard FOURN 28th Apr
Anne w/o William HAIS 16 May
Alice GRANGER widow 25th Jul
Edward TAILER 5th Sep
Child of Ralph HARPER 9th Sep
Child of John BAILIES 12th Sep
Richard s/o John SMITH 27th Sep
Isabell d/o John ECKENS ( ECKENSOLL ? ) 7th Oct
Child of Walter WILKES 18th Oct
Richard s/o William BAILIES 7th Nov
Anne w/o Thomas TAILER 1st Dec
Sarah w/o also child of  John PARKES 30th Jan
Katherine TOMKYS 14th Feb


Baptisms 1631

William s/o Thomas BLAKEMORE sr 22nd May
Elner d/o Thomas PERRY 29th May
Edward s/o Edward HAMPSON 24th Jul
Sarah d/o Richard FORSTER 31st Jul
Ralph s/o  Ralph HARPER 7th Aug
William s/o William BAILIES 2nd Oct
Anne d/o Edward BLAKEMORE jr 23rd Oct
Mary d/o John ECKENSOLL 4th Dec
Catharine d/o Thomas BLAKEMORE jr 6th Jan
Alice d/o Richard WILKES 19th Feb
Deborah d/o George MEIR eod die ( same day as above)

Weddings 1631

Walter FAVELL & Margaret UNDERHILL 12th May
Thomas CARTER & Ann TAILER 26th Jun
William WHITEHOUSE & Ann CROSSE 12th Sep
Richard ADAMS & Ales ROSTELL 14th Sep
William PERRY & Dorothe MEIRE 17th Jan
Thomas WILKES & Isabell FROSBROOK 26th Jan

Burials 1631

Elner d/o Richard ROSTELL 3rd Apr
Elizaebeth CARELESSE 8th Apr
John HORTON 21st Apr
Francis s/o William GILES 19th Aug
Richard s/o Edward SHEREWOOD 14th Sep
Anne w/o John ECKENSOLL 5th Jan
Elizabeth w/o William GREEN 10th Mar


Baptisms 1632

Jonathan s/o George DUTTON 25th Mar
Richard s/o William HAMPSON 13th May
Richard s/o Richard DAVIES eod die ( same day as above)
Elizabeth d/o David OWEN 20th May
Elizabeth d/o Edward JOHNSON 9th Sep
Sarah d/o John FORSTER 30th Sep
Thomas s/o Thomas PARKS 25th Oct
Margaret d/o Thomas CARTER 28th Oct
Catherine d/o Richard FORSTER jr 28th Oct
John s/o John PAGE 18th Nov
William s/o John FAVELL eod die ( same day as above)
Catherine d/o John BIRD 2nd Dec
Solomon s/o William Perry 17th Dec
Elizabeth d/o Richard YEATE eod die ( same day as above)
John s/o William ECKENSOLL 27th Dec
Elizabeth d/o Elizabeth VANNUM &  Roberti  WINKLES snr 12th Jan
Ales d/o Humphrey COWPER 17th Jan

Weddings 1632

John ECKENSOLL & Elizabeth HORAY 19th Apr
Humphrey COWPER & Ales LONGMORE 11th Nov
William BAILIES & Alice PIERSON 20th Dec
Thomas PYE & Catherine RABY 14th Jan

Burials 1632

Walter RESTELL 10th May
John FAVELL 13th May
Joice d/o Dunston LANE 11th Jun
Elner d/o Thomas PERRY 22nd Aug
Elnor d/o William BAILIE 26th or 27th ( date had been altered )
Walter s/o Thomas PERRY 30th Aug
Elizabeth MEIR 28th Sep
Jane HARBROUGH 20th Oct
Child of William MARTEN 6th Nov
Thomas s/o Thomas PARKS 10th Dec
Catherine d/o John Richard FORSTER 21st Dec
Elizabeth d/o Edwwrd JOHNSON 24th Dec
Nicholas WINSPERE 27th Dec
Joice d/o Richard RASTELL 21st Jan
Mary d/o John ECKENSOLL 18th Feb
Child of Even LITLEFORD 17th Feb
Jonathan s/o George DUTTON 27th Feb
John S/o William ECKENSOLL 28th Feb


Baptisms 1633

Anthony s/o Ro DYOT 11th Apr
Mary d/o Ralph HARPER 9th May
Elizabeth d/o Richard HAIS 7th Jul
Anne d/o John PARKS 14th Jul
Richard s/o John TRANTER 4th Aug
Isaack s/o Thomas PERRY 11th Aug
Josiah s/o Humphrey FORSTER 18th Aug
Cartherine d/o Edward WILKES 25th Aug
Mary d/o John WHITEHOUSE 22nd Sep
Henry s/o Thomas MEEKE eod die ( same as above date)
William s/o Thomas BROOKE 3rd Nov
William s/o William BRUTON 17th Nov
Sarah d/o William BAILIES jr 8th Dec
John s/o Thomas BLAKEMORE jr 15th Dec
Alice d/o Richard FORSTER 22nd Dec
Walter s/o Walter WILKES 6th Jan
Elizabeth d/o Edward BLAKEMORE jr 12th Jun
Margaret ( base  ) d/o Alice WINSPERE 2nd Feb
Richard s/o Richard JOHNSON 2nd Mar
Anne d/o Thomas HALE 9th Mar
Joseph s/o George DUTTON eod die ( same day as above)
Anne d/o David OWEN 23rd Mar

Weddings 1633

Richard HEELY & Elizabeth SMITH 5th May
Walter WILKES & Joan BADDON 15th Sep
Thomas HALE & Ann RASTILL 4th May

Burials 1633

Edmund WINSPERE 2nd Apr
Isabell w/o William MARTEN 12th May
Hanna d/o Richard YEATE 24th May
Margaret SMITH 28th Jul
Margert d/o Thomas CARTER 29th Aug
Jone d/o Edmund SMITH 23rd Sep
Joan COLLINS 29th Oct
Child of William ECKENSOLL 3rd Dec
Thomas SMITH 11th Feb


Baptisms 1634

Mary d/o William GILES 7th Apr
Edward s/o John FORSTER 20th Apr
Elizabeth d/o William GREEN jr 27th Apr
Anne d/o William ATTON 15th Jun
William s/o Even LITLEFORD 13th Jul
Richard s/o Richard HEELY eod die ( same day as above)
Sarah d/o William EDWARDS 14th Jul
Anne d/o Thomas CARTER 5th Aug
Anne d/o John FAVELL 2nd Dec
Nicholas s/o Richard WILKES 30th Nov
John s/o Nicholas WILKES 10th Feb
Anne d/o William BAILIES 12th Feb
Edward s/o William HAMPSON 22nd Feb
Richard s/o Richard DAVIES 8th Mar
Thomas s/o Thomas LONGMORE 22 Mar

Weddings 1634

Nicholas WILKES & Elnor BLAKEMORE 8th Jun
Thomas LONGMORE & Margaret FAVELL 22nd Jun
Thomas PHILLIPS & Anne SMITH 16th Nov

Burials 1634

Richard FOURNE 7th Apr
Margery d/o William GILES 1st May
Walter s/o Richard RASTELL 8th Jun
Richard s/o Richard DAVIES 10th Jun
Anne ASTLEY 30th Aug
Elizabeth d/o William GREEN 28th Oct
John SMITH 20th Nov
Child of Walter YEATE 25th Nov
Ales HAND 20th Mar
Thomas s/o Thomas LONGMORE 24th Mar


Baptisms 1635

William s/o William ECKENSOLL 3rd May
William s/o William BAKER 9th Aug
Elizabeth d/o John PARKS 13th Sep
Mary d/o Richard HAIS 27th Sep
Thomas s/o John PAGE 11th Oct
Margaret d/o Ralph HARPER 1st Nov
Elnor d/o Richard YEATE 15th Nov
Richard s/o Walter WILKES 22nd Nov
William s/o William GREEN 6th Dec
Dorothe d/o William PERRY 14th Dec
Richard s/o Ro DYOT 17th Dec
Thomas s/o Thomas BLAKEMORE jr 2nd Feb
Thomas s/o Walter YEATE 7th Feb
Richard s/o Edward WILKES 28th Feb
William s/o Humfrey COWPER eod die ( same as above date)
Thomas s/o Thomas MEEKE 20th Mar

Weddings 1635

Adam HEATH & Ann WARREN 3rd Apr
Edward SHEREWOOD jr & Alice DIKES 13th Apr
Edward HORTON & Elizaebth WHITEHOUSE 7th Jun
Hugh CARTWRIGHT & Emma YEATE  5th Jul
John HORTON & Mary PARKER 19th Jul
Richard WAINRIGHT & Ales NASH 20th Jul
John MARTEN & Ales WINSPERE 10th Aug
Nicholas COLLINS alia PARKER & Elizabeth LONGMORE 28th Oct
Thomas SHEREWOOD & Julian SMITH 27th Nov
John FORSTER & Elizabeth SMALL 14th Jan
William MARTIN & Elnor JACKSON 1st Feb
Edward PARKER & Elizabeth WALKER 1st Mar

Burials 1635

Isabell FORSTER widow 25th Jul
Ales NASH widow 29th Jul
Anne w/o John FOSTER 8th Aug
Jonathan ALLEIN 30th Aug
Ales DUTTON widow 22nd Sep
Joseph s/o George DUTTON 9th Oct
Anne d/o John PARKES eod die ( same as day above)
Edward s/o William HAMPSON 19th Oct
Child of Thomas BLAKEMORE sr 30th Dec
Elizabeth w/o Thomas MOSELEY 7th Jan
Thomas PERRY 14th Jan
Elizabeth w/o Edward JOHNSON 17th Jan
Joice d/o Edward SHEREWOOD 2nd Feb
John s/o John PARKES 13th Feb
Andrew s/o William ROGERS 15th Feb
Amy d/o Jane BAILIE 22nd Feb
Thomas s/o Walter YEATE eod die ( same as above date)
Anne d/o Jane BAILIE 22nd Feb
Joan SIMONDS 26th Feb
Margaret d/o Richard HAIS eod die ( same as above date )
Edward s/o Edward FAVELL 9th Mar