Transcribed & kindly contributed by Liz.


Baptisms 1636

Elizabeth d/o Walter WILKES 17th Apr
Elnore d/o Hugh CARTWRIGHT 1st May
Catherine d/o John HORTON 22nd May
Elnore d/o Richard FOSTER 29th May
Thomas s/o Griffin PRICE 19th Jun
Thomas s/o Thomas LONGMORE 31st Jul
Ales d/o David OWEN eod die ( same day as above )
Thomas s/o Richard WAINWRIGHT 14th Aug
William s/o William BAILIES 21st Aug
Thomas s/o Thomas WRIGHT 26th Sep
Nicholas s/o Nicholas COLLINS 2nd Oct
Thomas s/o George & Margery  DUTTON 9th Oct
Edward s/o William & Joan HAMSON 23rd Oct
Edward s/o Thomas & Gillian SHERWOOD 23rd Oct
Richard s/o John & Katherine BIRD 25th Oct
John s/o John & Margery BAILEY 4th Dec
Thomas s/o Henry & Margery STORER 18th Dec
Thomas s/o John & Elizabeth FAVELL 18th Dec
Katherine d/o Nicholas & Elianor  WILKES 21st Dec
Margeret d/o Edward & Elizabeth BLAKEMORE 1st Jan
Anne d/o William & Elizabeth BRUETON 8th Jan
Katherine d/o Thomas & Emme FOSTER  8th Jan
John s/o Richard & Margery WILKES 19th Feb
Elizabeth d/o William & Anne BAILY 26th Feb

Weddings 1636

Thomas BUTLER & Joice BLAKEMORE 21st May
Thomas FOSTER jr  Emme ASTLEY 13th Jun
Thomas PHILIPS & Ursula DAVIES 16th Jul
John TOMLISON & Joan PERRY 15th Aug
Edward BENTLY & Elizaebth PARKES 27th Nov
Charles MANDE & Elianor COPLY 2nd Feb

Burials 1636

Anne d/o William BAILES 25th Mar
Ales d/o Richard FORSTER 27th Mar
Anne w/o Thomas PHILIPS 3rd Apr
Thomas DAVIES 18th Apr
Richard DYOT 20th Apr
William s/o William GREEN 7th May
Thomas PARKS 11th May
Richard FORSTER 19th May
Jone w/o Thomas BIRD 11th Jun
Edward s/o Thomas SHERWOOD 30th Oct
Bridget w/o Charles MANDE 30th Nov
John s/o John BAYLY 14th Dec


Baptisms 1637

Elizabeth d/o John & Ann WHITEHOUSE 16th Apr
Anne d/o Edward & Elizabeth PARKER eod die ( same day as above)
Dorothy d/o William & Margery GREEN 30th Apr
Abraham s/o Richard & Alice HAYS 7th May
Joan d/o Thomas & Isabell DUFFIELD 4th June
Thomas s/o Even & Joan LITTLEFORD 11th Jun
Edward s/o Thomas & Joyce BUTLER 23rd Jul
Thomas s/o Thomas & Ann CARTER 23rd Jul
John s/o Walter & Anne YATE 12th Aug
Katherine d/o Thomas & Isabell HEWES 13th Aug
Alice d/o Edward & Anne FAVELL 8th Oct
Elizabeth d/o William & Elizabeth BAKER 22nd Oct
John s/o John & Margery BAYLYS 14th Jan
Hugh s/o Hugh & Emme CARTWRIGHT 21st Jan
Sarah d/o Humphrey & Alice COWPER 6th Feb
William s/o William & Elizabeth BEADLE 11th Feb
Ann d/o Richard & Ann YATE 14th Feb
Elizaebth d/o  Nicholas COLLINS  als PARKER & Elizabeth 18th Feb

Weddings 1637

William BEADLE & Elizabeth RASTELL 4th May
Richard PARKES & Francis PALMER 8th Jun
William FROSBROOKE & Margaret CAUSIER 13th Aug
Thomas FORNE & Alice HAMSON 20th Nov

Burials 1637

John s/o George MEYER 19th Nov
Ann ATTON widow 18th Dec
Anne w/o William BAGLEY 27th Dec
Thomas s/o John PAGE 24th Feb
Richard NASH 2nd Mar
Elianor w/o Robert BAKER 7th Mar
Margaret SWOPSON of Bentley widow 13th Mar
Elizabeth d/o Nicholas COLLINS 23rd Mar


Baptisms 1638

Nicholas s/o Ralph & Joyce HARPER 15th Apr
Joan d/o Richard & Alice DAVY 15th Apr
John s/o Ralph & Ann MARSHALL 21st Apr
William s/o William ATTON 29th Jul
Jone d/o Thomas BLAKEMORE jr 16th Sep
Henry s/o John PAGE 7th Oct
Thomas s/o Thomas FOURNE 14th Oct
Margaret d/o Richare HEELY 28th Oct
Mary d/o Walter WILKES 4th Nov
Sarah d/o John PARKS 18th Nov
Thomas s/o David OWEN eod die ( same day as above)
John s/o Peter JARRETT 25th Nov
Jone d/o Nicholas WILKES 30th Dec
John s/o Edward WILKES 24th Feb

Weddings 1638

John ABBOTTS & Ann KIDD 22nd Apr
William FAWKENER & Margaret BLAKEMORE 27th May
Edward BATE & Elizabeth STANLEY 6th Aug

Burials 1638

Child or Richare PARKS 16th Apr
John s/o Ralph MARSHALL 8th May
Richard HAYS 12th May
Richard CARTER 22nd June
Child of Walter WILKES 4th Oct


Baptisms 1639

Elizabeth d/o Ralph MARSHALL 31st Mar
Alice d/o Thomas DUFFIELD 15th Apr
Anne d/o William ECKENSOLL 16th Apr
Mary d/o William PARKER 4th Jun
Thomas s/o Thomas SHEREWOOD 30th Jun
Edward s/o John FAVELL eod die ( same day as above)
Elizabeth d/o William HAMPSON 14th Jul
John s/o Richare PARKS 4th Aug
Thomas s/o Edward GRIFFITHS 15th Aug
Francis s/o Thomas LONGMORE 18th Aug
Jone d/o Nicholas COLLINS 24th Aug
Richard s/o Richard FOSTER 22nd Sep
Elizabeth d/o Richard WAINWRIGHT 29th Sep
Anne d/o William BIDDLE 7th Nov
Jone d/o Thomas CARTER 1st Dec
Thomas s/o Thomas FOSTER 15th Dec
Margery d/o David OWEN 29th Dec
Joice d/o Edward BLAKEMORE 30th Dec
Sarah d/o Joice JEROME, Thomas ALLEIN  or of the people 7th Jan
Edward s/o John ABBOTS 19th Jan
William s/o Thomas MEEK 16th Feb
Walter s/o Hugh CARTWRIGHT eod die ( same day as above)
Elizabeth d/o Thomas BAILIE 1st Mar
William s/o William GREEN 8th Mar
Elizabeth d/o Henry COWPER 15th Mar
Joan d/o William BAKER 22nd Mar

Weddings 1639  None

Burials 1639

Daniel s/o Humfrey FORSTER 30th Mar
Elizabeth d/o Ralph MARSHALL 3rd Apr
Sarah d/o John FORSTER 16th Apr
Joan HORTON 24th Apr
Francis BLAKEMORE jr 2nd ( no month given)
John s/o Richard WILKS 25th May
Edward BLAKEMORE Sr  4th Jun
Child of Walter WILKS 1st Jul
Elizabeth w/o Thomas FAVELL 20th Aug
Abraham HAIS 3rd Dec
William LONGMORE eod die ( same day as above)
Child of Even LITLEFORD 16th Dec
Edward SHERWOOD 19th Dec
Amy w/o Richard ( no last name ) 7th Jan
Elizabeth HABERSTON  ( no day or month)
Elizabeth d/o Thomas BAILIE 6th Mar


Baptisms 1640

Richard s/o Thomas FOURNE 25th Mar
Edward s/o John BIRD 10th Apr
George s/o Ralph MARSHALL 12th Apr
Margaret d/o William BAILIES 17th May
Mary d/o Richard YATE jr 7th Jun
Mary d/o Walter WILKES 28th Jun
Richard s/o William BRUTON 5th Jul
John s/o Richard DAVIE 27th Sep
Anne d/o  Nicholas WILKES 18th Oct
Jone d/o Robert BAGGETT jr eod die ( same day as above) My line
Mary d/o Walter FAVELL 15th Nov
John s/o John WHITEHOUSE 13th Dec
John s/o John BAGGET 2nd Jan ( My line)
Jone d/o John PUGH 8th Jan
Thomas s/o Thomas DUFFIELD 10th Jan
George s/o Peter JARRAT eod die ( same day as above)
John s/o Walter WILKES 31st Jan
Elizabeth d/o Edward PARKES eod die ( same day as above)
Richard s/o William BUTLER 7th Feb
Edward s/o John FAVELL 7th Mar
Abraham s/o John HORTON eod die ( same day as above)

Weddings 1640

Robert BAGGET jr & Dorothe FIELD 7th June
John WILKES & Anne HORTON 19th Jul
William PARKS & Jone ETINGSOLL 27th Sep
Thomas BAILIE & Joyce BLAKEMORE 4th Oct
Thomas NIGHTINGALE & Jone WOOD 27th Nov

Burials 1640

Robert WOOD 28th Apr
William GREEN Sr 17th Sep
Mary d/o William PARKER 7th Oct
Anne w/o Richard RASTELL 10th Oct
Margery w/o William GREEN 21st Oct
Walter YATE 29th Oct
Elner w/o Richard YATE Sr 10th Dec
John s/o John BAGGETT 3rd Jan
Jone d/o John PAGE 11th Jan
Jone d/o Thomas CARTER 2nd Feb
Mary d/o Edmund SMITH 10th Feb
Walter TAILER 10th Mar

Baptisms 1641

Henry s/o Ralph HARPER 4th Apr
Sarah d/o Nicholas COLLINS alias PARKER 18th Apr
Elizabeth d/o William PARKES 27th Jun
Ales d/o John WILKS 8th Aug
Henry s/o Henry STORER 22nd Aug
George s/o Thomas BAILIES 5th Sep
Margaret d/o Humfrey TAILER 26th Sep
William s/o John SHEREWOOD eod die ( same day as above)
William & Richard s/o William PARKER 29th Sep
Elizabeth d/o Thomas BAILIES Jr 31st Oct
Thomas s/o Edward WILKES 14th Nov
Catherine d/o Robert BROMLEY 28th Nov
Jone d/o Thomas CARTER 5th Dec
John s/o Charles MAND 19th Dec
Joice d/o High CARTWRIGHT 2nd Jan
Jone d/o John PAGE 9th Jan
Anne d/o Walter FAVELL 30th Jan
Elizabeth d/o William BIDDLE 13th Feb
Francis d/o Thomas BLAKEMORE Jr 13th Mar
Richard s/o Thomas SHEREWOOD 20th Mar

Weddings 1641

William GREEN & Ales MORRICE 3rd May
Edward TAILER & Mary TEW 1st Nov
Robert BUTLER & Ann TAILER 23rd Jun

Burials 1641

Thomas MOSELEY 4th ( no month given)
Edward s/o John FAVELL 25th Apr
Richard LONGMORE ( no date)
Thomas BIRD 25th ( no month )
Mary d/o Richard YATE 9th Aug
Margery w/o Richard WILKS 12th Aug
Thomas HORTON 27th Oct
Emma SMITH 31st Oct
Owen s/o John BAGGET 16th Nov  ( My line )
Jone d/o Nicholas WILKES 21st Nov


Baptisms 1642

Mary Elizabeth d/o Edward GRIFFIN 25th Mar
John s/o John WRIGHT 27th Mar
Isabell d/o William GREEN 10th Apr
Richard s/o Even LITLEFORD 17th Apr
Anne d/o Richard HEELY eod die ( same as above)
William s/o David OWEN 12th Jun
Jone d/o William ATTON 26th Jun
William s/o Thomas MEEK 17th Jul
Jane d/o Edward BLAKEMORE Jr eod die ( same as above)
Joseph s/o Richard YEATE 24th Jul
Mary d/o John BAGGET Jr eod die ( same as above ) my line Edward s/o Edward TAILER 18th Sep William s/o Thomas FOURN 21st Sep Jams s/o James FOSTER 23rd Oct Walter s/o Robert BUTLER 14th Nov Elizabeth d/o John FAVELL 25th Dec Richard s/o Richard ROSTELL 27th Dec Elizabeth d/o Richard PARKS 12th Feb Sarah d/o Thomas DUFFIELD 19th Mar

Weddings 1642

Thomas HORTON & Elizabeth SMITH 12th Sep
William GREEN & Dorothe YEATE 8th Oct
Thomas BROOKE Jr & Elizabeth LICET 1st Nov

Burials 1642

Edward s/o William HAMSON 25th Jun
Isabell d/o William GREEN 10th July
Henry s/o Henry STORY bap (sic ) 22 July  (this had bap beside the entry
Jone d/o William BAKER 17th Aug
Abraham MARTEN 25th Aug
Thomas BLAKEMORE Sr 5th Oct
John WILKES Sr 15th Oct
Henry WOOLLART 18th Oct
Joan CROSSE eod die ( same as above)
Elner w/o George WINSPERE 28th Oct
John s/o John BIRD 12th Nov
Child of Walter WILKES 13th Nov
Walter s/o Robert BUTLER 17th Nov
James s/o James FOSTER 24th Nov


Baptisms 1643

William s/o Nicholas PARKER 26th Mar
Margery d/o Peter JARRAT 9th Apr
Emme d/o Thomas FOSTER 11th May
Thomas s/o John BAILIE 4th Jun
Mary d/o Thomas HORTON 9th Jul
Elnor d/o Humfrey TAYLER 3rd Sep
Catherine d/o Richard KID 10th Sep
Anne d/o William HAMSON 17th Sep
Anne d/o Thomas BROOKE Jr eod die ( same as above)
Thomas s/o Francis DORLESTON 1st Oct
Joan d/o Thomas LONGMORE eod die (same as above)
Walter s/o Walter FAVELL 8th Oct
Mary d/o William BAKER eod die (same as above)
Thomas s/o John WRIGHT 15th Oct
William s/o Robert BAGGETT 5th Nov
Abraham s/o William BRUETON 14th Nov
John s/o Ralph MARSHALL 17th Nov
Margery d/o Walter WILKES 10th Dec
Abraham  s/o Jane WINSPERE 24th Dec
Thomas s/o William BUTLER 26th Dec
Thomas s/o Walter WILKES 31st Dec
William s/o Richard GREEN 21st Jan
Thomas s/o Moses NASH 26th Jan
Susan d/o Thomas CARTER 4th Feb
Willia s/o Thomas BAILIE 11th Feb
Joan d/o William PARKS  eod die (same as above)
Sarah d/o Hugh CARTWRIGHT 3rd March

Weddings 1643

Samuel NASH & Anne BLAKEMORE 30th Nov
Moses NASH & Jane CROSSE 6th Apr
William ELLWALL & Jone WILKES 3rd Mar
John TAILER & Elizabeth TUNKS 5th Mar

Burial 1643

Anne JEAVON 27th Mar
John FAVELL 4th Jun
Margery SMITH 2nd Oct
Richard YATE Jr 23rd Oct
John s/o Ralph MARSHALL 18th Nov
William CLARK 7th Dec
Child of Francis BLAKEMORE Jr 21st Jan
Thomas s/o Moses NASH 8th Feb
Margery HORTON 10th Jun
Margaret d/o William BAILIES 4th Mar
Jone w/o Thomas BAILIES (no day ) Mar


Baptisms 1644

Robert s/o Robert BUTLER 31st Mar
Anne d/o Richard BET eod die (same as above)
Thomas s/o Walter BAILIE 28th Apr
Walter s/o Edward WILKES eod die (same as above)
John s/o John TAILER 11th Jun
Catherine d/o Ralph HARPER 21st Jul
Thomas s/o Samuel NASH 1st Sep
Anne d/o Thomas FOURNE 12th Oct
John s/o William ELSON 3rd Nov
Anna d/o Thomas PARKES Esq of Willingworth 5th Nov
Thomas s/o John PAGE 3rd Dec
Elizabeth d/o Fra Blakemore Jr 8th Dec
Jane d/o Thomas MEEKE 15th Dec
Anne d/o Thomas SHEREWOOD eod die (same as above)
Joice d/o William BLAKEMORE eod die (same as above)
Catherine d/o Tho HODGESKINS 20th Dec
Mary d/o William BIDDLE 22nd Dec
Mary d/o Humfrey COWPER 19th Jan
Margaret d/o Thomas BLAKEMORE 26th Jan
Elizabeth d/o Edw TAILER 2nd Feb
Isabell d/o Thomas DUFFIELD 2nd Mar
Anne d/o Edw GRIFFIN 23rd Mar

Weddings 1644

John HARPER & Elizabeth HAMSON 6th Oct
John TAILER & Sarah WHILE 30th Nov
Thomas BAILIE & Sarah BIRCH 20th Jan
Walter TAILER & Isabell HAMSON 18th Feb

Burials 1644

Joane d/o William PARKS 12th Apr
Anne FOSTER 14th Apr
Joice w/o Francis BLAKEMORE Sr 28th Apr
Thomas s/o Willliam BAILIE 12th May
Walter s/o Edward WILKES 3rd Jun
John BIRD 25th Jul
Child of Nicholas WILKES 29th Aug
Jone d/o Thomas CARTER 6th Sep
Mary d/o John BAGGET Jr 17th Sep  ( my family line)
Jone ASTLEY widow 5th Oct
Anne d/o Thomas FOURNE 14th Oct
Anne w/o William SMITH 2nd Nov
Francis s/o Thomas BLAKEMORE 31st Dec
Mary d/o William BIDDLE 3rd Jan
Child of James FOSTER 29th Jan
Child of George WINSPERE 3rd Feb
Francis BLAKEMORE Jr 23rd Feb
Susan d/o Thomas CARTER 1st Mar


Baptisms 1645

Jone d/o Richard PARKS 30th Mar
Elizabeth d/o Peter JARRAT 5th Apr
Thomas s/o David OWEN 8th Jun
Willliam s/o John HARPER 20th July
Elizabeth d/o Walter FAVELL 3rd Aug
Elizabeth d/o Nicholas COLLINS eod die (same as above)
John s/o William PARKS 10th Aug
Elizabeth d/o John BAGGET 17th Aug ( my family line)
Edward s/o Robert BUTLER 14th Sep
Elizabeth & Anne d/o Edward WILKES 19th Oct
Elnor d/o Ralph MARSHALL eod die (same as above)
John s/o Richard HEELY 9th Nov
Josuah s/o Moses NASH 16th Nov
Anne d/o Richard KID 23rd Nov
Thomas s/o Hugh PACKINGTON 27th Dec
John s/o Matthew Walter BAILIE 29th Dec
Walter s/o Thomas HORTON 18th Jan
Richard s/o Thomas CARTER 29th Jan
James s/o James FOSTER Jr 22 Feb
Walter s/o Walter TAILER 15th Feb
Joseph s/o Jamse FOSTER Jr 22 Feb
Jone d/o William HAMPSON 1st March
Elizabeth d/o Robert BAGGET 15th Mar

Weddings 1645

Richard BAILIE & Mary BENTLEY 20th Apr
Francis COX & Jone BAILIE 4th May
Thomas CAMME & Elizabeth SMITH 27th May
Francis LONGMORE Jr & Ann TOMKYS 24th Jun
William HARPER & Elizabeth FAVELL

Burials 1645

Elizabeth w/o John FOSTER 30th Mar
John ABBOT 3rd May
Joice d/o Fra BLAKEMORE 2nd May
Child of John WRIGHT 14th Jul
William s/o Thomas BAILIE 24th Sep
Thomas GRIFFIN 2nd Oct
Nicholas SMITH 21st Oct
John s/o Walter BAILIE 6th Jan
Jone BAILIES 21st Jan

Baptisms 1646

Fancis s/o Hugh CARTWRIGHT 31st Mar
Nicholas s/o George WINSPERE 5th Apr
Thomas s/o William BAKER 26th Apr
Jone d/o William BIDDLE 10th May
Ales d/o Thomas SMITH 18th May
Sarah d/o Thomas CAMME 7th Jun
Sarah d/o John WRIGHT 9th Jul
Anne d/o Fancis COXE 23rd Aug
Edward s/o Thomas SHEREWOOD 30th Aug
John s/o Thomas LONGMORE eod die (same as above)
Ales d/o John TAILER Jr eod die (same as above)
Humfrey s/o Humfrey TAILER 4th Oct
Thomas s/o John TAILER Sr 11th Oct
Nicolas s/o Walter WILKES 18th Oct
Mary & Jane d/o Will  ATTON eod die (same as above)
Walter s/o Walter WILKES 1st Nov
Anne d/o Thomas BAKER eod die (same as above)
John s/o Thomas MEEK 6th Dec
Anne d/o Thomas BAILIE 13th Dec
Moses s/o Richard GREEN 10th Jan
Mary d/o William BLAKEMORE eod die (same as above)
Elizabeth d/o Thomas HODGSKINS 31st Jan
John s/o Thomas DUFFIELD 1st Mar

Weddings 1646

Nicolas BRINLEY & Jane WILD 7th May
Thomas ONIONS & Jone TUTMAN 12th May
Thomas GILES & Elnor TUNCKS 24th Jun
Francis MASON & Anne PARKEr eod die (same as above)
Thoams ADAMS & Jone ECELESHALL 29th Sep

Burials 1646

Child of Francis LONGMORE 15th May
Joan NASH widow 28th May
Sarah d/o Thomas CAMME 12th Jul
Elnor d/o Ralph MARSHALL 13th Jun
Anne w/o Thomas CARTER 2nd Aug
Child of John CORFIELD 7th Aug
John s/o William PARKS 7th Oct
Mary d/o William ATTON 28th Oct
Constance w/o Richard BRINTON 27th Nov
William BAILIE 1st Dec
Elizabeth w/o John ECKENSOLL 31st Dec
Edward BAKER 25th Jan
Richard RASTELL 26th Jan


Baptisms 1647

John s/o Francis MASON 25th Mar
Joseph s/o Edward PARKS 28th Mar
Elizabeth d/o Hugh PACKINGTON 2nd Apr
John & Elizabeth c/o John BAILIE 9th May
Thomas s/o Frances LONGMORE 23rd May
John s/o Edw TAILER 30th May
Jone d/o Nicholas WILKES eod die ( same as above)
John s/o Thomas FOURN 11th July
Thomas s/o Thomas CAMME 5th Sep
Edmund s/o Samuel NASH 24th Oct
William s/o Robert BUTLER 7th Nov
Mary d/o Walter BAILIE 2nd Jan
Sarah d/o Richare BAILIE 20th Feb
Mary d/o Nicholas COLLINS 19th Mar

Weddings 1647 – None

Burials 1647

Anne d/o Edward WILKES 25th Mar
Mary d/o Edward WILKES 14th Apr
Willia PERRY 24th Apr
Will SMITH 25th Apr
Richard BRINTON 28th Apr
John & Elizabeth c/o John BAILIE 28th  May
Edward FAVELL 4th Jun
John FOSTER 8th Jun
Elizabeth w/o William BRUTON 25th Jun
Ales d/o Tho SMITH 17th Jul
Elnor d/o Ralph MARSHALL 24th Jul
Anne d/o Richard HEELY 28th Jul
James FOSTER Sr 2nd Aug
Ales WILKES widow 5th Dec
Tho FAVELL 10th Feb
Edward s/o Robert BUTLER 17th Feb
Richard YEATE 22nd Feb
Anne BLAKEMORE widow 20th Mar
Anne w/o Edw PARKS 21st Mar


Baptisms 1648

Elizabeth d/o John BENNET 26th Mar
Elner d/o Richard KID 16th Apr
Mary d/o Thomas HODGEKINS 23rd Apr
Isabell d/o Abraham WHILE 14th May
Henry s/o Henry WALTON 17th May
William s/o Edward WILKES 9th Jul
Elizabeth d/o John BAILIE 6th Aug
William ( posthumus s /o William PARKS 27th Aug
Jone d/o John HARPER 3rd Sep
Thomas s/o Thomas GRIFFITH alias WELSHMAN 10th Sep
Ales d/o Thomas MANNERING 27th Sep
Sarah d/o Thomas BAGGET 1st Oct
Thomas s/o Thomas BAKER 8th Oct
Anne d/o Thomas BAILIES eod die ( same as above)
Nicholas s/o Nicholas WILKES 22nd Oct
Jane d/o Hugh CARTWRIGHT 21st Jan
Anne d/o William BLAKEMORE 28th Jan
Henry d/o Walter FAVELL 4th Mar
Mary d/o Thomas BLAKEMORE 18th Mar
John s/o John HAND eod die ( same as above)

Weddings 1648

Richard WILKES & Mary FAVELL 1st Nov
John ALSOP & Dorothe PERRY 25th Feb

Burials 1648

William PARKS 27th Mar
Mary d/o William BLAKEMORE 29th Mar
Anne ABBOTS widow eod die ( same as above)
Elizabeth d/o Richard PARKS 4th Apr
Susan w/o John BAGGET 10th Apr  ( my 9 x great gran )
Ales w/o John PAGE 21st Apr
Mary d/o Nicholas COLLINS 25th Apr
Matthew BAILIE 2nd Mar
William HAMPSON 31st May
Thomas WHITEHOUSE 18th Oct
Even LITLEFORD 14th Oct
Elizabeth d/o William BRUTON 12th Nov
John s/o John TAILER 14th Nov
John s/o Thomas FORNE 28th Dec
Thomas s/o Hugh PACKINGTON 29th Jan
Jone w/o Walter WILKES 26th Feb
Thomas s/o Thomas GRIFFITH 23rd Mar


Baptisms 1649

John s/o Francis COXE 26th Mar
John s/o Walter TAILER 30th May
Elizabeth d/o Thomas BAILIE 8th Jul
John s/o John BAGGET 19th Aug
William s/o Thomas CORFIELD 26th Aug
Ales d/o William BIDDLE eod die ( same as above)
Elizabeth d/o Thomas CARTER 23rd Sep
Robert s/o James FOSTER 30th Sep
James s/o James FOSTER (defnt ) 7th Oct
Jonathan s/o John WRIGHT 14th Oct
Thomas s/o Thomas HORTON 11th Nov
Thomas s/o Thomas GILES 9th Dec
John s/o Walter WILKES 16th Dec
Isaack s/o Henry PARTRIDGE 20th Jan
John s/o Nicholas COLLINS 3rd Feb

Weddings 1649

Peter WILSON & Ales TAILER 14th May
William HARPER & Sarah FOSTER 12th Jan
Walter WILKES & Jone SMITH 24th Jan

Burials 1649

Jone PARKES widow 3rd Apr
Walter s/o Walter TAILIER 11th Apr
Child of Abraham WHILE 30th Apr
Henry s/o Walter FAVELL 2nd May
William BRUETON 11th May
Sarah BRUETON 31st May
Thomas BROOK 12th Jun
Elizabeth WILSON widow 18th ( June ? )
Jane d/o Hugh CARTWRIGHT 6th Aug
William GREEN 9th Aug
Child of John ALSOP 20th Aug
John s/o Richard HEELY 1st Sep
John s/o John HAND 5th Sep
Ales d/o William BIDDLE 7th Sep
Elizabeth w/o Edward BLAKEMORE 5th Oct
Elizabeth d/o Tho CARTER 6th Oct
Elizabeth d/o John BAILIE 17th Oct
Thomas s/o Thomas HORTON 18th Nov
Elner d/o Richard KID 31st Jan
Jane w/o Thomas BLAKEMORE 4th Feb
Jone d/o William ATTON eod die ( same as above )

Baptisms 1650

Sarah d/o Thomas MEEK 21st Apr
Anne d/o Francis MASON 28th Apr
Mary d/o William KEELING 19th May
John s/o Thomas GRIFFITH 9th Jun
Mary d/o James STONE eod die( same as above )
Edward s/o Nicholas WILKES 30th Jun
Walter s/o William BAKER 21st Jul
Catherine d/o Thomas CARTER 25th Jul
John s/o Richard WILKES 4th Aug
Anne d/o Thomas DUFFIELD 18th Aug
Thomas s/o Humphrey TAILER 8th Sep
Humfrey s/o Francis LONGMORE 15th Sep
Elizabeth d/o Henry SHELDON 26th Sep
William s/o Walter FAVELL 29th Sep
John s/o Robert BUTLER 6th Oct
Thomas & Walter c/o Thomas HODGKINSON 5th Nov
Jeremiah s/o Peter WILSON 1st Dec
Sarah d/o William BIDDLE eod die ( same as above )
Mary  base /o Fra KID alias POGGON 2nd Dec
William  base /o  Ann HAIS 21st Dec
Mary d/o Thomas BAKER 5th Jan
Thomas s/o Moses NASH 19th Feb

William s/o John BAILIE 9th Mar
Sarah d/o John TAILER 23rd March

Weddings 1650

Edward SMITH & Margery READE 19th Mar
John BLAKEMORE & Ruth FOSTER 9th Sep

Burials 1650

Anne w/o Humfrey FOSTER 14th May
Child of Thomas BRADNEY 24th Jun
Catherine d/o Thomas CARTER 28th Jul
John s/o Thomas GRIFFITH 1st Aug
William ATHERTON 10th Aug
Walter s/o William BAKER 26th Aug
John s/o Richard WILKES eod die ( same as above)
Child of Richard KID 29th Sep
Walter s/o Tho HODGKINSON 12th Nov
Tho s/o Tho HODGKINSON 17th Nov


Baptisms 1651

Emme d/o High CARTWRIGHT 31st Mar
Mary d/o Richare BAILIE 13th Apr
John s/o Thomas BRADNEY 17th Apr
Elizabeth d/o William BLAKEMORE 27th Apr
Anne d/o Peter JARRAT 4th May
Amy d/o Walter BALIE 5th May
Thomas s/o Edward TAILER 8th Jun
Sarah d/o Thomas FOURNE eod die ( same as above)
Elizabeth d/o Thomas HORTON 29th Jun
Thomas s/o John BLAKEMORE 13th Jul
Henry s/o Thomas FOSTER 3rd Aug
Jone d/o Walter TAYLER 12th Aug
Mary d/o Richare WILKES 17th Aug
Thomas & Sarah c/o Richard PARKS 25th Aug
Mary d/o Robert BAGGET Jr 5th Oct
Thomas s/o Thomas HODGEKINSON 12th Oct
Walter s/o John HARPER 19th Oct
Isabell d/o Richard KID 21st Oct
Elianor d/o Francis COX 23rd Nov
Thomas s/o Thomas BAGGET 30th Nov
Richard s/o John COWPER 15th Jan
Moses s/o Henry PARTRIDGE 8th Feb
John s/o Thomas CARTER eod die ( same as above)

Weddings 1651

John COWPER & Ann DAVIE 31st Mar
Samuel BRUETON & Elnore WHILE 15th Aug
Thomas BLAKEMORE & Elnor NOPLIN 24th Jan

Burials 1651

Mary d/o Richare BAILIE 15th Apr
Richard WILKES Sr 25th Jul
Child of John MARTEN 11th Aug
Anne d/o Elizabeth PARKER 18th Aug
Anne w/o Robert BUTLER 24th Aug
Child of Edward PAGE 21st Sep
Isabell d/o Richard KID 22nd Oct
Two Children of the CORFIELD family 16th Nov
Tho s/o Edw WILKES 14th Dec
John BAGGETT 22 Jan
John BAILIE 2nd Mar
David OWEN 21st Mar


Baptisms 1652

Elianor d/o Nicholas WILKES 4th Apr
William s/o Thomas GILES 11th Apr
Mary d/o Richard MARTEN 18th Apr
Hannah d/o Joseph FOSTER 1st May
Elizabeth d/o Henry SHEREWOOD 9th May
Sarah d/o Samuel BRUETON 23rd May
Mary d/o Richard GREEN 3rd Jun
Henry d/o James FOSTER 20th Jun  ( States Henry is a daughter not son )
Thomas s/o Thomas BAILIES 27th Jun
Elizabeth d/o James FOSTER 4th Jul
Elianor d/o Edward HARPER 26th Aug
William s/o Joseph PERRY 2nd Sep
Joseph s/o Edward PAGE 10th Oct
Edward s/o Edward SMITH 31st Oct
William s/o Samuel NASH 7th Nov
Elizabeth d/o Richard KID eod die ( same as above)
Agnes d/o Hugh PACKINGTON eod die ( same as above)
Richard s/o Henry SHELDON 6th Jan
Elizabeth d/o Tho BAKER 30th Jan
Margaret d/o Thomas SHORTHOUSE 15th Feb
Francis s/o Francis LONGMORE 27th Feb
Thomas s/o John BAGGET eod die ( same as above)
Amy d/o John WRIGHT 6th Mar
Richard & George c/o Thomas MEEK 16th Mar

Weddings 1652

Samuel FOSTER & Jane SIMPSON 11th May
Edward BLAKEMORE & Joan HASLELAND 16th Jun

Burials 1652

Child of Richard BAILIE 5th Apr
Elianor d/o Francis COX 11th Apr
Joan w/o William KID 15th Apr
Isabell w/o Thomas WILKES 1st May
Ales BROOK 15th Jun
Henry s/o Thomas CAMME 21st Jun
Elizabeth d/o William BAKER 4th Aug
Francis LONGMORE Jr 24th Aug
Thomas SMITH 3rd Sep
Child of Peter WILSON 27th Oct
Phillis w/o John TRANTER 22nd Jan
William SIMONDS 5th Feb
Mary d/o Walter WILKES 12th Mar
Child of Francis COX 13th Mar
Child of Thomas MEEK 20th Mar


Baptsims 1653

Jone d/o Thomas CASHMORE 2nd Apr
Samuel s/o Samuel FOSTER 3rd Apr
Mary d/o William BLAKEMORE 20th Apr
Thomas s/o Robert BUTLER 5th Jun
Elizabeth d/o Thomas BAILIE 5th Jun
Dorothe d/o Tho HODGKINSON 26th Jun
Elizabeth d/o Richard WILKES Jr eod die ( same as above)
Walter s/o Humfrey TAILER 26th eod die ( same as above)
Thomas s/o Nicholas PARKER 31st Jul
John s/o Walter FAVELL 11th Aug
Margeret & Mary c/o Hugh CARTWRIGHT 14th Aug
Elizabeth d/o Willlam KEELING 3rd Sep
Henry s/o Thomas CAMME born bef 10th Sep bap 26th Oct

Weddings 1653

Stephen TRANTER & Elianor NIGHTINGALE 11th Apr
Timothy BARRET & Ann ROCK 25th Apr
William TOMKYS & Ann FOSTER 14th Jun
John TRANTER & Sarah STANLEY 17th Jul
William HARPER & Jone HOLLAND 13th Aug
John WILD & Anne LANGHAM 4th Sep
Richard ( no last name ) & Elizabeth TOMLISON 19th Sep
Henry HODGKINSON & Alice BLAKEHAM 24th Sep

Burials 1653

Joan w/o Walter BAILIE 24th Apr
George WINSPERE 30th Apr
Mary d/o William BLAKEMORE 1st May
Joan w/o Edward BLAKEMORE 2nd May
William BIRCH  ( no day ) Jun
Elizabeth MARTEN widow 21st Jun
Walter s/o Humfry TAILER 28th Jun
Elizabeth w/o William HARPER 30th Jun
Dorothe w/o Robert BAGGET Jr 5th Jul
Elizabeth d/o Richard WILKES 18th Jul
Child of Thomas CORFIELD 21st Jul
William BLAKEMORE 28th Jul
Elizabeth w/o William BAKER 1st Aug
Thomas ECKLESOLL 7th Aug
William WHILE 13th Aug
William FAUKNER 21st Aug
Ralph HARPER 22nd Aug
Elizabeth BLAKEMORE 29th Aug
Margeret w/o Thomas FROSBROOK 3rd Sep
Anne w/o William BAILIE 10th Sep
Thomas BLAKEMORE 11th Sep
Anne d/o Nicholas WILKES 24th Sep
William s/o William ECKLESOLL 25th Sep
Nicholas WILKES 1st Oct
Joan LITLEFORD 4th Oct
Humfrey TAILER 15th Oct
Elizabeth WILKES eod die ( same as above)
Tho OKELEY 2nd Oct

1653 cont : In this  section there is a notation pertaining to a Parish
register to be kept by John ECKINSOLL who was chose by Common consent of
the town .
Below are records entered after that event occurred

Child of Henry SHEREWOOD born Oct 24th
Mary d/o Francis MASON born 1st Nov
Elias s/o Peter WILSON born 18th Dec
No name d/o no Name TAILER 17th Dec
No name d/o John ( no surname or day ) Dec
William and Elizabeth c/o Samuel BRUTON 10th Jan
Jane d/o Thomas CARTER 31st Jan
Walter s/o John TAILER 2nd Feb
Elizabeth d/o Francis COX 3rd Mar
Elianor d/o Stephen TRANTER 12th Mar
John s/o John CASHMORE 14th Mar

Burials 1653

Child of Henry SHEREWOOD 24th Oct
Thomas FORNE 14th Nov
Mary w/o Edward BLAKEMORE 15th Nov
Child of Richard BAILIE born and buried 16th Nov
Thomas BAILIES 22nd Dec
James FOSTER eod die ( same as above)
Edmund SMITH 25th Dec
Thomas s/o Ro BUTLER 10th Jan
William s/o Sam BRUTON 19th Jan
Elizabeth d/o Sam BRUTON 21st Jan
Dorothe d/o Tho HODGKINS 23rd Jan
Elizabeth w/o Thomas CAMME 26th Jan
Child of John COUPER 30th Jan
Child of Thomas GILES 31st Jan
John PARKS 9th Feb
Richard WAINWRIGHT 11th Mar
Henry WOOD 21st Mar


1654 Births           Important  Note *  These are  BIRTHS not BAPTISMS
below *

John s/o Richard WOOD 30th Mar
Phillis d/o John TRANTER 10th Apr
Thomas s/o John WILD 18th Jul
Elizabeth d/o John HARPER 24th Aug
John s/o William HEWET 29th Aug
Anne d/o John WILKES 22nd Sep
Thomas s/o Joseph PERRY 24th Sep
Anne d/o Thomas HORTON 30th Sep
Alice d/o Thomas CORFIELD 2nd Oct
Thomas s/o Thomas GILES 27th Oct
John s/o Richard WILKES Jr 30th Oct
Mary d/o Henry PARTRIDGE 15th Nov
Mary d/o Edward TAILER eod die ( same as above)
Elizabeth d/o Joseph FOSTER 27th Nov
John s/o Richare BAILIE 23rd Dec
Henry s/o Thomas HODGKINSON 30th Dec
Elizabeth ( s/o ) John NASH 2nd Jan   ( States clearly Son of )
John s/o Richare TRANTER 16th Jan
Hester d/o Edward PAGE 20th Jan
John s/o John COWPER 24th Jan
Joan d/o Richard KID 25th Jan
Mary d/o William BIDDLE 12th Mar

Weddings 1654

Richard TRANTER & Sarah WILKES 1st May
John HAMPSON & Anne BLAKEMORE 11th Sep
Walter BLAKEMORE & Jane FOSTER 6th Nov

Burials 1654

Francis BLAKEMORE 7th Apr
Child of Richard WILKES eod die ( same as above)
Sarah d/o Richard PARKS 11th Apr
William GILES 1st May
James EATON 31st May
John COWPER eod die ( same as above)
John SMITH 24th Jun
Thomas BLAKEMORE 11th Jul
Anne d/o Thomas GILES 13th Jul
John s/o William JARRETT 8th Oct
William BAILIES 11th Oct
Humfrey FOSTER 8th Dec
Elizabeth TAILER widow 9th Dec
Henry s/o Thomas HODGKINSON 9th Jan
William s/o  ? ? 30th Jan
John s/o Richard TRANTER 15th Feb
Thomas s/o Edward TAILER 17th Feb
Ales w/o John BAILIES 18th Mar
Elizabeth w/o William BIDDLE 23rd Mar




Elizabeth d/o John HAMPSON 12th Apr
William s/o Samuel BRUTON 18th Apr
Thomas s/o John WILKES 30th Apr
Joice d/o Henry SHEREWOOD 2nd May
John s/o William KEELING 15th May
John s/o John TRANTER 26th May
Jone d/o Edward HARPER 1st Jun
Moses s/o Thomas BAGGET 29th Jun
Jone d/o William MASON 5th Jul
John s/o William BAKER 20th Jul
Eckleshall s/o Thomas BAKER 25th Jul
Anne d/o Robert BUTLER 30th Jul
Solomon s/o James FOSTER 11th Aug
Richard & Walter c/o Richard PARKS 29th Aug
Edward s/o Walter BLAKEMORE 20th Aug
Richard s/o Richard HALS 2nd Sep
Jane d/o Peter GERARD 4th Sep
Elizabeth d/o Jeremiah MATTHEWS 24th Sep
William s/o William HARPER 27th Sep
Humfrey s/o John BLAKEMORE 20th Oct
Mary d/o Edward SMITH 4th Nov
Alice d/o John ( no last name ) 16th Nov
Edward s/o Thomas CAMME 20th Dec
Richard s/o Richard MARTEN 2nd Jan
Anne d/o Willliam HEWET 9th Jan
Harry s/o Stephen TRANTER 15th Jan
Sarah d/o Samuel FOSTER 1st Mar
Catherine d/o Thomas HODKINSON 3rd Mar
Humfrey s/o Thomas BAILIE alias HOREY 9th Mar
Mary d/o Richard ( no last name ) 12th Mar

Weddings 1655

Robert HOLLINS & Anne GILES 5th Jun
Edward WILKES Jr & Catherine HORTON 15th Oct
Daniel WILKINSON & Margery HAMPSON 12th Nov

Burials 1655

William s/o Samuel NASH 9th May
Isaac PARKER 29th May
Elizabeth d/o Joseph FOSTER 26th Aug
Walter s/o Richard PARKS 10th Sep
Elizabeth d/o William KEELING 20th Sep
Alice d/o Thomas CORFIELD eod die ( same as above)
William KID 22nd Sep
William HAILS 26th Sep
Thomas s/o Joseph PERRY 17th Oct
Humpfrey s/o Thomas BLAKEMORE 25th Oct
Thomas s/o Thomas BAGGET 26th Oct
Thomas s/o Thomas GILES 30th Oct
Mary d/o John BAGGET 20th Dec
Child of Thomas CORFIELD 19th Feb
Joan w/o Thomas ADAMS 5th Mar


Births 1656

Joan d/o Francis MASON 26th Mar
Thomas s/o Robert HOLLAND 28th Mar
Joan d/o Thomas BAILIES 19th Apr
Walter s/o Walter TAILER 4th May
Thomas s/o Walter BAILIES 7th May
Mary d/o Thomas CARTER 8th May
Hugh s/o Hugh CARTWRIGHT 18th May
Elianor d/o William DUGARD 28th Jun
John s/o Edward WILKES Jr 20th Jul
Joseph s/o Joseph PERRY 23rd Jul
John s/o Humfrey COWPER 26th Jul
Job s/o Richard WILKES Jr 29th Jul
Thomas s/o Francis COX 3rd Aug
Joseph s/o Joseph FOSTER 8th Aug
Walter s/o Daniel WILKINSON 14th Oct
Thomas s/o Henry BROOK 8th Nov
Joice d/o John HARPER 12th Nov
William s/o William KEELING 16th Nov
Thomas s/o Thomas TAYLER 22nd Dec
Edward s/o Peter WILSON 23rd Dec
Edward s/o John HAMPSON 30th Dec
Edward s/o Edward HARPER 9th Feb
Walter s/o John TRANTER 16th Feb
Catherine d/o John WILD 2nd Mar
John s/o Thomas GILES eod die ( same as above)
Jane d/o Walter BLAKEMORE 7th Mar
Anne d/o William TOMKYS 15th Mar

Weddings 1656

William FOSBROOK & Ann GREGORY both of Darlaston last day of June
Thomas WILKES Nailer of Darlaston & Mary DAVIES of Tettenhall wid 27th
William BAKER & Dorothe GREEN both of the parish 9th of Feb

Burials 1656

Thomas s/o Robert HOLLAND 1st Apr
Jane d/o Thomas CARTER 2nd Apr
Sarah d/o William TOMKYS 17th Apr
Jane d/o Edward BLAKEMORE 4th Jun
Mary d/o Thomas CARTER 16th Jun
Jone d/o Jone HAMSON widow 17th Jun
Mary w/o Edward TAILER 28th Jun
Walter s/o Walter TAILER 18th Jul
Mary d/o William KEELING 2nd Nov
Elizabeth d/o Thomas BAILIES 6th Jan
Child of Richare KID 22nd Jan
Joan SHEREWOOD 16th of Feb
Catherine d/o John WILD 3rd Mar
Thomas s/o Richard PARKS 7th Mar


Births 1657

John s/o William HARPER – Pipe maker 2nd Apr
Elizaebth d/o William MASON alais SHATLING
Elizabeth d/o Thomas CAMME 20th Apr
Anne d/o Henry SHERWOOD 21st Apr
Elizabeth d/o Edward PAGE 26th Apr
George s/o Thomas GORTON 11th May
Hannah d/o Henry PARTRIDGE 3rd May
No name & Sarah c/o Thomas CORFIELD 31st May
John s/o John BLAKEMORE 12th Jul
Isabell d/o Walter TAILER 19th Jul

Weddings 1657

William RICHARDS of Wednesbury & Catherine WILKES of the parish 24th
Josiah FOSTER & Elizabeth PIERSON 16th July
Richard FOSTER and Margaret FAUKNER both of the parish 14th Sep

Burials 1657

Jane d/o Walter BLAKEMORE 9th Jun
Mary d/o ( No Name ) 30th Jun
Elenor w/o Richard (no Surname ) 4th Jul
Elizabeth d/o Thomas CAMME 5th May  ( double checked month is correct)
Edward s/o Peter WILSON 3rd Aug
John ECKLESOLL 21st Aug
Joice d/o Henry SHEREWOOD 28th Sep
Anne d/o Thomas HORTON 7th Oct

There is a reference on the parish record after the above burials on a
seperate page that states: “ New Record of BMD in Darlaston “ .... It
changes from births to Baptisms however it continues with the year 1657

Baptisms 1657 Cont   NOTE :  These are BAPTISMS not BIRTHS

Thomas s/o Robt HOLLAND 26th Oct
Even s/o Richard KIDD 29th Oct
Thomas s/o Samuel BRUTON same day
Mary d/o Tho CARTER 1st Nov
Grace d/o Thomas BAKER 22nd Nov
John s/o Thomas ROBENSON 23rd Nov
Edward s/o Moses NASH 10th Jan
Alice d/o Richard HAYES 31st Jan
William s/o William BANKS of Tipton 20th Feb
Edward s/o Edward WILKES 23rd Feb
Henry s/o Will DUGARD 4th day Mar

Weddings 1657 Cont

William TOMLINSON of Wednesbury & Mary Page of the parish 10th Nov
Sollomon PERRY & Sarah SYDONN 1st Dec

Burials 1657 Cont

Eman ( Even ? ) s/o Richard KIDD 29th Oct
Also 2 more Children of Richard KIDD buried the same day as above
Margaret Jones of Bentley 20th Jan
Joane WOODS widow 2nd Mar


Baptisms 1658

Nicholas s/o Richard BAILEY 28th Mar
John s/o James FFOSTER 29th Mar
Elizabeth d/o John WILD 1st Apr
John s/o Ambrose PARKES of Willenhall  (same day as above )
Margaret d/o Tho BLAKEMORE 10th Apr
Walter s/o Thomas HODGKINSON 18th Apr
Joice d/o Richard WILKES 25th Apr
Mary d/o Thomas BAGGETT 25th Apr
Edward s/o Walter FFAVELL 25th Apr
Susans d/o John BAGGETT 2nd May
Anne d/o Thomas CAM 12th Jun
John s/o John DUNTON of Wednesbury 20th Jun
Margaret d/o Thomas BAILIES Oxford 27th Jun
Thomas s/o Richard WILKES , Tipton 18th Jul
Francis s/o (no first name ) UPTON of Tipton 5th Sep
William s/o Solomon PERRY 3rd Oct
Thomas s/o Daniel WILKINSON 10th Oct
Elizabeth d/o Will HUETT 17th Oct
Sarah d/o Richard TRANTER 31st Oct
William s/o Richard SMITH of Tipton 18th Nov
Elizabeth d/o Edward ATTKIS 20th Nov
Sarah d/o William BLAKEMORE 8th Dec
Margareye d/o Edward HARPER 26th Dec
Isiah s/o William KEELING 27th Dec
Edward s/o Francis STINSON of Wednesbury 28th Dec
Thomas s/o John HAMPSON 16th Jan
Sarah d/o Steven TRANTER 30th Jan
Walter s/o William HOPKINS of W’hampton 27th Feb
Elizabeth d/o William HARPER 13th Mar
Mary d/o Peter WILSON ( same day as above)

Weddings 1658

William BAILIE & Hester HARRIS 13th May
Edward WILKES & Anne DAVIE 15th Jun
William WHITHOUSE & Elizabeth MEIRE 7th Sep
Hen FFREE & Sarah BAILIES 16th Sept ( Name Hen Ffree double checked)
John KINGE of Whittacer Parish Warwick & Mary HARPER of the parish 14th
Edward HINCKS & Ann PARKER 2nd Mar

Burials 1658

Elizabeth w/o Thomas HORTON 4th Apr
Anne d/o Will ECCLESOLL 24th May
Child of Peter WILSONE 30th May
John HORTON 10th June
John TRANTER 12th Jun
Anne d/o Thomas CAM 16th May
Ralph MARSHALL 1st Aug
Old Fras WINSPERE 5th Sep
Thomas s/o Daniel WILKINSON 29th Nov


Bapttisms 1659

John s/o John PARKER of Bradley 25th Mar
Hester d/o Henry BROOKS 27th Mar
Lewis s/o Lewis JONES 29th Mar
Mary d/o William TUMKYS 3rd Apr
John s/o Edward PAGE 3rd Apr
Alice d/o Henry SHEREWOOD 17th Apr
Rebecca d/o Richard HAYES 17th Apr
John s/o John HARPER 1st May
Edwrd s/o Edward WILKES 23rd May
William s/o William BAILIES 24th May
John s/o William WHITEHOUSE 17th Jun
John s/o Thomas CAM 20th Jun
Elizabeth d/o William HARPER 4th Aug
Francis s/o Francis MASON 15th Aug
Rebecca d/o Samuel FOSTER 21st Aug
No Name child of John BAKER ( not day ) Sep
No name s/o Samuell BRUTON 16th Oct
Isabell d/o Josiah FOSTER 7th Nov
No name s/o Thomas CARTER 7th Dec
William s/o Francis COX 26th Dec
Edward s/o Walter BLAKEMORE 27th Dec
Symeon s/o Tho ROBBINSON 22nd Jan
William s/o William BLAKEMORE 29th Jan
Joane d/o Thomas BAKER 27th Feb
Jeremiah s/o Richard NIGHTINGALL 4th Mar
Sarah d/o Richard PERRY 11th Mar
Hannah & Sarah d/o Edward BLAKEMORE eod die ( same day as above)

Weddings 1659

Edward BLAKEMORE Jr & Ellenor FFOSTER 4th Apr
Daniel FFOSTER & Alice WILKS 8th May
Richard NIGHTINGALL & Katherine WILKS 23rd May
No first name SKILGILTON & no first name MARSH 23rd May
John Hand & Elizabeth CHARMAN 19th Oct
William BIDDLE & Elizabeth PINSON 8th Dec

Burials 1659

Margaret w/o Tho BAILY Oxford 25th Mar
Elizabeth FOXDEN a maide servant 28th Mar
Elizabeth GYLES widow 7th Apr
Margery w/o George DUTTON 13th Apr
Rebecca d/o Richard HAYES 21st Apr
William s/o William BIDDLE 22nd Apr
Lewis s/o Lewis JONES 2nd May
Elizabeth or Joane ( first name struck out) w/o George no surname 17th
John s/o Thomas CAM 29th Jun
Alice d/o henry SHEREWOOD 4th July
Elizabeth w/o John ( no surname) 29th July
William s/o Nicholas WOODS 17th Sep
Jane YATE widow 19th Sep
Joane d/o Thomas BAILIES nailer 13th Dec
Joseph FFOSTER 2nd Jan
Isabell BAILIE widow 18th Jan
Isaiah s/o Willliam KEELING 13th Feb
Joane w/o Francis LONGMORE 17th Feb



Baptisms 1660

Sarah d/o Richard DAVYE 2nd Apr
Hannah d/o William MASON alias CHECKLEY 13th May
Richard s/o Richard WALTER of Tipton 27th May
John s/o William FFAVELL 3rd Jun
Katherine d/o Richard HAYES 20th Jun
Thomas s/o Daniel WILKINSON 8th Jul
Anne d/o Edward PADMORE Jr 5th Aug
Daniel s/o Hen PARTRIDGE 16th Sep
Richard s/o Walter TAILER 28th Oct
John s/o William BAILIES 2nd Nov
John s/o Daniel FFOSTER 9th Dec
Mary d/o Thomas BLAKEMORE 23rd Dec
Hanah d/oWilliam HOPKINS 1st Jan
Agnes d/o Sollomon PERREY 27th Jan
Margery d/o Edward WILKES 17th Feb
Walter d/o Edward HARP  (ER) 24th Feb
Joseph s/o Thomas BAGGETT eod die ( same day as above)
Mary d/o Henery BARBER 17th Mar
Grace d/o Edmund BIRD 17th Mar
Nathaniell s/o Edward PAGE 20th Mar
Olliver s/o Willia WHITEHOUSE 24th Mar

Weddings 1660

Edward FFOSTER & Joane MARSH 16th Sep
Edmund BIRD & Katherine FFOSTER 1st Nov
William PENSON & Honor COMBERLEDGE 18th Feb
Walter WILKES & Sarah FFAVELL 18th Mar

Burials 1660

Thomas s/o Henry BROOKE  decimo die ( 10th Apr
John s/o Edwawrd WILKES 9th Jun
Child of Thomas CORFIELD 4th Jul
Richard FFOURNE 15th Jul
Ffrancis LONGEMORE 11th Oct
Mr Robte DYOTT ( Parish rector ) 22nd Oct
John s/o William BAILYS 3rd Nov
Richard LACEY tricessimo primo die ( 31st Dec  )
William s/o Johannis BLAKEMORE octo die feb ( 8th Feb
Male child of Richard BAILEYS 21st Feb
Henery STOREY 10th Mar
Nathaniell s/o Edward PAGE viscessimo quarto Martii ( 24th Mar )


Baptisms 1661

Steaven s/o William BLAKEMORE 14th Apr
William s/o John WILD 23rd May
Anne d/o Steaven TRANTER 26th May
John s/o John HAMSON 3rd Jun
William s/o Will BIDDLE 9th Jun
Mary d/o Edward WILKES eod die ( same day as above)
Humfrey s/o  John TAYLOR 23rd Jun
John s/o Humfrey ELLEOTTS 4th Jul
Thomas s/o Edward ATTKIS 1st Sep
John s/o Tho HODGKINSON 22nd Sep
Margarett d/o Lewis JONES 30th Sep

The next few Baptism records are taken from the Bishops Transcripts not
the parish register for 1661

Eliza d/o Thomae CAMM quarto die Oct
Thomae s/o Johannis NORRIS  decimo septimo die Oct
Gulielmus s/o Gulielmi TOMKIS vicessimo die Oct
Thomae s/o Richard NIGHTINGALE eodem die
Alicia d/o Jacobi FOSTER  vicessimo Septimo die Oct
Josephus s/o Walterii WILKES vicessimo primo die Nov
Saraia d/o Richardi WILKES vicessimo quinto  die Dec
Edwardus s/o Edwardi FFOSTER vicessimo nono die Dec
Eliz d/o Clementis MARCHALL duodecimo die Jan
Richardus s/o Walterii CORBITT duodecimo die Jan
Johannes s/o Damielis COX eodem die Jan
Johannes s/o Dom LITTLETON Genrs  - decimo Sexto  die Jan

Back to Baptisms from the  parish register for 1661

Elizabeth d/o Thomas ASHMORE 26th Jan
Moses ( base ) s/o Mary BROOKES 10th Feb
Charles s/o John DAVIS 16th Feb
John s/o William HUETT 23rd Feb
Hester d/o Will BAILIES eod die ( same day as above)
Elizabeth d/o Richard WILKES 2nd Mar
Mary d/o William FFAVELL eod die ( same day as above)
Elizabeth d/o Ffrancis MASON eod die ( same day as above)
Agnes d/o Hen COWPER eod die ( same day as above)
Tho s/o Tho ASHMORE 9th Mar
Edward s/o Robte HOLLAND 10th Mar
Hannah d/o Richard TRANTER 16th Mar
Anne d/o Sam BRUTON eod die ( same day as above)
Katherine d/o Adami BEEBY 25th Mar

Weddings 1661

Thomas BAILIES oxford & Margaret BROMWELL 4th Jul
Robert OLLIVER & Margaret TAYLOR 7th Oct
Thomas MOORE & Deborah MEIRE 19th Nov

Burials 1661

Mary BAILIES widow 11th Apr
Richard s/o John BAKER 28th May
Child of Thomas PARKERS 3rd June
Alice d/o John WILKES 6th Jun
Child of John BAGGETT 9th Jun
Hanah d/o Edward BLAKEMORE 3rd Jul
Sarah d/o Edward BLAKEMORE 8th Jul
William ATTON 12th Sep
Thomas PYE 13th Sep
Ellenor w/o William BYRCH 2nd Oct
William s/o John BAILIES 24th Nov
Jane w/o Thomas CAMM 30th Nov
Willliam BAILIES Sr 22nd Dec
Elizabeth d/o Thomas CAMM 27th Dec
Katherine w/o Raphe ALESBURYE 15th Jan
Anne FFOSTER widow 17th Jan
Tho s/o John NORRIS 27th Jan
Anne HAYES widow 7th Feb
Joseph s/o Tho BAGGETT eod die ( same day as above)
John s/o James FFOSTER eod die ( same day as above)
Rebeccah HARRIS 11th Mar


Baptisms 1662

Thomas s/o Richard DAYVE 31st Mar
William s/o Richardi STINSON eod die ( same day as above)
Margaret d/o John HARP (ER) 20th Apr
John s/o Henry SHERRATT 23rd Apr
Thomas s/o Thomas GILES 27th Apr
Thomas s/o John DUDLEY 27th Apr
Paul s/o Edward PAGE 4th May
Thomas s/o Thomas ROSH 5th Jun
Elizabeth d/o William PENSON 6th Jun
Hannah d/o Edw BLAKEMORE 15th Jun
Judeth d/o William HARP (ER) 20th Jul
Beatridge d/o Luke BARTON 27th Jul
Henery s/o Hen MARSH 4th Aug
Mary d/o Steaven HARRISON 25th Aug
Katherine d/o Thomas SLATER 21st Sep
Elizabeth d/o John HAWKINS 28th Oct
Margaret d/o Tho BAKER 14th Dec
Rebeccah d/o John NORRIS 19th Dec
Richard s/o John BAKER 18th Jan
John s/o John JENINS 22nd Jan
Samuell s/o Sam HURBUTT 25th Jan
John son of Oxford BAILIES 25th Jan
John s/o John HUES 1st Feb
Thomas s/o Edw WALDON 8th Feb
Sarah d/o Robte ELLETTS eod die ( same day as above)
Joseph s/o Richard TOMKIS 15th Feb
Thomas s/o John WRIGHT eod die ( same day as above)
Joseph s/o Will HOPKINS 1st Mar
Joseph s/o Robte OLLIVER eod die ( same day as above)
Raphe s/o Edward HARP (ER) eod die ( same day as above)
Samuell s/o Henery PARTRIDGE 8th Mar
Rebecca d/o Peter WILSON 15th Mar

Weddings 1662

Thomas HOLLAND & Elizabeth BAILIES 1st Apr
Francis DARLASTON & Widd GARRETT 25th Aug
William BUTLER & Sarah SMITH 2nd Oct
Thomas CAM & Ffaith BUTLER 10th Oct
Henry BASSETT & Alice WOOD 13th Oct
Henery WRIGHT & Mary AUDEN 22nd Oct
Thomas GRIFFIN & Ann RYLEY 20th Nov
John NORRIS & Anne BASSETT 20th Feb

Burials 1662

Thomas YARDLEY 11th Apr
Sarah d/o James WRIGHT 14th Apr
Ellenor d/o Tho BLAKEMORE 17th Apr
Richard RASTILL 8th May
Joan w/o William HARP (ER ) pipe maker 29th May
Alice WHILE widow 18th Aug
Isabell d/o Walter TAYLOR 20th Dec
Tho PARKER 1st Mar
Richard BETTS 18th Mar


Baptisms 1663

Joshua s/o Sam FFOSTER 29th Mar
Elizabeth d/o Tho BAGGETT eod die
Tyme s/o Robert DAYVER ( Dayve) 20th Apr
Sam s/o Will READER 21st Apr
Elizabeth d/o Will ( NURSERY) 31st May
Josias s/o Josias FFOSTER 5th Jun
Thomas s/o Will & Katherine WHITEHASE 7th Jun
Mary d/o William & Hester BAILIES 7th Jun
Alice d/o Will & Abigaile SHELDON 14th Jun
Timothye Elisha Silvanus & Hannah sons and dau of John and Ann NORRIS
18th Jun
William S/o Walter & Isabell TAYLEr 9th Aug
Mary d/o Thomas & Ann GRIFFIN 16th Aug
William s/o Will SEARCH 20th Sep
Thomas s/o William LATHAM 20th Sep
Elizabeth d/o Steaven & Ellenor TRANTER 27th Sep
John s/o Dan & Margaret WILKINSON 15th Nov
Anne d/o Edw & Agnes WILKES 13th Dec
Sarah d/o Rich & Mary WILKES of Tipton eod die ( same day as above)
Elizabeth d/o Will BUTLER 20th Dec
Elizabeth d/o Walter BLAKEMORE  charity Pauper 26th Dec
Walter s/o John & Anne HARRISON ( Hampson) 27th Dec
Sarah d/o Eill & Anne TOMKISS eod die ( same day as above)
Will s/o Will & Anne BLAKEMORE 28th Dec
Hester d/o Will & Sarah KEELING eod die ( same day as above)
Joseph s/o Soll & Sarah PERREY 10th Jan
Will s/o Will & Alice FFAVELL 24th Jan
Marg ( Maria) d/o Richard and Katherine NIGHTINGALE 7th Feb
Tho s/o John & Ann YATE 9th Feb
Francis & Sarah c/o Tho & Mary BLAKEMORE 10th Feb

Weddings 1663

William PENSON & Mary WILKES 18th May
Walter HOUGH & Sarah MINCHER 9th Jun
Walter AMBERSLEY & Elizabeth TURNER 9th Aug
Thomas MEEKE & Elizabeth PARKES 24th Aug
Richard FFOSTER & Eliz SYDDON 20th Sep
Will HARP ( ER ) pipe maker & Ann LONGMORE 20th Oct
Tho CLARKE & Sarah TRANTER widow 16th Nov
Raph ALESBURYE & Margaret COMBERLEDGE 20th Nov
Tho FFAVELL & Sarah BUTLER 28th Nov
John WILKES & Elizabeth FFOSTER widow 16th Jan

Burials 1663

Mary d/o Tho HORTON 28th Mar
Richard FFOSTER Jr 1st Apr
Anne d/o Francis STOAKES 1st May
Josias s/o Josiah FFOSTER 6th Jun
Robert BUTTLER 25th Jun
Jane CLARKE 10th Aug
Richard HOLDEN 31st Aug
Josiah FFOSTER 9th Sep
Thomas BAILIES oxford 17th Sep
Symeon s/o Thomas ROBBINSON 17th Oct
John s/o Dan WILKINSON 20th Nov
Robte HOLLAND 30th Nov
Child of Richare BAILIES 20th Dec
Sarah d/o Richare WILKES Tipton 4th Jan
Child of Thomas ROBBINSON 16th Jan
John TRANTER 30th Jan
Ffr & Sarah c/o Thomas BLAKEMORE 13th Feb


Baptisms 1664

Sarah d/o Richard & Sarah TRANTER 21st Apr
Anne d/o John WEYMAN 22nd May
William s/o Ffr & Joane JARRATT 30th May
James s/o Tho & Sarah CLARKE 10th Jul
Anne d/o John & Sarah TAYLER eod die ( same day as above)
Sarah d/o Tho & Eliz MEEK 17th Jul
Richard s/o Rich & Eliz FFOSTER 7th Aug
Mary d/o Tho & Issabell BUTLER 4th Sep
Mary d/o Walter & Eliz AMBERSLEY 18th Sep
Richard s/o Tho & Sarah FFAVELL 18th Oct
Anne d/o Luke & Eliz BARTON 6th Nov
John s/o Will MOUNTFOR of Wednesbury 6th Nov
Katherine d/o Raphe & Margaret ALESBURY 27th Dec
Mary & Sarah d/o Dan & Marg WILKINSON 7th Jan
Tho & Eliz c/o Tho BLAKEMORE eod die( same day as above)
Josias s/o Edw & Joane FFOSTER 13th Jan
Frances & Margery d/o Dan & Alice FFOSTER 22nd Jan
Richard ( Robertis ffilia) s/o Thomas & Alice CARELES 29th Jan
Elizabeth d/o Edw HARP (ER) 5th Feb

Baptisms 1664 cont : Taken from Bishops transcripts

Gulieelmus s/o Gulielme HARPER vicessimo secundo die Feb
Sam s/o Sam BRUTON eod die ( same day as above)
Edwardus s/o Edwardi BLAKEMORE vicessimo sexto Feb
Hen s/o Thomae HODGKINSON quinto die Martii
Eliza d/o Johannis WILKES eod die ( same day as above)
Margaret ( Maria ) d/o Will & Eliz HOPKINS 12th Mar

Weddings 1664

Joseph BOB & Sarah FFOSTER 14th Jun
Thomas BIRD & Dorothe PERREY 24th Jun
John HARP (ER ) & Elizabeth BLAKEMORE 18th Oct

Burials 1664

Humfrey s/o John TAYLOR 27th Mar
Child of Richard TRANTER 23rd Apr
Rebecca d/o John NORRIS vicessimo nono Apr
Sarah COLLINS Treicessimo die Apr
Elizabeth w/o John HARP (ER) Octo die May
Tho FFOSTER decimo Sexto die Jun
John BAILIES 8th Jul
James s/o Tho CLARKE 10th Jul
Anne d/o Sollomon PERRY 20th Jul
Anne FFAVELL 6th Aug
Tho s/o Rich DAVYE 9th Aug
Tho s/o Rich WILKES Tipton 10th Sep
Widd MALPAS 17th Oct
Anne CLEWLWY 21st Oct
Thomas CARTER tad 18th Dec
Sarah d/o Dan WILKINSON 14th Jan
Tho & Eliz c/o Thomas BLAKEMORE 22nd Jan
Mary d/o Rich WILKES 26th Jan
Edward s/o Edward WILKES Jr 27th Jan
Joane SYMSON widow 30th Jan
Ffeales d/o James FFOSTER 7th Feb

1664 Burials (Sepult ) cont: From Bishops transcripts

Gulielmus s/o Gulielmus HARPER vicessimo die Feb
Sam s/o Sam BRUTON eod die ( same day as above)
Ann WEYMAN vicessimo octo die Feb
Margaretta CORBITT octo die Martii
Child of Danielis FFOSTER decimo quarto die Martii
Richard SMYTH vicessimo die Martii