RegisterS  of  St. Lawrence , Darlaston , Staffordshire

 1665  to  1692  Baptisms , Marriage  and  Burials

( 1670 - 1675 NOT INCLUDED )

Transcribed & kindly contributed by Liz.


Baptisms 1665

Ffeales d/o James & Eliz FFOSTER 27th Mar
Elizabeth d/o Tho & Katherine DUTTON eod dei ( same day as above)
Edward s/o John & Mary ASHMORE 28th Mar
Pricilla d/o Edward & Anne PAGE 16th Apr
Richard s/o John & Anne NORRIS 23rd Apr
George s/o Hen & Eliz SHEREWOOD 25th Apr
Hannah d/o William & Dor HUETT 30th Apr
Elizabeth d/o John & Margarett BAKER 14th May
Isabell ( Saraia ) d/o Robert & Margarett OLLIVER eod die ( same day as
Elizabeth d/o William & Catherine WHITEHOUSE eod die ( same day as
Anne d/o Richard TRANTER 28th May
Thom d/o Richard & Mary WILKES 4th June (childs name rechecked THOM)
Alicia d/o William BAILIES eod die ( same day as above)
John & Thomas s/o Tho & Anne GRIFFIN 11th Jul
Edward s/o Francis & Ann MASON 16th Jul
Nathaniell s/o Tho & Eliz ROBBINSON 12th Aug
John s/o Tho & Dorothy BIRD 23rd Aug
Edward s/o Edw & Anne ATTKIS 10th Sep
Catherine d/o Jo & Anne WILD 5th Nov
Steaven s/o Stea & Eliz TRANTER
Tho s/o Will & Elizabeth BIDDLE 3rd Dec
Alice d/o Rich & Joane DAVIS 6th Jan
Joane d/o Rich & Mary SYMSON 13th Jan
Will  s/o Will COWPER 29th Jan
Elizabeth d/o Will & Alice FFAVELL 11th Feb
Margarett d/o Tho & Sarah FFAVELL 18th Feb
Edward s/o Walter & Issabell TAYLOR 25th Feb
Richard s/o Richard & Katherine NIGHTINGALE 18th Mar

Weddings 1665

Tho FOURNE & Joice BLAKEMORE 4th Apr
John BARBER & Elizabeth DICKEN  by Lic 8th May
William COOPER Jr & Francis MOORE 22nd May
John PARKES & Sarah SMYTH 12th Jun
John WILKES & Joane CURTEIS 22nd Jun
Richard SYMSON & Mary GYLES 9th Sep
William SYDDOWNE & Margery WILKES 24th Sep
Isaack PERREY & Joane ALLEN 10th Feb

Burials 1665

Eliz BIDDLE 31st Mar
Hester d/o William KEELING 26th Apr
Geo s/o Hen SHEREWOOD 28th Apr
Margery WEYMAN 26th May
Edward TAYLOR 25th Jun
Judeth d/o William HARP (ER) 8th Jul
Elizabeth w/o Thomas MEEKE 9th Jul
Elizabeth w/oThomas ROBBINSON 15th Aug
Nathaniell s/o Tho ROBBINSON 16th Aug
Robte BAGGETT 25th Aug
Hen s/o Tho HODGSKINSON 26th Aug
Mary d/o Rich NIGHTINGALL 12th Sep
Hen s/o Hen BARBOUR 27th Sep
Anne PARKES widow 4th Oct
Anne d/o Luke BARTON 14th Oct
Tho s/o Walter WILKES 18th Oct
Joane w/o Richard FFOSTER 14th Nov
John PARKER 27th Nov
Isabell HUES widow 10th Dec
Emm w/o Edward WILKES 27th Dec
Will s/o Will FFAVELL 27th Jan
Tho WILKES 29th Jan
Will s/o Will COWP  2nd Feb
Mary d/o Will HOPKINS 4th Feb
Mary d/o William FFAVELL eod die ( same day as above)
Tho s/o John BAGGETT 20th Feb
Elizabeth ROBBINSON 10th Mar
John s/o Tho GRIFFIN 12th Mar
Alice TAYLOR widow 24th Mar


Baptisms 1666

Anne d/o Will & Sarah KEELING 25th Mar
Hanah d/o Will & Anne eod die (same day as above)
Sarah d/o Tho & Ellenor STORYER eod die (same day as above)
Sarh d/o Will Jr & Sarah BUTTLER 8th Apr
Hanah d/o Wil & Ann HARP (ER) eod die (same day as above)
Walter s/o John & Joane WILKES 15th Apr
Thomas s/o Will & Hester BAILIES 2nd May
William s/o Jno & Anne HAMPSON 13th May
Joane d/o Tho and Anne BLAKEMORE eod die (same day as above)
Humfrey s/o Marae LANGHAM 17th May
Mary d/o Will & Sarah HOUGH 20th May
Elizabeth d/o Jno & Sarah PARKES 30th Sep
Beatrice d/o John & Anne YATE 7th Oct
Humfrey s/o Richard Jr & Elizawbeth FFOSTER 14th Oct
Sarah d/o Tho & Sarah CLARKE 15th Oct
John s/o Daniel & Margery WILKINSON 21st Oct
Thom s/o Richard & Sarah BIRD 28th Oct
Agnes d/o Luke & Eliz BARTON 1st Nov
Walter s/o Walter & Eliz AMBERSLEY 4th Nov
Joseph s/o Edward & Joane HARP(ER) eod die(same day as above)
Thomas s/o Isaack & Joane PERREY 25th Nov
Sollomon s/o Sollomon & Sarah PERREY 2nd Dec
Anne d/o Thomas & Anne ROSS 9th Dec
Thoms s/o Edw jr & Ann WILKES 16th Dec
Thomas s/o Thom & Dor BIRD 27th Jan
Richard s/o Tho & Ellenor BAILIES 1st Feb
Alice d/o Jno & Isabell WILKES 11th Feb
Symeon s/o Thom & Elizabeth ROBBINSON 14th Feb
George s/o Will & Katherine WHITEHOUSE 17th Feb
Elizabeth d/o Ffr & Anne GERRATT eod die (same day as above)
Alice d/o Thomas & Joice FFOURNE  19th Feb

Weddings 1666

John WILKES & Issabell DUFFIELD 4th Jun
Richard NICHOLLS & Alice TAYLOR 26th Jul
Richard BRUTON & Margerye JERRETT 19th Nov
Tho SYMSON & Joane P(AR)KES 28th Jan

Buriels 1666

Hester d/o William BAILIES 29th Mar
Thomas s/o Thomas GRIFFIN 1st Apr
Wm BAKER 18th Apr
Sarah w/o Tho BAILIES 21st Apr
Will BRUTON 24th Apr
Alice WAINWRIGHT widow 29th May
Child of Thomas BAGGETT 23rd Jun
William HARPER 22nd Sep
Beatrice d/o John YATE 15th Oct
Richard EVENS 24th Oct
Anne w/o William BLAKEMORE 6th Nov
Richard s/o Thom BAILIES 15th Feb
Anne BETTS Wid 19th Feb
William BUTTLER 10th Feb


Baptisms 1667

Lidia d/o Edward & Ann PAGE 31st Mar
William s/o Walter & Eliz CORBETT 8th Apr
Katherine d/o Jno & Anne NORRIS 14th Apr
Joyes d/o Will & Eliz HOPKINS 28th Apr
Mary d/o Hen & Elizabeth SHEREWOOD 10th Jun
Joseph s/o Will & Sarah KEELING 18th Aug
Richard s/o Steaven & Ellenor TRANTER 1st Sep
Edward s/o Thom & Anne GRIFFIN 15th Sep
Joseph s/o Wm & Hester BAILIES 24th Sep
Anne d/o Rich & Mary WILKES 29th Sep
John s/o Jno & Margaret BAKER 20th Oct
Marye d/o Rich & Sara BIRD 25th Oct
William s/o Tho & Anne  SYMSON 27th Oct
Marye d/o Jno & Mary TAYLER eod die ( same day as above)
Marye d/o Robte & Marye OLLIVER 11th Nov
John s/o Tho & Mary BAGGETT 17th Nov
Edward s/o John & Elizabeth WILKES 24th Nov
Walter s/o John & Anne YATE 10th Dec
Anne d/o Thomas & Ellenor BAYLIES 14th Dec
John & Thom s/o Jno & Sarah P(ARK)S 24th Dec
John s/o Jno & Joane WILKES 29th Jan
Issabell d/o Samuel & Ellenor BRUTON 2nd Feb
Thomas s/o Thom & Ellenor STORYER 16th Feb
Richard s/o Thom & Joice FFOURNE 8th Mar
Thomas s/o Tho & Sarah FFAVELL eod die ( same day as above)
Joseph s/o Richard & Sarah TRANTER 15th Mar
Sarah d/o Edward & Joane FFOSTER 24th Mar

Weddings 1667    Note these were taken from the BISHOPS Transcripts

Guilelmus JEAVONS & Katherine SMYTH Wid 31st Aug
Joseph YATE & Joanna DAVIS 15th Oct

Burials 1667

William SMYTH 6th May
Alice d/o Tho FFOURNE 12th May
Mary d/o Henry SHERWOOD 14th Jun
Child of WM OWEN 29th Jun
Catherine HAR(ER) 12th Jul
Thom s/o Richard BIRD 15th Jul
Richard FFOSTER Sr 26th Sep
Hercules WALL 1st Oct
Edward WILKES Sr 10th Nov
Child of Robert OLLIVER 11th Nov
Humfrey COWPER 19th Nov
Mary d/o Robert OLLIVER 20th Nov
Jn & Tho S/o Jno P(AR)KES 26th Dec
Child of Richard HAYES 29th Feb
Elizabeth d/o Hen SHERWOOD 8th Mar
John s/o Wm KEELING 13th Mar


Baptisms 1668

Mary d/o Samuell & Jane FFOSTER 28th Mar
Francis s/o Edward & Ellenor BLAKEMORE 29th Mar
William s/o Wm BAYLIES 12th Apr
Anne d/o Daniel & Alice FFOSTER eod die ( same day as above)
Elizabeth d/o John HODGSKINS 19th Apr
Mary d/o Hen & Elizabeth SHERWOOD 16th Apr
William S/o Richard & Sarah BUTTLER 13th May
Thomas s/o Ffr & Anne MASON 14th June
Elizabeth d/o Thom & Eliza ROBBINSON 15th Jun
Sarah d/o Richard & Katherine NIGHTINGALL 19th Jul
Margaret d/o Raphe & Margarett ALESBURYE 26th Jul
Hanah d/o Joseph & Joane YATE 16th Aug
William s/o William & Margarett OWEN 13th Sep
Anne d/o Robte & Rachell BUTTLER 17th Oct
Robte s/o Robte & Margarett OLLIVER 18th Oct
John s/o Will & Sarah BUTTLER 25th Oct
Rosamond d/o Thomas & Ann GRIFFIN 18th Jan
Elizabeth d/o William & Anne TOMKIS 2nd Feb
Sarah d/o Sollomon & Sarah PERREY eod die ( same day as above)
Sarah d/o John & Issabella WILKES 11th Feb
Frances s/o Francis & Ann CARRINGON ( Carton) 15th Feb
Elizabeth d/o Wm & Ellenor NIXSON 21st Feb
Anne d/o Daniel & Margory WILKINSON eod die ( same day as above)
John s/o William & Ester BAYLIES 27th Feb
George s/o Jno & Ellenor NEWEY 28th Feb
Mary d/o Edw & Joane HARP(ER) eod die ( same day as above)
Sarah d/o Edward & Anne WILKES 4th Mar
William s/o Robte & Joane MASON 21st Mar
John s/o Edward & Hannah LONGMORE eod die ( same day as above)

Weddings 1668

Robte MARSON & Joane DUFFIELD 21st Apr
Thomas LONGMORE & Hannah BROOKES 11th May
John MASON & Joane LONGMORE 4th Nov
Thomas SYMKIN & Elizabth TAYLOR 30th Nov
Daniel YATE & Ellenor TAYLOR 7th Dec
Richard WILKES & Sarah HADEN 4th Feb

Burials 1668

Joane w/o John JEAVON 6th Apr
Henery SHERWOOD 16th Apr
John PARKER 4th May
Tho NASH eod die ( same day as above)
Anne PARKER widow 6th May
Nickolas s/o Nickolas WALKER 4th July
Child of John NORRIS 11th Jul
Peter WILSON 2nd Aug
Robte s/o Thom GYLES 4th Sep
Elizabeth POULTER 11th Sep
John BAGGETT 18th Sept
Child of Wm FFAVELL 5th Oct
Child of Thom BUTLER 29th Oct
Anne d/o Robte BUTLER decimo quinto die Nov
Sarah w/o John TAYLOR 16th Dec
Joice HARPER widow 26th Feb
John WRIGHT 15th Mar
John s/o Tho HODGEKINSON 17th Mar
John JEAVON 21st Mar


Baptisms 1669

The first 6 records taken from BISHOPS transcripts 1669

Gul s/o Thom BRID tertio die Apr
Sam s/o Rich BIRD decimo octo die Apri
Josephus s/o Edw PAGE tertio die May
Sar d/o John HAMPSON eod die ( same day as above)
Issabell d/o Guliemi WHITEHOUSE primo die Jun
Margaretta d/o Walterii CORBITT decimo tertio die Jun

Parish Register 1669

William s/o Walter & Joane WILKES 20th Jun
Thomas s/o Richard & Emm SUMMERFORT 25th Jul
William s/o Walter AMBERSLEY 8th Aug
Joseph s/o Richard & Mary WILKES eod die ( same day as above)

Five more from the BISHOPS transcirpts 1669
Sar d/o Jacobi MASON decimo sexto die Aug
Thom s/o Rich WILKES vicessimo secondo die Aug
Gulielmus s/o Rich SYMPSON decimo nono die Sep
Gulielmus s/o Thom SYMKINS vicessimo tertio die Sep
John s/o Thom DUFFIELD vicessimo sexto die Sep

Parish register 1669

Joseph s/o Thomas & Joane SYMPSON 10th Oct
Walterius s/o Daniel YATE 17th Oct
Humfrey s/o Humfrey BETTFFIELD 30th Oct
Eliz d/o Richard HAYES 31st Oct
Sar d/o Luke & Eliz BARTON 7th Nov
Robte s/o Robte & Rachell BUTTLER 12th Dec
John s/o Thomas LANE Esq 21st Dec
Mary d/o Edward ( Edmund ) & Katherine BIRD 30th Jan
Anne d/o Will (Thom) BUTTLER  eod die ( same day as above)
Elizabeth d/o George  & Anne BUTTLER 20th Feb
John s/o Thomas & Joyce FFOURNE eod die ( same day as above)
James s/o Arthur & Mary FFLUET 3rd Mar

Weddings 1669

Walter HORTON & Mary TOMKIS 12th Apr
John TAYLOR & Anne HARP(ER) 26th Apr
Nickolas WINSPER & Ann HARDGREAVE 27th Jul

Burials 1669

Joseph s/o Edwwrd PAGE 26th Mar
Elizabeth w/o Thomas JORDEN 10th Apr
Thomas LONGMORE 12th Apr
Ffrancis CARRETON 21st Apr
Child of William HOPKINS 27th May
John PAGE 15th June
William s/o Robte MARSON 26th Jun
Thomas WAINWRIGHT 14th Sep
Elizabeth PARKER widow 14th Oct
Richard WILKES 27th Oct
Humfrey s/o Humfrey BETTFIELD 1st Nov
Edward s/o Ffr MASON 8th Nov
Child of William FFAVELL 10th Nov
Thomas CORFIELD 28th Feb
Richard KIDD 15th Mar
Thomas CLARKE 19th Mar
John TAYLER 20th Mar

Baptisms 1676

John s/o John & Joane MASON 25th Mar
Thomas s/o Tho & Alice WRIGHT 27th Mar
Elizabeth d/o Ed & Eliz MAKEREADYE 28th Mar
Sarah d/o Tho & Dorothye BIRD 6th Apr
Thomas s/o Tho & ( Eliz) ROBBINSON 9th Apr
Margarett d/o Walter & Eliz OMBERSLEY eod die ( same day as above)
John s/o John & Esther DAVIS 12th Apr
Jane d/o John & Ann KENT 16th Apr
Alice d/o Thomas & Joane HAMSON 23rd Apr
Ann d/p Tho & ( Ann) ADAMS 14th May
Mary d/o Tho & Eliz SIMKIS 28th May
Mary d/o John & Margaret BAKER eod die ( same day as above)
Thoms s/o Tho & Ann WILKES 1st Jun
Thomas s/o Ed & Elenor BLAKEMORE 24th Jun
Joane d/o Thomas & Ellenor STORYER 7th Jul
Joseph s/o Tho & Ann BUTTLER 27th Jul
Richard s/o Wm & Jane HAMSON 30th Jul
Thomas s/o Tho & Feales  BAYLIES 4th Aug
Richard s/o Francis & Ann CARTER 13th Aug
Isaack & Rebecca c/o John & Isabell WILKES 15th Sep
Ann d/o John & Sarah GERRARD eod die ( same day as above)
Tho s/o Tho & Margte OWEN 24th Sep
Ann d/o Rich & Jane COWP(ER) eod die ( same day as above)
Ann d/o Tho & Ann DUFFIELD 1st Oct
John s/o Isaack & Joane PERREY 13th Oct
Eliz d/o Thom & Mary CAM 15th Oct
Mary d/o Walter & Mary HORTON 1st Nov
Joane d/o James & Joane CRUDDER 5th Nov
Rich s/o Ffr & Jane OLLIVER 11th Nov
Ffr s/o Ellis & Margery MEESON 30th Nov
Joseph s/o Jno & Sarah TRANTER 3rd Dec
Ffr s/o Thom & Hanah LONGMORE 6th Dec
Sarah d/o Thom & Sarah BLAKEMORE 10th Dec
Margert d/o Geo & Margt BAYLIES 31st Dec
Mary d/o Humfrey & Mary LONGMORE eod die ( same day as above)
Josuah s/o Josuah & ( Ann) NASH 14th Jan
Wm s/o Wm & Ann FFAVELL eod die ( same day as above)
Wm s/o Wm & Sarah CORFIELD eod die ( same day as above)
John s/o Rich & Sarah BUTTLER 16th Jan
Ann d/o Tho & Isabell HALE 4th Feb
Wm s/o Rich & Eliz BODILY 1st Feb
Joseph s/o Nick & Sarah WILKES 12th Feb
John s/o John & Frances WILKES 18th Feb
Eliz d/o Dan & Ellenor YATE eod die ( same day as above)
Eliz d/o Ffr & Ann LONGMORE 19th Feb
Elizabeth d/o Rich & Eliz FFOSTER 15th Mar
Sarah d/o John & Margerye TAYLER 18th Mar
Sarah d/o Tho & Ellenor BAYLIES 21st Mar

Weddings 1676

Wm BUTTLER & Ann HARP(ER) 24th May
Thomas WILKES & Sarah JONES 3rd Jun
Edwd WILKES & Mary TAYLER 9th Oct

Burials 1676

Hanah d/o  Rich WILKES 16th Apr
Elizabeth d/o Jno DUFFIELD 29th Apr
Ann d/o Tho ADAMS 22nd May
Joseph s/o Tho BUTTLER 28th Jul
Em w/o Tho FFOSTER 26th Aug
Ann d/o Jno GERRARD 18th Sep
Richard GREEN 9th Oct
Margery ECCLESOLL widow 8th Oct
Tho BAYLIES 22nd Nov
Widow KID 14th Dec
Ffr s/o Ellis MEESON eod die ( same day as above)
Elizabeth w/o Walter HORTON 10th Jan
Joyces GREEN widow 22nd Jan
Thomas s/o Tho STORYER 23rd Jan
Elizabeth d/o Joane WILKES widow 7th Feb
Silvanus NORRIS 10th Mar
John s/o John BLAKEMORE 14th Mar
Walter TRANTER 16th Mar
Richard HEELEY 19th Mar


Baptisms 1677

Ann d/o Wm & Ann BAYLIES 21st Apr
John s/o John & Sarah BAYLEY 25th Apr
Rebecca d/o Richard & Sarah BIRD 8th May
Benjamin s/o John & Mary CLEWLEY 12th May
Katherine d/o John & Eliz WILKES 10th Jun
Ephriam s/o Tho & Sarah WILKES 11th Jun
John s/o James & Ann FFOSTER 22nd Jun
Walter s/o Solomon & Sarah PERREY 24th Jun
John s/o Jno & Ann COLLINS 1st Jul
Hanah d/o Wm & Sarah HOUGh eod die ( same day as above)
Jonathan s/o Tho & Ann ADAMS 15th Jul
Sarah d/o Ffr & Ann LONGMORE 29th Jul
Ann d/o ( Jos & Mary WILSON ) 30th Jul
Elizabeth d/o John & Mary DUFFIELD 5th Aug
William s/o Wm & Ann HARP(ER) 12th Aug
Mary d/o Jno & ( Mary ) WOOD 19th Aug
Elizabeth d/o Ffr & Eliz MALLERY 9th Sep
Joseph s/o Tho & Ann BUTTLER 16th Sep
Feales d/o John & Ann BUTTLER eod die ( same day as above)
Mary d/o Edw & Mary WILKES 21st Oct
John s/o Hen & Eliz BARBER 22nd Nov
Mary d/o Wm & Millie DAY 2nd Dec
Sarah d/o Tho & Feales BAYLIES 15th Dec
Elenor d/o Tho & Eliz OLLIVER 16th Dec
John s/o Hen & Elenor FFOSTER 28th Jan
Joan d/o Nick & Joane WILKES 7th Feb
Joseph s/o Robte & Joane MARSON 10th Feb
Ann d/o Raphe & Margaret ALESBURYE 14th Feb
Elizabeth d/o John & Ann BAGGETT 17th Feb
William s/o Edw & Joan FFOSTER 25th Feb
Tho s/o Tho & Elizabeth ROBBINSON 9th Mar
Feales d/o John & Ann BUTTLER eod die ( same day as above)
Tho s/o John & Esther DAVIS 13th Mar

Weddings 1677

Walter HORTON & Alice CARTER widow 25th Jul
Wm WILKES & Sarah FFOSTER 12th Sep
Walter TAYLER & Joane WILKES widow 30th Oct
William SMYTH & Mary MASON 13th Jan

Burials 1677

Elizabeth HEELEY widow 25th Mar
Elizabeth d/o Ffr LONGMORE eod die ( same day as above)
Mary d/o Wm NIXON 8th Apr
Ann d/o Rich COWP(ER) 10th Apr
John HUDSON 11th Apr
Mary MARTEN widow 21st Apr
Tho s/o Tho ROBBINSON 25th May
Margaret BAYLEY spinster 29th May
Mary w/o Wm PENSON 5th Jun
Robte s/o Tho BAKER eod die ( same day as above)
Joseph s/o Jno TRANTER 10th Jun
Child of Richard BODYLY 12th Jun
Ephriam s/o Tho WILKES 16th Jun
Solomon FFOSTER 23rd Jun
Mary d/o Rich BIRD 27th Jun
Mary d/o Tho WRIGHT 15th Jul
Child of Hen BARBER eod die ( same day as above)
Thomas s/o Tho HODGKINSON 17th Jul
Alice d/o Tho HODGKINSON 25th Jun
Joan d/o Nick WILES 8th Feb
Isaack  PERREY 23rd Feb
Wm FFAVELL 14th Mar


Baptisms 1678

Ann d/o Tho & Ann BAKER 2nd Apr
Ffr s/o Jno & Joan MASON 17th Apr
John s/o Walter & Joyes HARPER 24th Apr
Peter s/o Rich & Eliz BODYLY 19th May
Mary d/o Tho & Mary WEBB eod die( same day as above)
Tho s/o Rich & Jane COWP(ER) 3rd May
Elizabeth d/o Walter & Eliz CORBETT 8th May
Mary d/o Wm & Eliz PENSON 1st Jul
Sarah d/o Wm & Alice FFAVELL 7th Jul
Ann d/o John & Ann KENT 17th Jul
Wm s/o Sam & Ann NASH 4th Aug
John s/o Ffr & Sarah LONGMORE eod die ( same day as above)
Tho s/o Tho & Sarah WILKES eod die ( same day as above)
Edward s/o Ffr & Jane OLLIVER 14th Sep
Joane d/o John & Alice TAYLER 30th Sep
Sarah d/o Walter & Joane TAYLER 19th Oct
Edward s/o Wm & Ann FFAVELL 20th Oct
Elizabeth d/o John & ( Eliz) FFOSTER eod die ( same day as above)
Thomas s/o Tho & Elizabeth SIMKIN 15th Nov
Tho s/o Wm & Margt OWEN 16th Nov
Hanah d/o John & Sarah BAGGETT 17th Nov
Mary d/o Thomas & Mary CAM 21st Nov
Ann d/o Ffr & Ann LONGMORE 1st Dec
Edward s/o Edw & Eliz MAKEREADYE 15th Dec
Ann d/o Tho & Hanah LONGMORE 17th Dec
John s/o Tho & Alice WRIGHT 27th Dec
Sarah d/o John & Margarett BAKER 4th Jan
Mary d/o Wm & Mary SMYTH 7th Jan
Raph s/o Walter & Eliz AMBERSLEY 12th Jan
Josias s/o Richard & Elizabeth FFOSTER 28th Jan
Edward s/o Wm & Sarah WILKES 30th Jan
John s/o Tho & Sarah LONGMORE 2nd Feb
George s/o James & Joane CRUDDER 5th Feb
Grace d/o Richd & Grace PARKES 13th Feb
Wm s/o Richd & ( Mary ) WOOD 15th Feb
Mary d/o Edw & Ann HORTON 23rd Feb
Henery s/o Tho & Eliz MEEKE 2nd Mar
Ellen d/o Edw & Ann WILKES eod die ( same day as above)
Richard s/o Dan & Elenor YATE 9th Mar
Mary d/o Tho & Joane HAMPSON eod die ( same day as above)

Weddings 1678

Joseph YATE & Sarah BRUTON 1st Apr
Isaack PARTRIDGE & Ann GROVES 9th Apr
John GYLES & Elenor MIDDLEMORE 19th May
Walter WILKES & Mary TIMKIS 23rd May
John BIRD & Ann LOE 3rd Jun
Joseph FFOSTER & Ann COX 14th Jul
Samuell FFOSTER & Elizabeth TAYLER 21st Jul
Richard PARKES & Grace BIRD 4th Aug
Thomas SIMPSON & Mary PEDLEY 29th Aug
John FFAVELL & Elizabeth WILKES 10th Nov
Tho CORFIELD & Joice WILKES 10th Nov
Edward HARPER & Sarah CORFIELD 13th Jan

Burials 1678

Sarah w/o John GERRARD 26th Mar
John s/o Isaack PERREY 27th Mar
Mary d/o Wm CORFIELD 27th Apr
John s/o Walter HARPER 17th May
John HAND 19th May
Ann d/o Jno KENT 18th Jun
Tho HORTON 13th Aug
Jane w/o Moses NASH 15th Aug
Child of Jno WILKES puddler eod die ( same day as above)
Edward s/o Ffr OLLIVER 15th Sep
Rebeccah d/o John WILKES eod die ( same day as above)
Ann w/o Richard PEARSE 23rd Sep
Robte OLLIVER 9th Oct
Isabell w/o Hen PARTRIDGE 9th Nov
Tho s/o Wm OWEN 17th Nov
Wm s/o Sam NASH 15th Dec
Mary w/o Wm SMYTH 7th Jan
Ann d/o Wm TOMKES 16th Jan
George s/o James CRUDDER 16th Feb
Wm s/o Richare WOOD 18th Feb
Ann d/o Tho HALE 1st Mar
Daniell MEYRE 2nd Mar
Ann NASH widow 24th Mar

Baptisms 1679

Joseph s/o James & Ann FFOSTER 28th Mar
Robte s/o John & Elenor GILES 30th Mar
Mary d/o Walter & Marye HORTON 4th Apr
Sarah d/o Robte & Rachell BUTTLER 5th May
Feales d/o John & Ann BUTTLER
Mary d/o Wm & Eliz CORFIELD 11th May
Mary d/o Joseph & Eliz FOSSTER ( Bentley ?) eod die ( same day as above)

Mary d/o Sam & Eliz FFOSTER 26th May
Ellenor d/o Jos & Sarah YATE 15th Jun
Mary d/o Walter & Mary WILKES 29th Jun
Hugh s/o Ffr & Anne CARTWRIGHT 3rd Jul
Thomas s/o Thomas & Mary SIMPSON 10th Jul
Thomas s/o Jno & Frances WILKES 13th Jul
Walter s/o Walter & Joyes HARPER 10th Aug
Thomas s/o Tho Jr  & Eliz HODGKINSON 17th Aug
Richard s/o Job & Rachell WILKES 24th Aug
Richard s/o Wm & Mary CLEWLEY 28th Aug
Richard s/o Rich & Sarah BIRD 7th Sep
Margery d/o Jno & Eliz GARRATT 10th Sep
Margery d/o John & Margery TAYLER 11th Sep
Joseph s/o Rich & Sarah BUTTLER 14th Sep
John s/o Tho & Alice TAYLOR 21st Sep
John s/o John WOOD 11th Oct
Rebeccah d/o John & Isabell WILKES 26th Oct
Joseph s/o Tho & Feales BAYLIES 5th Nov
Jane d/o Ffr & Jane OLLIVER eod die ( same day as above)
George s/o George & Marg BAYLIES 9th Nov
Wm s/o Jere & Issabell WILSON eod die ( same day as above)
Nickolas s/o Nick & Ann WINSPER 21st Nov
Wm s/o Tho & Anne DUFFIELD 4th Dec
Richard s/o Tho & Isabell HALE 28th Dec
Jane d/o Joshua & Sarah NASH 4th Jan
Thomas s/o Tho & Joice CORFIELD 16th Jan
John s/o Wm & Eliz HARP(ER) 20th Jan
Richard s/p Tho & Margaret OWEN 10th Feb
Ann d/o Richard & Jane COWPER 26th Feb
Mary d/o James & Joane CRUDDER 5th Mar
Henery s/o Henery & Judith HANDSON 7th Mar
Joane d/o Nick & Joan WILKES  ( bucklumaker ) 14th Mar
Edward s/o John & Sarah FFOSTER 19th Mar

Weddings 1679

Humfrey BAYLEY & Mary BAGGETT 2nd Jun
Thomas TAYLER & Eliz BAKER Nov 2nd
Wm KEELINGE & Ann DRUERE of Hedgberson widow 4th Dec

Burials 1679

Sarah w/o Wm KEELING 9th Apr
Margarett BAYLEY widow 21st Apr
Grace d/o Richard PARKES 29th Apr
Mary d/o Wm CORFIELD 2nd Jun
Joseph YATE 8th Jun
Elizabeth TAYLER widow 11th Jun
Ffr PARKES eod die ( same day as above)
Edward TAYLER 25th Jun
Thomas GYLES 27th Sep
John GERRARD 8th Oct
Wm s/o Ed FFORSTER 23rd Oct
John s/o Jno CLARKE 24th Oct
Wm s/o Jeremye WILSON 13th Nov
Ann d/o Tho LONGMORE 26th Nov
Elizabeth w/o Henery BARBAR 7th Dec
John TAYLOR platenmaker & daughter Margaret 23rd Dec
John MASON 28th Dec
Margarett LONGMORE widow 2nd Jan
John s/o Hen BARBER 4th Jan
Tho s/o John MASON 8th Jan
Hugh s/o Ffr CARTWRIGHT 11th Feb
Margery WILKES spinster 18th Mar


Baptisms 1680

Joane d/o Richard & Grace PARKES 12th Apr
Eclesoll s/o Tho & Joyce ADAMS 20th May
Tho s/o Tho & Mary CAM 29th May
John s/o John & Ann KENT 24th Jun
Pheales d/o Hen & Tym CAM ( same day as above)
John s/o Wm & Ann BAYLIES 27th Jun
Sarah d/o Edw & Sarah HARPER 18th Jul
Alice d/o Wm & Elizabeth CORFIELD 19th Jul
John s/o Rich & Alice WOOD 15th Aug
Thomas s/o Wm & Margarett OWEN 5th Sep
George s/o Tho & Eliz ROBBINSON 12th Sep
Tho s/o Tho & Eliz TAYLER 19th Sep
William s/o Ffr & Eliz MALLERYE 23rd Sep
Rich s/o John & Alice TAYLER 27th Sep
Mary d/o Thomas & Eliz OLLIVER 15th Oct
Eliz d/o Wm & Jane HAMPSON 27th Oct
Alice d/o Ffr & Ann LONGMORE 14th Nov
Ann d/o Rich & Mary TRANTER 20th Nov
Wm s/o Wm & Eliz PENSON 2nd Dec
Joan d/o Tho & Ann BUTTLER 5th Dec
Elizabeth d/o Walter & Jone HARPER 11th Dec
Frances s/o Wm & Ann FAVELL 12th Dec
Richard s/o Sam & Eliz FFOSTER 12th Dec
Humfrey s/o Walter & Joan TAYLER 25th Dec
Joan d/o Robte & Joan MARSON 13th Jan
Thomas s/o Tho & Mary WEBB 16th Jan
John s/o John & Joane JONES 26th Jan
Ann d/o Henery & Elenor WALTON 4th Feb
Humfrey s/o Tho & Eliz SIMKIN 6th Feb
William s/o John & Ann BAGGETT 20th Feb
Walter s/o John & Eliz FFAVELL 27th Feb
Hugh s/o Ffr & Ann CARTWRIGHT eod die ( same day as above)
Hanah d/o Walter & Mary HORTON 6th Mar
Wm s/o Tho & Alice WRIGHT 18th Mar

Weddings 1680

John COWPER & Elizabeth SAUNDERS 24th Jun
Robte FFOSTER & Elizabeth GERRARD widow 7th Sep

Burials 1680

Elizabeth BARTON widow 30th Mar
Ann YATE widow 1st May
Dorothe w/o Wm HUETT 17th May
Margarett w/o Raphe ALESBURY 30th May
Jane w/o Thomas CARTER 14th Jul
Richard s/o Rich SIMPSON 19th Aug
Rich s/o John TAYLER 1st Oct
William s/o Wm OWEN 21st Oct
Issabell w/o Nick WOOD 25th Oct
Mary d/o Tho CAM Jr 14th Dec
Alice ( base ) d/o Mary TAYLER 30th Dec
John s/o John JONES 27th Jan
Ann d/o Richard TRANTER 7th Feb
John s/o Thomas TAYLER 16th Feb


Baptisms 1681

Mary d/o John & Amye COLLINS 25th Mar
Esther d/o Wm & Eliz AMBERSLY 5th Apr
John s/o Richard & Sarah BIRD 7th Apr
Humfrey s/o John & Elizabeth COWPER 24th Apr
Mary d/o John & Eliz COW(ER) 1st May
Elizabeth d/o Rich & Eliz BODYLY 15th May
Ann d/o Hen & Elenor FFOSTER eod die ( same day as above)
Thomas s/o Thom & Joane HAMPSON 24th Jun
Sarah d/o John & Mary ROBBINSON 15th Aug
Thomas s/o Tho & Ellenor STORYER 25th Aug
John s/o Job & Rachell WILKES 28th Aug
Walter s/o John & Alice TAYLER 11th Sep
Mary d/o Robte & Rachell BUTTLER eod die( same day as above)
Robte s/o Tho Jr & Ann BAKER 24th Sep
Wm s/o Tho & Feales BAYLEY 25th Sep
Mary d/o Tho & Eliz HODGKINSON 2nd Oct
Walter s/o John & Sarah TRANTER 6th Oct
Jane d/o Wm WILKES 10th Oct
Hanah d/o Tho BLAKEMORE 22nd Oct
Henery s/o Tho & Mary SIMPSON 24th Oct
Elizabeth d/o Rich & Eliz FFOSTER 26th Nov
Tho s/o Wim EVENS 27th Nov
Tho s/o Tho & Sarah BLAKEMORE 17th Dec
Wm s/o Jno WOOD 26th Dec
Eliz d/o Wm & Millie DAY 26th Dec
Richard s/o Rich Jr & Mary TRANTER eod die ( same day as above)
Eliz d/o Ffr & Jane OLIVER 27th Dec
Joseph s/o Ffr & Sarah LONGMORE 6th Jan
Hen s/o Hen & Tym CAM 19th Jan
Ann d/o Jno & Isabell WILKES 22nd Jan
Edward s/o Edw & Mary WILKES 12th Feb
Hanah d/o Walter & Mary WILKES eod die ( same day as above)
Rich s/o Tho & Elizabeth MEEKE 19th Feb
John s/o John & Ann KENT 24th Feb
Tho s/o Edw & Ann HORTON 13th Mar
Rich s/o John & Hester DAVIS eod die ( same day as above)

Weddings 1681

Richard WILKES & Rebecca FFOSTER 22nd Sep
Samuell BRADELY & Sarah YATE widow 18th Jan

Burials 1681

Ann COWPER widow 4th Apr
Wm s/o Wm KEELING 17th Apr
Thomas FFOSTER 18th Apr
Wm s/o Ffr MALLERY 21st Apr
Ruth d/o Em SUMERFORD widow 3rd May
Eccklesoll s/o Tho ADAMS 17th May
John s/o John KENT 20th May
Sarah d/o John COLLINS 3rd Jun
Ann BUTTLER widow 9th Jun
Mary d/o Walter WILKES 23rd Jun
Ellenor w/o John GILES 3rd Sep
Ellenor w/o John PARKES 28th Oct
Wm s/o Tho BAYLIES 6th Nov
Edward HORTON 1st Dec
Katherine w/o Tho HOFELL 2nd Dec
Joane w/o Jno HICKMANS 3rd Jan
Hester d/o Walter AMBERSLEY 27th Jan
Hen s/o Hen CAM 29th Jan
Mr Wim DICKEN minister of Darlaston 2nd day of Feb buried Walsall
Mary w/o Humfrey BAYLIES 19th Feb
John s/o John KENT Vicessimo Sexto die Feb
Richardus s/o Hen CAM Vicessimo die Mar


Baptisms 1682

Ann d/o Hen & Judith HANDSON 26th Mar
James s/o Joseph & Elizabeth FFOSTER 9th Apr
Joseph s/o Tho & Sarah WILKES 16th Apr
Hanah d/o James & Joane CRUDDER eod die ( same day as above)
Hanah d/o Wm & Joan HADLY 7th May
Sarah & Rebecca ds/o Wm & Sarah SMITH 31st May
Sarah d/o John & Sarah FFOSTER 4th Jun
Hanah d/o Robte & Elizabeth FFOSTER 18th Jun
Eliz d/o Wm & Joan PERREY eod die ( same day as above)
John s/o Jno & Ann BUTTLER 25th Jun
Richard s/o Tho & Ann ADAMS 9th Jul
Ann d/o James & Ann FFOSTER 20th Aug
Mary d/o Tho & Mary CAM 1st Oct
Mary d/o Wm & Ellenor NIXON 14th Oct
Mary d/o Tho & Margaret  OWEN 8th Oct
Frances d/o Richard & Grace PARKES 13th Oct
Alice d/o John & Margaret BAKER 14th Oct
John s/o George & Margt BAYLIES 15th Oct
Joseph s/o Wm & Mary CLEWLEY eod die ( same day as above)
Richard s/o Wm & Ann BAYLISS 29th Oct
Elizabeth d/o Tho & Isabell HALE 19th Nov
Ann d/o Wm & Ann FFAVELL eod die ( same day as above)
Thomas s/o Tho & Alice TAYLER 26th Nov
John s/o Richard & Ann BRUTON 30th Nov
John s/o Nick & Sarah WILKES 9th Dec
Ffr s/o Ffr & Ann LONGMORE 10th Dec
Pheles d/o Tho BAYLIES eod die ( same day as above) This entry
Mary d/o Ffr & Eliz MALLERY  15th Dec
Wm s/o Tho & Joan HAMPSON 24th Dec
Elizabeth d/o Rich & Alice WOOD 3rd Feb
Mary d/o Ed & Sarah HARPER 25th Feb
John s/o Hen & Ellenor WALTON 5th Mar
Elizabeth d/o John & Eliz COWPER 7th Mar
Joice d/o Wm & Grace ALLEIN 8th Mar
Elizabeth d/o Jno & Mary ROBBINSON 23rd Mar
Tho s/o Humfrey & Mary BAYLEY 30th Dec  ( entry out of sequance )

Weddings 1682

John BAKER  & Mary MATEN alias FIELDS  15th Oct
John GYLES & Ann LIBETT 29th Oct
Rich TAYLER & Judith TWIST 26th Dec
Humfrey BAYLEY & Mary WILSON 6th Jan

Burials 1682

Joan d/o Jno TAYLER 16th Apr
Walter s/o Jno TAYLER 18th Apr
Hester BAYLIES widow 16th May
Ann d/o John DAVIS 31st May
Ed PAGE 6th Jun
Rich s/o Tho OWEN 18th Jun
Ann OWEN widow 23rd Jun
Rebeccah d/o William SMYTH 9th Jul
Tho s/o Tho WEBB 16th Jul
Stephen TRANTER 5th Aug
Wm s/o Tho SIMPSON 6th Aug
John LONGMORE 10th Sep
Mary w /o of John DUFFIELD 15th Sep
Thomas s/o Tho SIMPSON 24th Sep
Joane w/o Edward HARPER 9th Oct
Mary d/o Theophilus NORRIS 1st Dec
Issabell w/o Hugh PACKINGTON 14th Jan
Ffr s/o Fr LONGMORE 23rd Jan
Joan d/o Rich SIMPSON 5th Feb
John s/o Hen WALTON 6th Mar
Ellenor w/o Dan YATE 23rd Mar


Baptisms 1683

Ann d/o John & Ann KENT 31st Mar
Elizabeth d/o Hen & Tymeson CAM 1st Apr
William s/o John & Alice TAYLER 13th Apr
Richard s/o Rich & Jane COWPER 21st Apr
Mary d/o Rich & Sarah BIRD 23rd Apr
Eliz d/o John & Eliz FFAVELL 25th Apr
Ffrances  John  & Ffrances WILKES 28th Apr  ( could be male or female
entry not clear )
Ann d/o Rich & Ester MARTEN eod die ( same day as above)
Wm s/o Nick & Ann BAYLEY 4th Jun
Joicse d/o John & Mary MARTEN 2nd Jul
Wm s/o Tho & Sarah HYNES 9th July
Ester d/o Walter & Elizabeth OBERSLEY  ( AMBERSLEY ) 14th Jul
Ann d/o Walter & Mary HORTON 15th Jul
Peter s/o Wm & Ann  HARPER 21st Jul
Wm s/o Wm & Eliz CORFIELD 5th Aug
Mary d/o Tho & Mary SIMSON 12th Aug
Elenor d/o John & Ann GYLES 26th Aug
Eliz d/o Nick & Ann WINS(PER) 3rd Sep
Mary d/o Walter & Joys HARP(ER) 24th Sep
Rich s/o John & Rose FFOSTER 6th Oct
Ed s/o Joshua & Sar NASH 5th Nov
Ann d/o Ffr & Ann CARTER eod die ( same day as above)
Eliz d/o Tho & Eliz SIMKIN 24th Nov
Wm s/o Wm & Joan PERREY 25th Nov
Sam s/o Sam & Heaster FFOSTER 26th Nov
Issabell d/o Rich & Judith TAYLER eod die ( same day as above)
Thomas s/o Humfrey & Mary BALY 30th Dec
Mary d/o Tho & Joyce CORFIELD 27th Jan
John s/o John & Sarah FFOSTER 10th Feb
Robert s/o Ffrans & Jane OLIVER 12th Feb
Sarah d/o John & Ame COLLLINS 13th Feb
Mary d/o Tho & Ann BUTLER eod die ( same day as above)
Elizabeth d/o Ffrances & Ann LONGMORE 1st Mar
Ann d/o Edward & Mary HOLLAND 16th Mar

Weddings 1683

Richard SMITH & Elenor BANISTER 14th Jul  ( by Lic)
Tho BAYLY & Eliz MOSS 30th Aug
Tho WILKINSON & Mary LANE 25th Sep
Absolon PARKES & Ann HUETT 16th Oct
Ed HOLLAND & Mary BETTOM 20th Oct
Paul PAGE & Ann LIBBETT 22nd Oct
Rich WALTER & Ester PAGE 30th Nov
John CARTER & Margaret OLIVER 12th Dec
Ecklesoll BAKER & Eliz HAMSON 15th Dec
Samuel PARTRIDGE & Elizabeth HARPER 4th Feb

Burials 1683

Wm s/o John TAYLER 24th Apr
Eliz d/o John FFAVELL 29th Apr
Ann w/o Isaack PARTRIDGE 10th May
Sarah w/o Wm HOUGH 29th May
Mary GRIFFIN spinster 18th Jun
Margaret w/o Walter BAILEY 1st Jul
Mary d/o Joseph FFOSTER Collier 8th Jul
Wm s/o Tho HARPER 13th Jul
Robte s/o Margarett OLIVER widow 8th Sep
Edwd s/o Ann ( PAGE) widow 19th Oct
Wm COWPER 5th Dec
John s/o John EVENS 12th Dec
Charles ( BIRD ) 25th Dec
Ann w/o Peter JEAVONS 27th Dec
George BUTLER 22nd Jan
Nicles COLLENS 8th Feb
John BRUTON 11th Feb
William PARKER 6th Mar
Edward WILKES 16th Mar
Dorothy ( GRINE ) 20th Mar


Baptisms 1684

Issabell d/o Richard & Elizabeth BADLEY 16th Mar
William s/o John & Elizabeth COWPER 7th May
Mary d/o John & Elizabeth FFAVELL 25th May
Ecklesoll s/o Ecklesoll & Elizabeth BAKER 1st Jun
Richard s/o William & Elizabeth BRUTON 22nd May 31, 2003
Jane d/o Thomas & Elizabeth BAYLEY 8th Jun
Hanah d/o Thomas & Mary CAM 19th Jun
Thomas s/o Thomas & Elizabeth WEB 24th Jun
Ann d/o John BOURD 17th May
John s/o Thomas STORERE 20th Jun
Joseph s/o Richard WOOD 10th Aug
Mary d/o William & Mary HOULDEN 11th Aug
Mary d/o Job WILKES eod die ( same day as above)
John s/o Thomas & Elizabeth HODKINS 4th Aug
Humfrey s/o Humfrey & Mary LONGMORE 31st Aug
Mary d/o John & Isable WILKES eod die ( same day as above)
Thomas s/o Thomas BAKER 15th Aug
John s/o Richard & Mary TRANTER 8th Sep
Edward s/o David & Mary HARPER 21st Sep
Sary (? /o Thomas & Mary SIMSON eod die ( same day as above) no
indication of gender
Joane d/o John & Alice TAYLER 26th Sep
Elizabeth d/o William & Ann FFAVELL 26th Oct
Ffrances d/o Richard & Grace PARKES 5th Nov
Katherina d/o Guilielmi & Sare WILKES   Primo die Nov bap Fuit Annoq Dom
Anna d/o Zacharie & Elizabeth SEVERN Fuit Vigessim Primo die Nov
Mary d/o Guilielmi & Ann BAYLEY ( Capitarii ) fuit Vigessimo die Nov
Guilielmus s/o Guilielmi & Grace ALLEN Erat Treicesim die Nov 1684
William s/o Thomas & Elizabeth TALLER 14th Dec
Elizabeth d/o Joseph & Ann PERREY eod die ( same day as above)
Mary d/o Samuel & Elizabeth PARTRIDGE 10th Dec
Henrey s/o Richard & Alice WOOD 25th Dec
Mosses s/o John & Anne BUTLER 1st Jan
Mary d/o Rich & Anne BAYLES 25th Dec
Elizabeth d/o Thomas & Ffelice BALLYES 2nd ( no month )
Jhn s/o Robert & Elizabeth FFOSTER 3rd Feb
Sara d/o Ffrances & Sara LONGMORE 26th Feb
Elizabeth d/o John &  ? MOUER 28th Feb  ( no wifes name present )
John s/o John & Ffeles BALLEY 1st Mar
Edward s/o Thomas & Jone HAMSON eod die ( same day as above)
William s/o Richard & Sarah BIRD 3rd Mar
Ffrances d/o Henery & Judayth HANSON 12th Mar
Margret d/o Thomas & Margret DAVIES 14th Mar

Weddings 1684

John MOURE & Elizabeth WILKES 2nd May
Ffrances MASON & Hanah BLAKEMORE 19th Oct
Thomas WICKSTID & Sara SHAW 27th Oct
Rich PEARCE & Ann TOMKIS 30th Nov
Thomas YATE & Margery JONES 23rd Feb

Burials 1684

Sary w/o Thomas BALY 25th Mar
Sary d/o John & Mary FFOSTER  1st Apr
Anne w/o John MOURE 12th Apr
Joseph s/o Thomas & Sary WILKES 13th Apr
Anne d/o Thomas & Anne WHICKSTEAD eod die ( same day as above)
William JEAVAINS 24th Apr
William s/o John  & Ann BAGGET 26th Apr
Elianor w/o Richard PROWSE 30th Apr
Hester d/o William & Eliz HAMMERSLEY eod die ( same day as above)
Frances  of Thomas & Mary SIMSON eod die ( same day as above)
Mary d/o Thomas & Joyes CORFIELD 25th May
William s/o John & Elizabeth COWPER 30th  May
John SPARE ( Stranger) 12th Jun
Infant of Richard WOOD 14th Jun
Joseph s/o Ffrances & Sara LONGMORE 15th Jun
George BEAYLEY 21st Jun
Anne d/o Wm & Margaret DAVES eod die ( same day as above)
Anne d/o Richard TRANTER 18th Jun
Mary d/o Ffrances & Eliz ( Mallery ) 6th Jun
Richard s/o Job WILKES 21st Jun
William s/o Richard COUPER 10th Aug
Elizabeth HICKKINS widow 10th Aug
Robert s/o Thomas BAKER 8th Sep
Ffrances of Richard and Grace PARKES 22nd Sep
Peter s/o William & Anne HARPER 28th Sep
Hisabell d/o Richard & Elizabeth BADDELEY 6th Oct
Hannah d/o Walter & Mary HORTON 27th Oct
John HAMSON 2nd Nov
Samuel s/o John FFOSTER 7th Nov
Jane d/o Joshua GNASH ( Nash) 8th Nov
Elizabeth d/o Ffranis OLIVER 12th Nov
Anne w/o Joseph FFOSTER 11th Nov
Thomas s/o Thomas & Mary HODGKINSON 6th Dec
Mary d/o Will & Ann BAYLEY 7th Dec
Will s/o Will & Grace ALLEN 10th Dec
Anne w/o John MOURE 17th Dec
Katherine JEVON widow 19th Dec
Anne d/o Ffrances CARTER 25th Dec
Moses s/o John BUTLER 11th Jan
Anne d/o John BIRD 25th Jan
Walter WILKES 27th Jan
John s/o Thomas & Elizabeth HOGSKINES 2nd Feb
Katherine HUES eod die ( same day as above)
John s/o Robert & Elizabeth FFOSTER 13th Feb
Mary d/o Thomas & Elizabeth SYMKIN 24th Feb
John BAGETT 27th Feb
Henery s/o Henery & Eliz FFOSTER 15th Mar
Sara d/o James & Mary FFOSTER 29th Mar


Baptisms 1685

Joseph s/o William & Ann HARPER 27th Mar
Joseph s/o Thomas & Ales WHITE 30th Apr
Sara d/o Paul & Sara PAGE 22nd May
William s/o Thomas & Sara BLAKMORE 21st Jul
Anne d/o Walter & Joyes HARPER 1st Aug
Hannah d/o Ffrances & Hannah MASON 3rd Aug
John s/o William & Jane PERRY 2nd Aug
Humfrey d/o Humfrey BAYLEY 4th Aug
Daniell s/o Thomas & Sara WICKSTED 1st Oct
Mary d/o John & Ffelles FFOSTER 9th Oct
Sara d/o John & Sara TRANTER 23rd Oct
Will s/o William & Ann SMITH 2nd Nov
Hannah d/o Joseph & Elizabeth FFOSTER 22nd Nov
Richard s/o Humfrie & Anne LINGHAM 24th Nov
John s/o John & Anne GYLES 6th Dec
Esther d/o Walter & Elizabeth HUMBERSLEY 8th Dec
Anne d/o John & Elizabeth COOPER 15th Dec
Jone d/o Ffrances & Anne LONGMORE 26th Dec
Thomas s/o Will & Elizabeth FLINT 28th Dec
Ffrances d/o Ffrances CARTER 1st Jan
Joseph s/o Thomas ADAMS 1st Jan
Margaret d/o John & Anne KENT 9th Jan
Richard s/o Richard & Judith TAYLER 3rd Feb
Richard s/o Nickles & Jone WILKES ( same day as above)
Mary d/o John & Mary ROBBINSON 7th Feb
Will s/o William & Mary HOULDEN 18th Feb
Sara d/o John & Sara FFOSTER 19th Feb
Grace d/o Will & Grace ALLIN 24th Feb
Nathaneal s/o Thomas & Mary CAM 19th Feb
Thomas s/o James & Mary FFOSTER 20th Feb
Will s/o Thomas & Isbele HALLE 2nd Mar
Mary d/o Thomas & Joyce CORFIELD 6th Mar

Weddings 1685

Edward TAYLER & Sarah MEEK 14th Jan
Thomas PENN & Joyce HOPKINES 31st Feb ( also states “ Secundo die

Burials 1685

Edward WILKES 25th Mar
Joseph OLLIVER 2nd Apr
Humphrey LONGMORE 3rd Apr
Georgius BUTLER 6th Apr
Moses NASH 8th Apr
Rob MARSON 16th Apr
Tho BIRD 19th Apr
Thomas WHITE 20th Apr
Elizabeth BLAKEMORE 21st Apr
Edward BLAKEMORE 2nd May
Thomas MEEK 21st May
Elizabeth d/o Nickles WINSPER 31st May
Elizabeth MEEK widow 1st Jun
Jone WILKES 9th Jun
Esther ( Katherine ) w/o Henry WALTON 17th Jul
Sara w/o Joseph PERREY 18th Jul
Elizabeth TRANTER 15th Aug
John FFAVELL 18th Aug
Thomas s/o Thomas WEB 26th Oct
Mary d/o William & Mary HOULDEN 28th Oct
Hannah w/o Ffrances MASON 31st Oct
Ame d/o Will & Ann HARPER 1st Nov
Jone TAYLER 2nd Nov
Ellenor w/o Thomas STORE 1st Dec
Mary d/o Edward & Sara HARPER 10th Dec
John s/o John & Anne BUTLER 11th Dec
Sara d/o Thomas & Ellenor STORE 11th Dec
Sara BUTLER widow 12th Dec
Anne w/o John BUTLER 14th Dec
Ffrances OLLIVER 14th Dec
Elizabeth w/o Will FFLINT 2nd Jan
Will CLULEY 2nd Jan
Mary d/o Thomas & Mary CAM 4th Jan
Margery d/o John & Elizabeth GERARD 4th Jan
Jane FFOSTER widow 6th Jan
Jone MARSON widow 22nd Jan
Neckles WILKES 2nd Feb
Alice COOPER widow 12th Feb
Anne DOUFIELD 12th Feb
Edward BIRD 9th Mar
Grace d/o William & Grace ALLIN 15th Mar
Anne w/o Will FFAVELL 17th Mar


Baptisms 1686

Hen s/o Nicolas WOOD 25th Mar
Ffrancis s/o Francis & Jane OLIVER 25th Mar
Katherine d/o Thomas & Eliza HOGKINS 31st Mar
Thomas s/o Walter & Mary HORTON  4th Apr
Frances s/o Richard & Ann PEARCE  5th Apr
Hannah d/o Joseph & Ann  FFOSTER 12th Apr
Anne d/o John & Anne BUTLER 20th Apr
Esther d/o d/o William & Ann BAYLEY 15th May
Elizabeth d/o John & Eliza COWPER 23rd May
Mary d/o John & Elizabeth MOUERE ( Moor) 25th Jul
Ellin d/o Thomas & Kath HARDICK 3rd Aug
Mary d/o Edward & Sarah HARPER 7th Nov
Jane d/o Richard & Jane COWPER 21st Nov
Edward s/o Nickles & Anne WINSPER 22nd Nov
Jane d/o Nathaneal SIVORN 5th Dec
Charles s/o James CROUDER 2nd Feb
Moses s/o Samuel & Elizabeth PARTRICH 27th Feb
William S/o Richard TRANTER 1st Mar
Hannah d/o Richard PARKES 16th Mar
Edwawrd s/o Paull & Elizabeth PAGE eod die ( same day as above)

Weddings 1686

Isack PARTICH & Sarah DAVYES 13th May
Thomas PARKER & Margrett WENSER 2nd May
William HICKMAN & Bridget DUDLEY 24th Jul
Henry TRANTER & Sarah WILKS 3rd Aug
Samuel NASH & Jane OLIVER 10th Nov

Burials 1686

Elizabeth w/o Richard FFOSTER 6th Apr
John DAVES 15th Jun
John YATES 26th Jun
Alice w/o Samuel NASH 29th Jun
Richard s/o Margaret HOLIVER ( Oliver ) 12th Jul
Ffeales w/o Thomas BAYLEY 17th Jul
Thomas CLARK 28th Jul
Will s/o Thomas HANSON 6th Aug
Thomason w/o Hen CAM 16th Aug
John BAGOT 20th Aug
Jeremiah WILLSON 23rd Aug
Anne w/o Thomas WHICKSTED 6th Aug ( out of sequence)
Ffaith w/o Thomas CAM 3rd Sep
Mary w/o William HOULDEN 24th Sep
Ffrances d/o Richard & Ann PEARCE 25th Sep
William BUTLER 3rd Oct
Ffran s/o Widow OVELLER ( Olliver ) 10th Oct
Female child of John BIRD 13th Oct
Elner w/o Henry FFOSTER 20th Oct
Elizabeth HOGKINES widow 23rd Oct
Anne d/o John BUTLER 30th Oct
Thomas SIMSON 6th Nov
John BUTLER 20th Nov
Mary w/o Thomas WEB 29th Dec
James FFOSTER 29th Jan
Tho s/o William CORFIELD 9th Feb
Will s/o Walter WILKES 27th Feb
Joseph s/o Edw HARPER ( no dates)


Baptisms 1687

Edward s/o Ed TALLER 26th May
Sara d/o Sam FFOSTER 27th May
Thomas s/o John & Mary WOOD 29th May
Elizabeth d/o Thomas PEN 23rd Jun
Jane d/o Thomas LONGMORE 10th Sep
Samuel s/o Jona NASH 11th Sep
Walter s/o Richard & Judeath TAYLOR 25th Feb
John s/o Thomas CAM 22ND Oct

No Weddings 1687

Burials 1687

Eliz w/o Will HOPKINES 25th Mar
Edw HARPER 5th Apr
Eliz w/o Ffrances MALLERYE 2nd Apr
Edw BROKE 2nd May
Anne w/o Will KEELING 24th May
Tho BAYLEY 18th May
Richard HALE 19th May
Richard CORBET 25th May
Margre w/o Thomas YATE 10th Aug
Do –rt BIRD widow 10th Aug
Thomas CARTER 16th Jul
Sara w/o Thomas FFAVELL ( no date)


Baptisms 1688

Elizabeth d/o Dan & Sarah PARTRIDGE 3rd May
Katherine d/o John & Ann BIRD 9th May
Dorothy d/o Willim & Jone PERREY 10th May
Joseph & John sons /o Walter & Mary HORTON 11th May
Josias s/o Thomas WILKS eod die ( same day as above)
Elizabeth d/o Henry & Elizabeth ( WIGGIN) 14th May
Joseph s/o Thomas & Sarah WILKES ( no date)
John s/o Thomas & Joyce CORFIELD 3rd Jun
Hanah d/o William & Milleson DAY 3rd Jun
Joseph s/o Edward & Sarah HARPER 22nd Jul
Elizabeth d/o John & Mary BAKER 8th Aug
Sarah d/o Walter & Joyce HARPER 10th Aug
Ffrancis s/o Francis & Margret MASON 13th Aug
Hannah d/o William & Ann BAILEY 14th Aug
Mary d/o John & Ann KENT 20th Aug
Ann d/o Ffrancis & Ann CARTWRIGHT 8th Oct
William s/o Richard & Ales WOOD 14th Oct
John s/o Walter & Margery HODKINS 19th Oct
Sarah d/o Henry & Sarah TRANTER 20th Oct
John s/o John & Elizabeth COOPER 28th Oct
John s/o John & Rach LINGHAM 13th Nov
William s/o Thomas & Sarah WICKSTID
Walter s/o Walter & Pricilla HAMBERSLEY 16th Dec
Em d/o John & Mary ROBINSON 27th Dec
Edward s/o Charles & Elizabeth NOLES 8th Jan
Joseph s/o Richard & Mary TRANTER 14th Jan
Richard s/o Richard & Sarah CORBET 20th Jan
Elizabeth d/o Zachariah & Elizabeth SEABORNE 24th Jan
William s/o John & Mary FAVEL 11th Feb
Thomas s/o Thomas & Elizabeth WILKINSON 14th Feb
Joseph s/o Paul & Sarah PAGE 22nd Feb
William s/o William & Ann BRUTON 24th Apr
Joseph s/o John & Elizabeth DOFIELD 20th Mar
Elizabeth d/o Thomas & Elizabeth BAYLEY 23rd Mar

Weddings 1688

Thomas WIELD & Hanah SMITH 17th Jul
Joseph HOPKINS & Hanah TOMKIS 26th Jul
Thomas HOLLAND & Elizabeth ATKINS 30th Sep
Richard BUNN & Elizabeth BLAKEMORE both of the parish of West Bro (wich
)  12th Nov

Burials 1688

John BLAKEMORE Terito die of September
Joyce HARPER 8th Sep
Walter JONES 11th Sep
Sarah MOORE 3rd Oct
John DAVIS 5th Oct
Margret DAVIS 16th Oct
Sarah HARPER 22nd Oct
Ann WILKES 23rd Oct
William FOSTER 9th Nov
Sarah TRANTER 28th Nov
Ales RIGHT 6th Dec
Edward TAILER 13th Dec
John COOPER 15th Dec
Thomas LONGMORE 16th Dec
Francis MASON 16th Dec
Walter HAMBERSLEY 21st Dec
Ales SIMKIN 1st Jan
Richard WILLKS of Bilston 1st Jan
John FAVEL 7th Jan
Margret HOLAND 17th Jan
Sarah DAVIE 21st Jan
Ann WELCHMAN 21st Jan
Thomas FAVEL 22nd Jan
John PARKS 30th Jan
Elizabeth MAKEREDY 6th Feb
William BRUTON 1st Mar
Peter JARARD 4th Mar
Sarah FAVEL 10th Mar
Jane BLAKEMORE 10th Mar
Thomas WILKINSON 17th Mar


Baptisms 1689

Elizabeth d/o Francis & Ann LONGMORE 26th Mar
Abraham s/o William & Grace ALLIN 4th Apr
Joseph s/o Joseph & Ann PERREY 9th Apr
John s/o Steeven & Alice BLAKEMORE 28th Apr
John s/o Richard & Grace PARKES 1st May
Joseph s/o Francis & Sarah LONGMORE 21st May
Mary d/o Humphrey & Mary BAILEY 6th Jun
Elizabeth d/o John & Alice TAILER 17th June
John s/o William & Ann FAVEL 21st Jun
Edward s/o Thomas & Joyce PEN 4th Jul
Henry s/o Thomas & Elizabeth HODGKINS 23rd Jul
Elizabeth d/o William & Mary TAILER 4th Aug
Thomas s/o Thomas & Hanah WYLD 17th Aug
John s/o Edward & Mary WILLKS 25th Aug
Elizabeth d/o Joseph & Hannah HOPKINS 4th Sep
Margret d/o Thomas & Ann BAKER 30th Sep
Hannah d/o Joseph & Mary WILLKS 20th Oct
Joseph s/o Henry & Sarah TRANTER 22nd Oct
Ann d/o Francis & Margret MASON 3rd Nov
Rebeccah d/o John & Ann GYLES 4th Nov
Hannah d/o Samuel & Elizabeth PARTRIDGE 7th Nov
Elizabeth d/o Samuel & Jane NASH 25th Nov
John s/o John & Mary DAVIE 26th Nov
Ann d/o Nicholas & Ann BAYLY 27th Nov
Joseph s/o John & Amelia COLLINS 12th Dec
Robert s/o Thomas & Elizabet h HOLLAND 15th Dec
Frances d/o John & Rose FOSTER 18th Dec
Elizabeth d/o Walter & Margery HODGKINS 24th Dec
Em d/o James & Alice CROUDER 1st Jan
Alice d/o Edward & Sarah TAILER 12th Jan
Margret & Elizabeth daughters / o Edward & Mary HOLLAND 16th Jan
Hanah d/o John & Elizabeth COOPER 19th Jan
Walter s/o Walter & Jane HEMERSLEY 26th Jan
Nocholas s/o William & Jane PERRY 9th Feb
Daniel s/o John & Sarah FOSTER 26th Feb
Elizabeth d/o John & Felilia BAILEY 6th Mar
Hanah d/o Nicholas & Jane WILLKS  25th Mar  ( not beside says 1689/ 1690

 Weddings 1689

Solomon PERRY & Margret FAVEL 23rd Jun
Thomas STORY & Mary WILLKS 18th Aug
William GARRITON & Alice LIBBIT 22nd Sep
Thomas YATE of the prish & Ann COOKE of Dudley 1st Jan

Burials 1689

Thomas SIMPSON 1st May
Daniel YATE 8th May
Jane WILLKS 23rd May
Mary d/o Thomas & Ann LONGMORE 11th Jun
Joseph BIRD 28th Jul
William HOUGH 8th Aug
John MOORE 12th Aug
Hannah CAM 22nd Sep
Male child of Thmas CORFIELD 17th Oct
Isabell WELCHMAN 18th Oct
Margret BAKER 25th Nov
Elizabeth NASH 26th Nov
John CAM 12th Dec
Sarah WILLKS 17th Dec
John WILLKS 9th Jan
Rachell WILLKS 10th Jan
Margret & Elizabeth HOLLAND 30th Jan
Josiah HANSON 9th Feb
Joseph TRANTER 19th Mar


Baptisms 1690

Dorothy d/o Henry & Elizabeth WIGAN 13th Apr
Elizabeth d/o Joseph & Ann FOSTER 21st Apr
Sarah d/o Solomon & Margret PERRY 13th May
Sarah d/o Joseph & Elizabeth FOSTER 21st May
Thomas s/o Thomas & Hanah LONGMORE 12th Jun
Walter s/o Walter & Mary WILLKS 31st Jul
Hanah d/o Richard & Hester FOSTER 12th Aug
Mary d/o John & Mary FAVELL 30th Aug
Ann d/o William & Alice GARITON 12th Sep
Hanah d/o Walter & Mary HORTON 17th Sep
Isabel d/o John & Ann KENT 7th Oct
Thomas s/o Thomas & Joyce PENN 11th Oct
Sarah d/o Daniel & Sarah PARTRIDGE 26th Oct
Elizabeth d/o Richard & Elizabeth TAILER 6th Nov
Sarah d/o Thomas & Sarah WICSTID 9th Nov
Richard s/o Richard & Hester MARTIN 6th Dec
Samuel s/o William & Ann BRUTON 12th Dec
Shusanah d/o John & Alice SHELDON 15th Dec  ( note *Susannah spelt with
a H )
Joseph s/o Humphry & Mary FOSTER 25th Dec
William s/o John & Rachell BUTLER 26th Dec
Robert s/o Thomas & Sarah BLAKEMORE 26th Dec
Joseph s/o Richard & Mary TRANTER 26th Dec
Jane d/o William & Elizabeth CORFIELD 10th Jan
Hannah d/o John & Mary WOOD 17th Feb
Jone ( s/o ) Paul & Sarah PAGE 24th Feb     (note * states son of not
dau of )
Elizabeth d/o Walter & Sarah WILLKS 14th Mar
Zacriah s/o Zacriah SIVORN 2nd Mar

Weddings 1690

Walter WILLKS & Sarah HOUGH 21st Apr
John WALDRON & Margery DUNTON both of Wednesbury 4th May
George LITTLEFORD of Kanock & Elizabeth BUTLER of this parish 9th Jun
Daniel YATE of the parish & Mary GOOSEBURY of Wolverhampton 6th Oct

Burials 1690

Eliz TAYLOR   Setin die Aprillis
Rich BIRD Vicessimo Sexto die Aprillis
Gulielmus HEWETT Vicessimo nono Aprillis
Mary WILLKES 8th May
Richard WILLKES  Decimo die Junei
Elizabeth HARPER 7th Jul
Walter BAYLEY 11th Jul
John BIRD 11th Jul
Thomas CAM quinto die Augusti
Elizabeth FOSTER  Septim die Augusti
Ann FOSTER  12th Aug
Joseph TRANTER  22nd Aug
Hanah WIGIN  28th Aug
Sarah WICKSTID 3rd Sep
Elizabeth HAMERSLEY 6th Sep
Sarah WILLKS 17th Sep
Thomas FOSTER 21st Sep
Ann KENT 8th Oct
Thomas PENN 11th Oct
Rebeckah GYLES 17th Oct
Jane BLAKEMORE 29th Nov
Male child of Walter BAILEYS 18th Dec
Elizabeth TAILER 22nd Dec
Katherine WILLKS 27th Dec
Francis LONGMORE 15th Jan
John s/o John & Mary DAVIE 16th Feb
Abraham s/o Richard LIBBETT 15th Mar


Baptisms 1691

Ann d/o Thomas & Ann YATE 2nd Apr
Hester d/o William & ( no name) FAVELL 9th May
Alice ( Grace ) d/o Richard PARKES 16th May
Johannis s/o Thoams & Margaret OWEN ( Davis) 20th May
John s/o John & Sarah FOSTER 31st May
Sarah d/o Rich CORBITT Septimo die Junii
Thomas s/o Edwardi HOLLAND eod die ( same day as above)
Gulielmus s/o Sam FOSTER Decimo quarto die Junii
Josephus s/o Johannis LINGHAM Decimo Septimo die Junii
John s/o Thomas & Elizabeth WILKESON 2nd Jul
William s/o Richard & Ann YARDLEY 17th Jul
Elizabeth d/o Humphrey & Mary BAYLEY 21st Jul
John s/o John & Mary ROBINSON 10th Aug
Lorrans base child of Mary BIRD 16th Aug
Thomas s/o Joseph & Ann FOSTER 14th Sep
Edward & Sarah children of Thomas & Eliz HOLLAND 20th Sep
Joseph s/o Joseph & Sarah TURNOR 2nd Oct
Margerit d/o William & Milley DAY 2nd Oct
Nicholas s/o Henry & Joane WYRSEY 5th Oct
Thomas s/o Walter & Jane HEMERSLEY 11th Oct
Anne d/o John & Sarah FOSTER 21st Oct
John s/o Tho & Ann BAYLEY 13th Oct ( out of sequance)
Sarah d/o Joseph & Ann PERREY 29th Oct
Sarah d/o Thomas & Elizabeth OLEVER 1st Nov
Solomon s/o William & Joane PERRRY 8th Nov
Ambroas s/o Francis CARTWRIGHT 26th Nov
Thomas s/o Thomas & Elizab BEAYLEY 26th Nov
Edward s/o Rich & Judah TEALOR 6th Dec
Eliz d/o William & Joane HADLEY 14th Dec
Mary d/o Will & Mary HAMERSLEY Tealor 16th Dec ( note* also states Decim
octo die
Ann d/o Harrey & Sarah TRANTER 18th Dec
Felis d/o Josap & Elizab FOSTER 19th Jan
Walter s/o Walter & Margery HODGKINS 24th Jan
Ann d/o John & Ann GYLES 29th Jan
Dorothie d/o John & ( no name ) FOSTER 31st Jan
Harbert s/o James & Joan CROUDER 4th Feb
Elizaebth d/o Edawrd & ( no name) TAYLOR 14th Feb
Ann d/o Thomas & Sarah ? WHICKSTID 21st Feb
Sarah d/o Richard & Elizabeth ( BUTLER ) 5th Mar

Weddings 1691

Walter YATES & Sarah WILKS 26th Jul
John TRANTER & Eliz TONKES 9th Aug
Robart BUTLER & Mary CORBET 2nd Nov
John WILKS & Elizabeth HORTON 8th Feb
John HARPER & Hester HUSE 24th Apr

Burials 1691

Thomas BLAKEMORE 2nd Apr
John CARTER 11th May
Elizabeth d/o Walter & Sarah WILKS 8th Sep
Dorothey d/o Henry & Elizabeth WIGGIN 26th Sep
Sarah w/o Joshua NASH 29th Sep
Sarah d/o Thomas OLIVER 5th Nov
Ann w/o Thom BEAYLE 16th Nov
Margerit CARTER 8th Dec
Mary WILKS 5th Jan
Herbert CROUDER 7th Feb
Sarah w/o Ffrancis LONGMORE 10th Feb
Mary w/o Rich SIMSON 12th Feb
Richard s/o Thom OLIVER 25th Mar


Note * 1692 BMD were taken from BISHOPS TRANSCRIPTS

Baptisms 1692

Gulielmus s/o Thomas WILD vucessimo octo die Mar
Henricus s/o Henrici WIGGIN  decimo die Apr
Johannes s/o Richardi LIBBIT decimo tertio die Apr
Ann d/o Thom CORFIELD vicessimo quarto die Apr
Nathaniel s/o Thom WILKS secundo May
Basil s/o Richardi FOSTER  octo die May
Ruth d/o Walterii YATES nono die May
Eliz d/o Josephi WILKS decimo sexto die May
Eliz d/o Walterii SINKINS decimo octo die Jun
Sam s/o Gulielumi HARPER decimo die Jul
Wwalterius s/o Nick WILKS vicessimo quarto die Jul
Maria d/o Thom PENN decimo octo die Sep
Thom s/o Jos HARPER quarto die Oct
Josephus s/o Sam PARTRIDGE septim die Oct
Jane d/o Johannis DUFFIELD edo die ( same day as above)
Johannes s/o Walter WILKS  nono die Oct
Johannes s/o Roberti BUTLER decimo sexto die Oct
Thom s/o Simon WOOD vicessim terito die Oct
Gulielmus s/o Stephani BLAKEMORE vicessimo septimo Oct
Edwardus s/o Josephi PAGE secundo die Nov
Johannes s/o Rich EARDSLEY vicessimo die Nov
Eliz d/o Henric HAMPSON decim septimo die Dec
Joane d/o Thom Liberi Ekconsol BAKER decim nono die Dec
Saraia d/o John TRANTER vicessimo sexto die Dec
Honor d/o Johannis SHELDON octo die Jan
Grace d/o Thom YATE duodecimo die Jan
Johannes s/o Rich BAGLEY decimo quinto die Jan
Benn s/o Johannis COLLINS sexto die Feb
Martha d/o Johannis DAY nono die Feb
Jacobi s/o Johannis FOSTER vicessimo die Feb
Johannis s/o Guliemi BUTLER eod die ( same day as above)
Henry s/o Johannis BEALY vicessimo die Mar
Joane d/o Pauli PAGE decimo octo die Mar
Ann d/o Johannis WILCOCKS vicessimo  die Mar
Thom s/o Johannis ROBBINSON vicessimo primo die Mar

Weddings 1692

Johannes WILCOCKS & Eliz ROBBINSON vicessimo septimo die Mar
Johannes HARPER & Hester HUSE vicessimo quarto die Apr
John DAY & Maria JESSON eod die ( same day as above)
Henry WRIGHT & Hanna BURCH secundo die May
Thom BADLY & Maria OWEN decimo septimo die May
Gulielmus SIMSON & Eliz MASON nono die May
Henricus FOSTER & Mary BAYLEY decimo die Jun
Francis BLAKEMORE & Eliz PARKS vicessimo sexto die Jun
Saml STOKES & Ann SMITH of Wednesbury decimo die Nov

Burials 1692

Waterii WILK decimo die Apr
Johannis MOOR vicessimo primo die Apr
Ellenor TRANTER decimo die May
Ann d/o Thomas WICKSTED  vicessimo primo die May
Maria w/o Dan YATES quinto die Jul
Ann d/o Guliemi GARRITON septimo die Jul
Richardus s/o ThomHODGKINS eodem die ( same day as above)
Josephus s/o Thom STORY decimo tertio die Jul
Robertus s/o Thom HOLLAND primo die Oct
Maria WILKS sexto die Dec  ( out of sequance )
Sarah d/o Tho HOLLAND primo die Oct
Walterius s/o Walterii WILKS tertio die Oct
Josephus s/o Samueelis PARTRIDGE vicessimo non die Nov
Thom s/ Ecclesoll BAKER duodecimo die Jan
Josephus s/o Dan PAGE vicessimo tertio die Jan
Josephus PARTRIDGE vicessimo septim die Jan
Infant of Gulielumi WILKS primo die Feb
Infant of Joyhannis FLAVELL decimo die Feb
Saraia d/o Gulielmi CARRINGTON vicessimo sexto die Feb
Johannes s/o Gulielmi BUTTLER tertio die Mar